How To Watch ‘The Winter King’ In UK On MGM+

A fictional series based on Bernard Cornwell novel is heading towards your screen. Watch The Winter King in UK on MGM+ released on August 20th, 2023. The streaming platform MGM+ is only available outside the USA due to geo-restrictions. To overcome the challenge you need a subscription of a VPN because it will help you in your streaming experience and give you access the amazing show. With a subscription of VPN you not only access The Winter King but also you can stream Best Movies and TV Shows.

The Winter King is adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s renowned literary series, The Warlord Chronicles. This show delves into the story of King Arthur, as seen through the eyes of Derfel Cadarn, a once-orphanned youth under Merlin’s guidance who later rises to prominence as one of Arthur’s key commanders.

Quick Steps: How to watch The Winter King In UK

Follow these simple steps to watch The Winter King

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to MGM+

  5. Watch The Winter King on MGM+

Why Do You Need A VPN To Stream The Winter King In UK?

Here are the reasons why you might need a VPN to stream The Winter King outside the USA

  • Bypassing Geographic Blocks: A VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions and allow you to access The Winter King in UK because MGM+ is only available outside USA.
  • Security: VPNs encrypt your internet connection, enhancing your online privacy and security while streaming.

Where Can I Watch The Winter King In UK?

Only MGM+ is available for you watch The Winter King . To bypass the streaming limitations and access the series, you will need a reliable VPN service. As MGM+ offers a 7-day free trial to new users, this way you can watch the series for free. MGM+ has a $5.99 monthly subscription fee.

Great news is that The Winter King is coming soon on ITVX before the year ends. You can watch the series for free as ITVX is free for UK users.

Best VPNs To Watch The Winter King In UK On MGM+

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The Winter King Release Date Is Here!

Tune into MGM+ to stream The Winter King via VPN in UK at 2:00 a.m. in London on August 20, 2023. Following the debut of the first episode, all ten episodes will be weekly release on every Sunday.

Trailer Alert: Watch The Winter King

A former warrior, now devoted to his faith, weaves the account of Arthur’s journey to authority as a leader in times of conflict, navigating the intricacies of a contested throne.

Every Thing You Need To Know About The Winter King

The Winter King unfolds through the perspective of Derfel Cadarn, a Saxon by birth but nurtured within the folds of Celtic Britons. Emerging as one of Merlin’s proteges in his youth, Derfel ascends the social ladder to become a prominent officer within King Arthur’s service. Against the backdrop of a frigid landscape in the fifth century, marked by tribal conflicts and intricate factions, “The Winter King” takes place in a time before Britain’s unification when lives were often fleeting.

Arthur Pendragon’s monarchy emerges as a significant force during this epochal period in the nation’s emergence, and his reputation evolves into a tapestry of legend as the ages pass. The story unravels the saga of Arthur’s metamorphosis, evolving from an outsider to a revered warrior and commander. A pivotal moment arises when Arthur learns of his ordained purpose, beckoning him to return home and fulfill his destiny.

Official Synopsis

“A former warrior, now turned monk, tells the story of how Arthur became the lord of war despite the illegitimacy of his throne.”


The Winter King Cast

Here is the most remarkable cast of The Winter King UK

Official Name Character Name
Iain De CaesteckerArthur
Nathaniel Martello-WhiteMerlin
Eddie MarsanUther
Valene KaneMorgan
Stuart CampbellDerfel
Daniel IngsOwain
Charlie DuncanRalla
Ellie JamesNimue
Billy PostlethwaiteCadwys
Simon MerrellsGundleus
Steven ElderBishop Bedwin

What is the Critic Review?

“Its sumptuous scenery, sprawling vistas, and gorgeous castles are certainly easy enough on the eyes, and its core cast of performers is remarkably solid.

Paste Magazine

What Is The Winter King UK About

The series is based on the Warlord Chronicles trilogy by Bernard Cornwell, who is also known for works such as Sharpe and The Last Kingdom. Set in a turbulent and brutal 5th century Britain, the show follows the story of Arthur Pendragon, the illegitimate son of the tyrannical King Uther. Arthur rises from an outcast to a legendary figure. This adaptation offers a darker and grittier take on the Arthurian legend, introducing unique elements such as the old and unpopular Lancelot, the lost Druid priest Merlin, and the wily and power-hungry Guinevere.

Watch The Winter King In UK
A highly anticipated series. (Image Credit: Courtesy By Twitter)

The Winter King Full Episode Guide

There are 10 episodes in the series.

Episode NumberRelease Date
The Winter King Episode 120 August 2023
The Winter King Episode 227 August 2023
The Winter King Episode 317 September 2023
The Winter King Episode 424 September 2023
The Winter King Episode 51 October 2023
The Winter King Episode 68 October 2023
The Winter King Episode 715 October 2023
The Winter King Episode 822 October 2023
The Winter King Episode 929 October 2023
The Winter King Episode 105 November 2023

What are the Ratings of The Winter King?

IMDb Rating5.7/10
Tomatometer 80%

What Is The Review Of The Winter King 2023

The Winter King is a television adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s fifth-century British series that follows Arthur Pendragon’s journey from outcast to legendary leader. Iain De Caestecker’s performance as Arthur is captivating, with Ellie James as Nimue and Nathaniel Martello-White as Merlin. The show faces challenges in balancing character moments and fight scenes, sometimes producing intense episodes but consistently falling short of Game of Thrones standards. Visually appealing landscapes are different from sexual violence. Despite its narrative flaws, the show’s strong cast and character dynamics make it worth watching.

Interesting YouTube Reviews

“The books are great, but this even from the trailer i can sense it will be pure rubbish.”

A user on YouTube says

“I’m so glad they didn’t overlook the African tribes of medieval Northern England.”

A User comment on YouTube

Social Media Boom Of The Winter King

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else to watch The Winter King?

You can only watch the series on MGM+.

What is the shooting location of The Winter King?

The series is filmed in Wales and the West Country.

Is The Winter King related to the last Kingdom?

Yes, they are related to each other and a series on Bernard Cornwell novels.

Final Words!

Power struggles and humanity’s never-ending desire for stability are major themes in The Winter King. The complex feelings that come with victory are evoked by Arthur’s skillful unification of Britain and his final victory over Mordred. The strong link between Arthur and Derfel and his charismatic leadership style highlight the long-lasting influence of friendship on history. The epilogue emphasizes Arthur’s complex character, fusing unwavering resolve with the genuine compassion that defines his leadership. His brief reign’s achievement of unity offers a transient glimpse of magnificence, reflecting the perennial struggle between order and chaos that endures throughout time.

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