Captivating Web Series: Top 20 Hotstar Web Series

Are you in need of some entertainment to cure your boredom? Well, look no further than Hotstar, the online streaming app that brings you a wide range of movies, shows, and series in over 9 languages.

And if you’re struggling to choose what to watch, here’s some good news for you! This article has handpicked the top 20 Hotstar web series, offering a diverse range of content across different genres. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from happiness to sadness, and thrilling moments. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these 20 Hotstar web series that could easily be considered for Oscars.

1. The Night Manager (2023)

Release Date February 16, 2023
DirectorSandeep Modi, Shridhar Raghavan
IMDb Rating7.6/10
GenreAction, Mystery, Drama
CastAditya Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Sobhita Dhulipala

The Night Manager is a Hindi remake of a British TV show with famous actors like Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur. The story is about a hotel’s night manager who gets involved with dangerous people while trying to help a young girl who’s in trouble because of a gangster. Sadly, the girl doesn’t make it, but the manager decides to get revenge for her. He gets a chance to do this by joining the gang he wants to take down and getting really close to the big boss, who is played by Anil Kapoor.

2. Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo (2023)

Release DateMay 5, 2023
DirectorHomi Adajania
IMDb Rating7.8/10
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
CastDimple Kapadia, Rohan Singh, Radhika Madan

This exciting crime series on Disney Plus Hotstar features strong acting, especially by Dimple Kapadia, who plays Savitri, a powerful woman leading a unique drug operation. The story is about a family power struggle as Savitri searches for someone to take over her successful (and charitable) cocaine business in rural Rajasthan. The show is full of surprises, taking you into the dangerous world of drugs and violence. Enjoy it for the entertainment, the beautiful portrayal of Rajasthan, and the great acting by the cast.

3. Grahan (2021)

Release DateJune 24, 2021
DirectorShailendra Jha
IMDb Rating8.3/10
GenreAction, Drama, History
CastZoya Hussain, Wamiqa Gabbi, Anshuman Pushkar

This new Hindi show on Disney Plus Hotstar tells a story in two time periods. One is in 1984, during the anti-Sikh riots, and it’s about a forbidden love story. The other is in 2016, where an IPS officer named Amrita Singh is investigating the tragedy. Along the way, she discovers that her own past is connected to the case, and solving it might mean her father goes to jail. The story is interesting but sometimes feels rushed. It tries to make you feel emotional, but it’s not extremely sad. Overall, it’s worth watching once.

4. Human (2022)

Release DateJanuary 12, 2022
IMDb Rating7.8/10
GenreDrama, Thriller
CastShefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari, Vishal Jethwa

Shefali Shah is the main character in the show Human. She plays a super-successful neurosurgeon who owns a prestigious hospital in Bhopal. However, she also secretly tests illegal drugs on innocent and needy people to make money. She’s more interested in creating a profitable drug for herself than saving lives. The show also includes other well-known actors like Kirti Kulhari, Indraneil Sengupta, Aditya Srivastav, and more.

5. Shaitan (2023)

Release DateJune 15, 2023
IMDb Rating6.9/10
GenreAction, Drama, Crime
CastLena, Manish Rishi, Deviyani Sharma

Shaitan is about a guy named Baali who tells his own story. He’s running away because he killed a police officer who hurt his mother and sister. This makes him turn to a life of crime and violence. Now, he wants to kill the home minister, which won’t be easy. You can imagine, things get complicated, and he faces many other problems. The show is full of drama and suspense and will keep you entertained for a long time. It’s one of the best Hindi TV series on Hotstar.

6. Kana Kaanum Kaalangal (2022)

Release DateApril 22, 2022
DirectorPrabhu Radhakrishnan
IMDb Rating7.4/10
CastAashik Gopinath, Aravind Seiju, Deepika Venkatachalam

The story is about a regular school that reopens after a long break and faces many problems. The students have to work together to save their school. In this school, there are 12 students divided into two groups. The story is about the rivalry between these groups and what happens because of it. The series shows us everyday things in student life like competition, family issues, jealousy, fights, pride, love, and friendship.

7. Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahasya (2022)

Release DateSeptember 16, 2022
DirectorVikranth Pawar. 
IMDb Rating7.2/10
GenreThriller, Drama
CastAnkur Nayyar, Happy Ranajit, Saurabh Shukla

A former IAS officer who lost her reputation wants to clear her name. She takes on a mysterious case in Shilaspura, a place known for strange and supernatural things. This TV series is a horror show in Hindi and is directed by Vikranth Pawar. It has a great cast of talented actors from our generation.

