How to Install ‘SonyLIV’ on Samsung Smart TV

SonyLIV is a popular streaming app that offers a wide range of content, including live TV shows, sports, Bollywood films, original web series, and more. However, like any other app, SonyLIV may encounter occasional issues on smart TVs.

In this guide, we will explore common problems and provide step-by-step solutions to ensure a seamless streaming experience on your smart TV. Keep reading, so you could install SonyLIV on Samsung Smart TV without any interruptions!

SonyLIV Not Working on Your Smart TV?

If you encounter issues while using SonyLIV on your smart TV, one of the first steps to take is clearing the app’s cache and data. This action can resolve various performance issues, such as slow loading times and freezing issues. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the settings of your smart TV.
  2. Navigate to the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section.
  3. Locate and select the SonyLIV app.
  4. Choose “Clear Cache”“Clear Data” and “Clear Data” options.
  5. Restart the app to see if the issue is resolved.

Popular Shows & Movies to Watch on SonyLIV in May 2024

SonyLIV is a treasure trove of thrilling content, and we’ve handpicked the best shows and movies you can’t afford to miss in May 2024:

  • “Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story”: A gripping tale of financial intrigue and ambition.
  • The Family Man”: Join Agent Srikant Tiwari in his action-packed double life.
  • “Maharani”: Witness the journey of a housewife turned Chief Minister.
  • Chhalaang“: A heartwarming comedy about a PT teacher’s transformation.
  • “Andhaghaaram”: A psychological thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

How to Watch SonyLIV on Your Smart TV

To watch SonyLIV on your smart TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your TV’s app store and search for the SonyLIV app.
  2. Download and install the latest version of the app.
  3. Launch the SonyLIV app on your TV.
  4. Log in using your registered email ID or telephone number.
  5. Navigate to the menu and select “More.”
  6. Click on “Activate TV” to link your account to your smart TV.

SonyLiv Subscription

Membership Type and BenefitsPriceValidity
Includes all SonyLiv shows, Live sports streaming
Two screens support
Offline video downloads
Rs. 999One year or 12 months
Mobile Only
All SonyLIV shows, Live sports streaming
One Mobile phone support
Offline video downloads
Rs. 599One year or 12 months
WWE Network
Live WWE Events
Raw and Smackdown episodes are available after one month
Exclusive WWE series, documentaries, and biographies
Rs.299One year or 12 months

How to Watch SonyLIV App on LG Smart TV

If you own an LG Smart TV and wonder if you can download the SonyLIV app, here’s what you need to know:

  1. SonyLIV app support began in 2018 for all LG Smart TV models.
  2. If your LG Smart TV is not compatible with the app, you can use third-party devices like the Firestick or Android base media box to enjoy SonyLIV on your TV.

How to Watch SonyLIV on Android TV

Installing the SonyLiv app on your Android Smart TV or TV stick is a straightforward process. Before you start, ensure you have a Google account set up and a consistent internet connection. Here’s a detailed guide to get you started:

  1. Access Google Play Store: On your Android Smart TV’s main interface, find and click on the Google Play Store icon.
  2. Search for SonyLiv App: Once inside the Play Store, use the search bar to type in “SonyLiv.” This will lead you to the app’s official Playstore page.
  3. Install the App: On the SonyLiv app page, click on the “install” button to start the download and installation process.
  4. Set Up SonyLiv: After installation, launch the app. If you’re an existing user, log in using your account details. For new users, there’s an option to register using your mobile number.
  5. Activation Code (if prompted): In some cases, you might be asked for an activation code. To get this, visit the SonyLiv activation webpage and log in using your mobile number.
  6. Select Subscription Plan: Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to pick a subscription plan tailored to your viewing preferences.
  7. Dive into Content: Now that everything’s set up, immerse yourself in the diverse content available on the SonyLiv app, right from your Android Smart TV.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll have the SonyLiv app up and running on your Android Smart TV or TV stick in no time! Enjoy streaming!

How to Watch Casting SonyLIV to Your TV

Casting SonyLIV to your TV allows you to enjoy the content on a bigger screen. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Access the quick settings on your Android device by opening the notification panel.
  2. Look for the “Cast” symbol for wireless projection, screen mirroring, or screen sharing.
  3. Scan for available devices, and select your TV from the list.
  4. From the Chromecast menu, choose Cast and tap OK.

Is your SonyLIV Still Not Playing?

If SonyLIV is not playing on your device, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Clear all files and cache on your device.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+Delete shortcut in your browser settings to clear cache.
  • If you’re using a VPN, make sure you are connected to an Indian VPN, as SonyLIV may not work outside of Indian VPNs.


By following these troubleshooting steps and tips, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming on SonyLIV through your smart TV. Whether you need to update the app, clear cache, and data, or use a VPN, these solutions will ensure you have a seamless entertainment experience. Happy streaming!

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