Best Shows on Showtime to Watch in Australia

Showtime is a prominent premium cable network in the United States, known for its original series spanning various genres like drama, comedy, and action such as Yellowjackets.

With a wide selection of content, it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch. To help you navigate through the options, we have handpicked a collection of top-quality shows on Showtime that deserve your attention in 2023.

Showtime often goes unnoticed, but it offers a diverse range of original programming that caters to every viewer’s preferences.

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is one of the Best shows on Showtime. There is a sequence of significant moments from the television program where the Donovan brothers are sitting at home and remembering their father.

Bridget, the devastated Bridget, stops Ray as he is recounting his narrative and blames Ray for forgetting that she passed away as a result of alcohol poisoning.

The Chi

The Chi revolves around the main character, Brandon, a determined and confident young man with dreams of opening his own restaurant in the future.

Caught between pursuing a new beginning and his responsibilities towards his family, who still reside in their South Side apartment, Brandon faces a challenging dilemma. The fifth season of The Chi is currently being aired on television.

American Rust (2021)

American Rust has established itself as one of the top shows on Showtime. In this gripping series set in a Pennsylvania steel town, the chief of police finds himself torn when his own son becomes a prime suspect in a murder case.

As the chief, who is grappling with his own internal conflicts, investigates the truth, he must confront the extent to which he is willing to go to prove his son’s innocence.

Delving into the lives of ordinary townsfolk harboring deep secrets, American Rust takes viewers on a thrilling and unsettling journey.

Flatbush Misdemeanors (2021)

Flatbush Misdemeanors, an acclaimed show on Showtime that captivates audiences around the world, follows a tight-knit group of friends with unique personalities who navigate the challenges of life in the ghetto and urban environment.

As they strive for success from humble beginnings, Dan and Kevin find solace in their shared experiences of battling against hipsters, personal struggles, and the relentless march of modernization. Despite setbacks, they discover unexpected triumphs in their ongoing journey.


Billions is a complex and gripping drama that delves into the intricate power dynamics within the high-stakes world of finance in New York City.

The series revolves around the clash between Chuck Rhoades, a shrewd and perceptive United States Attorney, and Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, an ambitious and resourceful hedge fund tycoon.

Both men employ their immense intelligence, influence, and networks in a relentless battle of wits to outmaneuver each other, leading them on a collision course towards a potentially catastrophic outcome.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022)

The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) tells the story of Thomas Jerome Newton, a solitary and exceptionally intelligent extraterrestrial being chosen to journey to Earth from his dying planet with the mission to save it from imminent destruction.

As Newton adapts to life on Earth, he acquires the necessary skills to assimilate into human society and emerges as a prosperous entrepreneur. Concurrently, he sets his grand plan for humanity into motion.

Along the way, he forges an unusual alliance, overcoming differences with a group of individuals, as they come to realize that rescuing Newton’s planet also holds the key to preserving our own.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy stands out as a distinctive and exceptional show, setting it apart from typical reality television and earning its place among the best on Showtime. The series offers an intriguing glimpse into the dynamics of various relationships in a manner that defies expectations.

Rather than following the usual format of reality shows, Couples Therapy presents an authentic documentary experience that immerses viewers in the raw and emotional reality of weekly counseling sessions involving four couples.

Guided by renowned expert Dr. Orna Guralnik, the program delves into the complex journey of these couples as they navigate the challenges of confronting both their partners and themselves, unraveling the intricacies of their relationships.


Showtime presents an extensive collection of captivating shows that cater to a wide range of preferences and fascinations. With an impressive lineup of thrilling crime dramas, thought-provoking comedies, and compelling documentaries, the network ensures there is something to captivate every viewer.

Moreover, Showtime consistently introduces new and groundbreaking series, demonstrating their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and exploring fresh narratives.

Whether you’re drawn to character-driven stories filled with intensity, intriguing mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat, or powerful performances that leave a lasting impact, Showtime stands as a streaming platform that should not be underestimated.

So, grab your favorite snack, settle comfortably, and prepare to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the best shows Showtime has to offer.


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