8. 1232 kms (2021)

Release DateMarch 24, 2021
DirectorVinod Kapri
IMDb Rating8.1/10
Runtime1h 26 min
CastRitesh Kumar Pandit, Ashish Kumar, Ram Babu Pandit

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many people had a hard time, but the ones who suffered the most were the laborers. Some had to walk thousands of kilometers to get back home. This show’s story takes place a few weeks after the country went into lockdown because of Covid-19. Seven migrant workers, who were almost starving, decide to go back to their village, just like many others. The show is about the difficulties they encounter on their journey. It helps you understand what the world looks like from the perspective of a migrant worker.

9. Anger Tales (2023)

Release DateMarch 9, 2023
DirectorPrabhala Tilak
IMDb Rating5.3/10
CastVenkatesh Maha, Madonna Sebastian, Ravindra Vijay

The story is about a young man who doesn’t have hair on his head and feels bad about himself. People make fun of him, and he doesn’t feel good. There’s also a family that only eats vegetarian food, but a doctor tells a woman in the family to eat non-veg for her health. This upsets a traditional man in the family. Another part of the story is about a married couple who argue because the wife gets into fights with a bothersome woman who lives nearby. Finally, there’s a tough young guy who leads a group of people who love movies. They shout slogans and have conflicts with another group of bullies.

10. The Empire (2021)

Release DateAugust 27, 2021
DirectorMitakshara Kumar
IMDb Rating4.7/10
GenreAction, Drama, History
CastVikky Kumar, Shabana Azmi, Dino Morea

The Mughal empire was very well-known, and for good reasons. Some of the famous rulers had even more remarkable children who achieved even greater things. This show tells the story of the Mughal Empire, from Babur to Aurangzeb, covering several generations. It all starts when a young prince named Babur becomes the emperor when he’s very young after his father passes away. His grandmother helps him with advice on how to rule. He begins by trying to conquer North India, but it’s not easy. He faces hardships, conflicts among his court members, and betrayals. This show lets you experience the incredible time of the Mughal empire.

11. Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama (2023)

Release DateFeburray 10, 2023
IMDb Rating2.7/10
GenreReality Show
CastHansika Motwani

This story is about the well-known actress Hansika Motwani as she gets ready to marry the love of her life, Sohael Khaturiya. People have generally liked this show because it shows Hansika Motwani’s life and preparations for her wedding. You can watch this reality show to see a special view of her getting ready for her wedding.

12. Live Telecast (2021)

Release DateFebruary 12, 2021
DirectorVenkat Prabhu
IMDb Rating4/10
CastKajal Aggarwal, Yogi Babu, Anandhi, Premgi Amaren

The show is about Jenifer Matthew, who is a director for TV shows. She will do whatever it takes to get high viewership for her shows. Her big chance comes when she hears about a supposedly haunted house in a quiet hill station. In this story, we meet a group of friends named Jenny, Ashwin, Aravind, Kanan, Selma, Saleem, Volga, Kalai, and Shekhar. They run a reality show called “Dark Tales” on Nam TV. This show is a funny version of the controversial Tamil talk show Solvathellam Unmai, where people talk about their personal problems. But in Dark Tales, they invite people to talk about their spooky experiences with ghosts and such.

13. 1962 – The War in the Hills (2021)

Release DateFebruary 26, 2021
DirectorMahesh Manjrekar
IMDb Rating6/10
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama 
CastBijou Thaangjam, Jay Parab, Abhay Deol,

This show tells the story of a historic war between India and China. In this war, 126 Indian soldiers stood their ground against about 3000 enemy soldiers at a very important location. It’s a story of incredible bravery, a fight where they didn’t give up until they ran out of bullets. The show is a made-up version of this intense battle. The leader of the Indian soldiers, Major Suraj Singh, came from the village of Rewari. It also talks about their personal problems, life outside the army, and their experiences with love, missing loved ones, heartbreak, and happy times.

