How to Get FuboTV Free Trial in June 2024

FuboTV is among the top contenders, especially for sports enthusiasts. It is worth noting, though, that FuboTV tends to be on the pricier side.

Fortunately, many of these streaming platforms offer free trials and promotional offers for new customers, and FuboTV is no exception. If you’re considering cutting the cord and looking for a live TV streaming package, keep reading.

We’ll provide you with all the details about the current FuboTV free trial and other potential ways to save money. At the very least, a free trial allows you to test the service before making any financial commitment.

For those looking to cut the cord and escape the world of cable television, FuboTV has emerged as a top choice. Offering an extensive selection of the best movies and sports with a Free fuboTV trial, especially popular among sports fanatics.

The streaming platform provides a 7-day free trial, allowing new users to test its features before committing to a monthly subscription.

The Appeal of FuboTV

FuboTV boasts an impressive lineup of top sports networks, making it a go-to option for live games across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and other leagues. Its comprehensive sports coverage sets it apart from other streaming services.

FuboTV Free Trial

Overcoming Geo-Restrictions

To access FuboTV and enjoy its movie offerings, a VPN such as ExpressVPN is necessary. FuboTV is only available in select countries, but using a VPN allows users to bypass these geo-restrictions. To register for a FuboTV free trial account from outside US, simply connect to a VPN server in the United States.

Exploring FuboTV

Plans and Worth-Watching Content: This guide provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about FuboTV, from its subscription plans to its captivating content.

FuboTV Plans with Free Trial

The FuboTV free trial serves as the easiest and most cost-effective method to determine if the platform suits your needs. Here are the available plans with their respective prices and trial availability:

  • Fubo Pro: $69.99/month, 124 channels, thousands of hours of cloud-based DVR, and up to 3 screens or 10 screens.
  • Fubo Elite: $79.99/month, 177 channels, fubo Extra channels, News Plus channels, thousands of hours of cloud-based DVR, and up to 3 screens or 10 screens.
  • Fubo Ultimate: $99.99/month, 212 channels, fubo Extra channels, SHOWTIME, Sports Plus, News Plus channels, thousands of hours of cloud-based DVR, and up to 3 screens or 10 screens.
  • Fubo Latino: $33/month, 43 Spanish-language channels, 250 hours of cloud DVR, and 2 screens at once.
BundlesPrice/MoFree Trial
Fubo Pro$69.99Yes
Fubo Elite$79.99Yes
Fubo Ultimate$99.99Yes
FuboTV Free Trial

How to Sign Up for the FuboTV Free Trial?

To take advantage of the FuboTV free trial, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official FuboTV website.
  2. Click on the orange “Begin Free Trial” icon.
  3. Sign up for an account by providing your email address, password, and zip code.
  4. Choose one of the available plans.
  5. Select any desired add-ons.
  6. Enter and confirm your payment details.

What Does the FuboTV Free Trial Offer for International Users?

The fuboTV free trial, available to users outside US, grants access to a selection of prominent channels based on the plan you opt for. This trial period provides entry to sports channels such as the NFL Network, ESPN, and ESPN2.

However, the fuboTV free trial encompasses more than just sports content. It allows viewers to tune into networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and local news broadcasts. It’s worth noting that certain channels like CNN, CNN Espanol, CNN International, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV,HLN, TBS, TNT, and Boomerang are not included in fuboTV’s channel lineup.

Can I Cancel My fuboTV Trial Anytime?

If you’re considering how to terminate your fuboTV free trial to avoid any subsequent charges, rest assured that you can cancel it before the trial period concludes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your fuboTV free trial:

  1. Log in to your fuboTV account.
  2. Navigate to the “Subscription and Billing” sction within your Account settings.
  3. Locate the option to cancel your subscription, typically found under the Subscription and Billing section.
  4. Select a valid reason for canceling your fuboTV account and click on “Continue.
  5. Finally, click “Cancel My Trial” to finalize the cancellation process.

Is the FuboTV Free Trial Worth It?

Absolutely! The trial version of fuboTV offers the perfect opportunity to fully explore the streaming platform without the commitment of a down payment.

During the week-long trial period, you’ll have complete access to over 100 networks, including major league sports channels. Additionally, you can experience the Cloud DVR recording feature and stream content on multiple screens throughout your home.


Does fuboTV offer a 30-day free trial?

FuboTV offers a 30-day trial when you buy a qualifying product from Best Buy. After your purchase is finalized, you will receive an email containing a redemption link and instructions for activation.

What is the post-free trial pricing for fuboTV?

The cost of fuboTV after the free trial may vary depending on the subscription plan you choose. They offer various packages, so the price can range from $64.99 to $79.99 per month, depending on the plan and any additional add-ons you select.

Is it straightforward to cancel the fuboTV free trial if you are outside US?

Canceling a fuboTV free trial is generally a straightforward process, regardless of your location. You can cancel your trial through the account settings on their website or by contacting their customer support. Keep in mind that the ease of cancellation may also depend on the method you used to sign up and your specific circumstances.


There’s no risk in registering for the fuboTV free trial. It allows you to thoroughly evaluate the service and its offerings. If you decide not to continue, make sure to unsubscribe before the regular billing period begins after the trial week.

Start your FuboTV experience today and enjoy a seamless streaming experience with top sports coverage and a vast selection of captivating content.

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