How to Watch ‘Kindred Spirits Season 7’ Online in Australia

The Kindred Spirits season 7 premiere is scheduled for January 20th, 2023 on Hulu and you won’t want to miss it! Catch up on all that’s happened before and get ready for a new wave of chilling adventures. Each episode will offer a unique scare, as the show’s team of ghost hunters investigate renowned supernatural locations across the country. 

Don’t have cable? No problem! You can still join in on the supernatural fun by streaming each episode online. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to experience the thrilling journey that awaits this season. So read on As I guide you on how to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7!

Where can you watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 Online?

Get ready to take your horror viewing experience to the next level! Don’t miss the premiere of Kindred Spirits on Hulu in the U.S. on Friday, January 20th, 2023. For an optimal streaming experience with great quality through a VPN. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss out!

Why can you not access Hulu outside the US?

For viewers in Australia, accessing Hulu content may require a few extra steps. However, thanks to the diligent efforts of Hulu, individuals in Australia can still enjoy the same beloved shows as everyone else. Hulu has made it a priority to ensure access to these popular shows for viewers worldwide, regardless of their location. So, if you’re in Canada and wondering how to use Hulu, you can easily watch the shows through the use of a VPN. By utilizing a VPN service and connecting to a server in the United States, Canadian viewers can bypass geographical restrictions and indulge in the vast array of content offered by Hulu.

Release date of Kindred Spirits Season 7

Season 7 of Kindred Spirits will drop on Hulu on Friday, January 20th. The episodes will be released in two-week intervals, releasing on Fridays only.

Is there a trailer for Kindred Spirits? 

There is no trailer for season 7 of Kindred Spirits.

What is the Plot of Kindred Spirits?

The plot of the show involves Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, two renowned paranormal investigators and demonologists, who have teamed up once again in order to help those facing unexplainable supernatural events in their homes and workplaces. Tune in as they take you on a journey to provide comfort and peace of mind to those distressed by the unknown! Every episode will feature the investigators as they attempt to uncover the source of the paranormal activity, converse with witnesses, and analyze the details of the cases. 

What are the reviews of Kindred Spirits?

I love this show!! There are so many other shows out there that have the same theme, however, you know they just do it for the money!! Amy and Adam, you can tell both genuinely care about the people they help and also the paranormal aspect!! “


Who is starring in The Kindred Spirits Season 7?

  • Amy Bruni
  • Adam Berry
  • Chip Coffey 
  • Greg Newkirk 
  • Dana Newkirk
  • John E.L. Tenney 

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomato ratings of Kindred Spirits?

IMDb: 7.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

Kindred Spirits Season 7: Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: Broken Spirits (Jan 20, 2023):  Amy, Adam, and Chip went to a derelict farmstead in Pennsylvania where reports of paranormal activity were giving its staff and visitors the heebie-jeebies. The trio endeavoured to bring an end to the supernatural disturbances and provide tranquillity to the place.
  • Episode 2: What Lies Below (Jan 27, 2023): Amy, Adam, and Chip are summoned to Palmyra, N.Y. to look into a series of strange occurrences at a museum. It is unclear whether the recent fire has caused a family of spirits to become more active or if the ghost of a cruel doctor is responsible for the hauntings.
  • Episode 3: Beware the Occult (Feb 3, 2023):  The trio takes on a job of immense importance when a grieving widow contacts them for assistance after her house is inundated with supernatural occurrences. They must determine if the spirits are connected to an ancient Bible or if her late spouse is the cause of the disturbances.
  • Episode 4: Ghost Ships (Feb 10, 2023): Amy, Adam, and Chip embarked on an exploration of a freighter that had sailed the Great Lakes in its past. As they ventured further into the ship, they began to sense an ominous presence. It seemed to be growing more and more hostile as they continued their investigation. They soon realized that the supernatural activity could be linked to artifacts from one of the most devastating shipwrecks in American history.
  • Episode 5: The Angry Ghost (Feb 17, 2023): Amy, Adam, and Chip respond to a desperate call for aid from a family living in a rural area of New York. The family is being terrorized by dark entities that are exhibiting violent behavior, such as scratching and attacking those who inhabit the home. Will the trio be able to uncover the source of the haunting? 
  • Episode 6: Ghost Wars (Feb 24, 2023): Amy, Adam, and Chip journeyed to Rhode Island to look into a library that has been experiencing strange occurrences for a long time. Reports of books flying off shelves, items being thrown from desks, and voices calling out in the night have been reported.
  • Episode 7: Living with the Dead (Mar 3, 2023): A family in Raynham, Massachusetts is suffering from a ghostly presence that has made their home its own. No matter how much they have tried to contain the spirit, it continues to terrorize them. They are in need of help to put an end to the haunting.
  • Episode 8: Shadow in the Night (Mar 10, 2023): The family in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania is feeling absolute dread due to the presence of an ominous shadow figure in their home. Could this being be related to the penitentiary in the vicinity? Or did it come through some mysterious doorway that opened up in the dwelling? It’s imperative that they get assistance before this apparitional creature causes any more harm.
  • Episode 9: The Undertaker’s Return (Mar 17, 2023): Officials in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania are investigating a peculiar situation where a caretaker in a house is being harassed by a mysterious entity. Who could this being be and what is its purpose for haunting the caretaker? Could the safety of anyone be in jeopardy if the identity of the ghostly figure is not uncovered? These are the questions that the authorities are attempting to answer.
  • Episode 10: The Country Club Murders (Mar 24, 2023): The grand country club of Beckley, West Virginia has a storied history. Many have speculated that the stately manor still holds secrets from a double homicide that occurred on its grounds years ago. Rumours of the notorious “lovers’ lane” incident still linger in the area, leaving some to wonder if the spirits of the unfortunate victims still linger in the area.


What is the runtime of Kindred Spirits?

Kindred Spirits has a runtime of 45 minutes per episode.

Where Can I Watch Kindred Spirits For Free?

You can watch Kindred Spirits on Hulu only as of now.

Wrap up!

Streaming Kindred Spirits on Hulu is a breeze, but if you’re located outside of the United States, you’ll need a dependable VPN service such as ExpressVPN. This is because Hulu is geo-restricted, meaning it’s not available outside the US. Not only will this allow you to stream the 2023 movies ad-free, but you’ll also be able to watch a variety of other shows and movies on Hulu.

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