Best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock In Australia

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to delve into the world of Irish cinema, a unique blend of humor, history, and heart. Peacock offers an array of Irish-themed films in Australia that capture the spirit of Ireland and its people.

These films, with their rich narratives and fascinating characters, are ideal for a St Patrick’s Day movies on Peacock night. Let’s explore some of the best picks for this festive occasion.


An Animated Journey Into Ireland’s Mythology

Set in 1650, “Wolfwalkers” takes us on an animated adventure into the world of Irish folklore and myth. The story centers around an English girl, Robin Goodfellowe, who ventures into the wilderness around the Irish city she’s just moved to.

As she explores, she discovers that the local legends are true – there are mysterious beings called ‘Wolfwalkers’ who become wolves while their human bodies sleep.

IMDb RatingCastDirectorRelease DateGenre
8/10Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker, Sean BeanTomm Moore, Ross StewartNovember 13, 2020Animation, Adventure, Family

The Irish Pub

Celebrating Ireland’s Iconic Pubs

“The Irish Pub” is a delightful documentary that takes you straight into the heart of Ireland’s vibrant pub culture. Rather than focusing on the history and societal role of these pubs, filmmaker Alex Fegan lets the real-life characters shine – the landlords, bartenders, and patrons who breathe life into these establishments.

From amusing anecdotes to cultural insights, the film showcases the unique spirit of Irish pubs and their integral role in the community.

IMDb RatingCastDirectorRelease DateGenre
7.3/10Liam Aherne, Willie Aherne, Bobby BlackwellAlex FeganOctober 4, 2013History, Music, Documentary

What Richard Did

Exploring the Consequences of One Fateful Action

“What Richard Did” is a compelling drama that explores the aftermath of a single moment that dramatically alters the life of the protagonist, Richard. A popular, athletic teenager, Richard enjoys a privileged life in his Irish community, but a series of events leads to a tragedy that shakes his world.

This film offers a profound examination of guilt, responsibility, and the ripple effects of our actions.

IMDb RatingCastDirectorRelease DateGenre
6.3/10Jack Reynor, Fionn Walton, Gavin DreaLenny AbrahamsonOctober 5, 2012Drama

The Luck Of The Irish

A Magical Adventure of Self-Discovery

One of the best St Patrick’s Day Movies On Peacock, “The Luck Of The Irish” follows Kyle Johnson, a charismatic teenager who discovers his true heritage while working on a Heritage Day school project.

As he uncovers his family’s secret past, he must reconcile with his Irish roots to defeat a rival leprechaun. This lighthearted film offers a fun and entertaining journey into Irish folklore and tradition.

IMDb RatingCastDirectorRelease DateGenre
6.1/10Ryan Merriman, Henry Gibson, Alexis LopezPaul HoenMarch 9, 2001Comedy, Drama, Adventure

The Grabbers

A Unique Battle for Survival

“The Grabbers” is an amusing and clever sci-fi comedy film set on a small island off the coast of Ireland, which is invaded by blood-sucking aliens. When the local police chief is away, the aliens begin to wreak havoc on the quiet fishing village.

As the police and locals investigate the mysterious deaths and discover the alien threat, they realize that the aliens can’t tolerate high alcohol levels – leading to a hilarious survival strategy of staying as drunk as possible.

IMDb RatingCastDirectorRelease DateGenre
6.3/10Killian Coyle, Stuart Graham, Michael HoughJon WrightDecember 26, 2012Action, Adventure, Comedy


Peacock’s collection of Irish-themed films offers a diverse and entertaining way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Australia.

Whether you choose to explore the heart of Ireland’s pub culture in “The Irish Pub,” contemplate the consequences of one’s actions in “What Richard Did,” delve into the world of Irish folklore in “Wolfwalkers,” embark on a magical adventure in “The Luck Of The Irish,” or survive an alien invasion in “The Grabbers,” you’re in for a uniquely Irish cinematic experience. So grab your popcorn, settle down, and let the Irish film marathon begin!


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