14. Moving in with Malaika (20220

Release DateDecember 5, 2022
DirectorMalaika Arora
IMDb Rating4.8/10
GenreReality TV
CastMalaika Arora, Amrita Arora, Nora Fatehi

Malaika Arora is a very famous celebrity in India. She’s a dancer, fitness lover, and actress who many people admire. Every day, you can see lots of pictures of her online, whether she’s leaving the gym, doing yoga, or other things. So, it’s no surprise that she got her own reality show. The show is called “Moving in with Malaika,” and it does just that – it lets you see what her personal and work life is like. You get a close look at this amazing diva, and it all leads up to a night of stand-up comedy performed by her. Don’t miss the chance to be part of Malaika’s life.

15. Anupama: Namaste America (2022)

Release DateApril 25, 2022
DirectorRomesh Kalra
IMDb Rating3.5/10
CastSudhanshu Pandey, Roopali Ganguly, Puja Banerjee

The story is about Anupama, who had a big opportunity to follow her dreams seventeen years ago. But now, she faces a difficult decision: choosing between her career and her family. This Indian TV drama series, in Hindi, started airing on April 25, 2022, on Disney+Hotstar. It’s made by Rajan Shahi and Ishika Sahi through Director Kut Productions.

16. Fall (2022)

Release DateDecember 9, 2022
DirectorSiddharth Ramaswamy
IMDb RatingNA
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
CastAnjali, S.P.B. Charan, Sonia Agarwal, Santhosh Prathap

This is a TV series made in 2022 in Tamil, a language spoken in India. It’s a thriller and drama show that you can watch online. It’s actually an official remake of a Canadian series called “Vertige.” Siddharth Ramaswamy is the director, and they made it with the help of Circle Box Entertainment and Banijay Asia. The story is about a young woman who has been in a coma for three months after falling off the roof of her family’s business. The show first came out on December 9, 2022, and it has 7 episodes.

17. Criminal Justice (2019)

Release DateApril 5, 2019
IMDb Rating8/10
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
CastVikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, Rucha Inamdar

“Criminal Justice” is a Hindi TV series on Hotstar, starring Bollywood actors like Jackie Shroff, Pankaj Tripathi, and Vikrant Massey. It’s a thriller with a storyline similar to HBO’s “The Night Of” and the 2008 BBC series “Criminal Justice.” The show follows Aditya, a cab driver who has a one-night stand with a passenger named Sanaya. When he wakes up, he discovers she’s been murdered, and he’s accused of the crime. His lawyer, Madhav Mishra, played by Pankaj Tripathi, tries to prove his innocence.

18. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors

Release DateDecember 24, 2020
DirectorApurva Asrani, Siddharth Hirwe, Peter Moffat
IMDb Rating7.4/10
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
CastPankaj Tripathi, Kirti Kulhari, Anupriya Goenka

Hotstar’s popular courtroom drama, Criminal Justice, came back with a new story in 2020. It’s not a continuation of the previous show but a completely new one. The new story, “Behind Closed Doors,” is about a young woman named Anuradha Chopra. She goes to court for stabbing her seemingly perfect lawyer husband. Many people think her case is simple, but she did it because of years of abuse in her marriage. Pankaj Tripathi and Kirti Kulhari play the main roles, and if you like legal dramas, you should definitely watch it.

19. Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach (2022)

Release DateAugust 26, 2022
DirectorApurva Asrani, Siddharth Hirwe, Peter Moffat
IMDb Rating7.7/10
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
CastPankaj Tripathi, Swastika Mukherjee, Purab Kohli

The third series of Criminal Justice is about a famous teenager who has disappeared. Pankaj Tripathi plays the lawyer Madhav Mishra, who fights a tough case. The show is currently airing on Disney Plus Hotstar, with new episodes coming out every week. It’s a murder mystery, and we’ll have to wait to see if it turns out to be a great watch.

20. Home Shanti (2022)

Release DateMay 6, 2022
IMDb Rating8/10
CastSupriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa, Chakori Dwivedi

If you want to watch a light-hearted family drama, Home Shanti on Disney Plus Hotstar could be a good choice. It’s about the Joshis, a middle-class family from Dehradun, who are trying to build their dream home. The show is easy to watch, with six short episodes. If you liked “Gullak” on Sony Liv, you might also enjoy “Home Shanti.” It might not be as great, and the humor may not always work, but it’s a decent show to watch at least once. Plus, it has veteran actors like Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa.

Bottom Line

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of this article! Now, it’s time to embark on an adventure by diving into the world of the best web series on Hotstar. Our carefully curated list of the top 20 Hotstar web series offers a delightful blend of emotions, comedy, thrills, and more, ensuring a captivating and entertaining experience for the audience. Enjoy the journey of discovery!

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