Best Shows on Tubi TV in Australia

Tubi TV has emerged as a popular streaming platform in Australia, offering a diverse range of shows and movies for viewers to enjoy. With its extensive content library, Tubi TV provides an excellent alternative to traditional television for Aussies. In this article, we present a curated list of the best shows available on Tubi TV in Australia.

From thought-provoking documentaries to gripping dramas, there is something to captivate every viewer. So, get ready to explore the captivating world of entertainment Tubi TV has to offer!

“The Magic Pill” (2018)

“The Magic Pill” is a powerful documentary that explores the potential benefits of a ketogenic diet. Directed by Robert Tate, this eye-opening film delves into the impact of diet on health and well-being, showcasing real-life stories of individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations through dietary changes.

With its thought-provoking content and expert interviews, “The Magic Pill” challenges conventional wisdom surrounding nutrition.

Director: Robert Tate

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

“Breath” (2018):

Based on Tim Winton’s acclaimed novel, “Breath” is a coming-of-age drama set in the picturesque Australian coastal town of Sawyer. Directed by Simon Baker, the film follows two teenage boys who become captivated by the thrill of surfing and form a unique bond with an enigmatic older surfer. With stunning cinematography and compelling performances, “Breath” explores themes of risk, friendship, and self-discovery.

Director: Simon Baker

Cast: Simon Baker, Samson Coulter, Ben Spence

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

“Killing Ground” (2017):

“Killing Ground” is a tense Australian thriller that takes audiences on a terrifying camping trip gone wrong. Directed by Damien Power, the film follows a couple whose idyllic getaway turns into a nightmare when they stumble upon a disturbed family at a secluded campsite.

With its suspenseful plot and gripping performances, “Killing Ground” offers a chilling exploration of human nature and survival instincts.

Director: Damien Power

Cast: Harriet Dyer, Ian Meadows, Aaron Pedersen

IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

“Tanna” (2017)

“Tanna” is a captivating love story set on the remote Pacific island of Tanna. Directed by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler, this unique film follows the forbidden romance between two young members of neighboring tribes. Inspired by true events, “Tanna” offers a poignant portrayal of cultural traditions, honor, and the pursuit of happiness against all odds.

Directors: Bentley Dean, Martin Butler

Cast: Marie Wawa, Mungau Dain, Marceline Rofit

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

“Top End Wedding” (2019):

“Top End Wedding” is a heartwarming romantic comedy that takes viewers on a journey through Australia’s stunning Top End region. Directed by Wayne Blair, the film follows a young couple as they embark on a frantic search for the bride’s missing mother just days before their dream wedding. With its delightful humor, vibrant landscapes, and endearing performances, “Top End Wedding” is a joyful celebration of love and family.

Director: Wayne Blair

Cast: Miranda Tapsell, Gwilym Lee, Kerry Fox

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10


Tubi TV in Australia offers a captivating selection of shows that cater to a diverse range of interests. From thought-provoking documentaries like “The Magic Pill” to gripping dramas like “Killing Ground,” there is something for every viewer.

Whether you’re in the mood for romance, thrill, or a good laugh, Tubi TV’s collection of shows will keep you entertained. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the best shows that Tubi TV has to offer!

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