Watch ‘The Lost Women of Highway 20’ In UK On ID

Watch Lost Women of Highway 20 in UK is a compelling documentary series that investigates the disturbing incidents that occurred along Oregon’s Highway 20. This true crime series is set to debut on the Discovery Channel‘s Investigation Discovery (ID) on November 5, 2023, and it delves into the enigmatic and tragic disappearances of numerous young women and girls, offering insight into longstanding unsolved cases that have haunted the area for an extended period.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Lost Women of Highway 20 in UK

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Where to Watch Lost Women of Highway 20 In UK?

To watch “The Lost Women of Highway 20” online, you can check popular streaming platforms such as Discovery Plus. Additionally, Investigation Discovery (ID) may provide access to the series on their official website or app. Be sure to verify availability on your preferred streaming service. You can also watch ID shows on Max and Fubo TV as well. Check out the pricing plans of Discovery Plus and other streaming platforms where you can watch The Lost Women of Highway 20.

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  • fuboTV: A sports-centric platform with packages starting at GBP $61.78/month.

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Official Synopsis

Explores the crimes that occurred along Highway 20 between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, where several young women and girls vanished, were sexually assaulted, or were killed.


The Lost Women of Highway 20 Release Date and Time

“The Lost Women of Highway 20” is set to captivate viewers starting on 5 November 2023. Mark your calendar and prepare for a journey into the dark and mysterious events that transpired along this haunting stretch of road.

Lost Women of Highway 20 Plot

The 1970s and early 1990s were a time of crime, with many instances unresolved to this day. One such crime is examined in The Lost Women of Highway 20 2023. The legendary Highway 20 was home to a serial killer who murdered several young ladies.

The serial killer is responsible for the rape and murder of at least four women along a stretch of rural Oregon road. The documentary investigates and draws the dots between these unsolved deaths, linking them to a possible serial killer.

Watch Lost Women of Highway 20 Trailer

To get a glimpse of the suspense and intrigue that “The Lost Women of Highway 20” offers, be sure to watch the official trailer. It provides a sneak peek into the gripping narratives and chilling discoveries that await viewers in this true crime series.

The Lost Women of Highway 20 Cast

“The Lost Women of Highway 20” features a cast of investigators, experts, and individuals connected to the cases. While the series primarily focuses on the victims and their stories, it also highlights the dedicated professionals who have worked tirelessly to seek justice.

Lost Women of Highway 20 Episode Guide

The Lost Women of Highway 20 documentary is a three-part series that will premiere on ID on November 5, 2023. On the day the documentary is released, the first two episodes will be available on the platform. The third episode’s release date has yet to be revealed. As the series unfolds, stay updated with our episode guide, which will provide detailed summaries, key revelations, and insights into each episode. Follow along as the mysteries are unraveled, and the stories of these lost women are told.

Fan Reactions and Comments

The comments on this post are related to a highway known for past criminal activities. Some users express their personal connections to the area and share memories from their childhood. There’s a mention of a documentary available on YouTube about the topic. Others bring up similar cases, such as the “Highway of Tears” in British Columbia, Canada, where numerous female hitchhikers disappeared. One user inquires about the release of an episode related to this topic. Another expresses distrust in trails and the safety concerns associated with them. There’s a brief discussion about the seriousness of labeling someone a serial killer without sufficient evidence, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation before making such accusations.


Can I watch Lost Women of Highway on Netflix?

No, Lost Women of Highway is not available on Netflix.

What is the genre of Lost Women of Highway?

Lost Women of Highway drops under the genres of Crime, Drama, and Mystery.

Is Lost Women of Highway worth watching?

Yes, Lost Women of Highway will be considered worth watching because of the interesting and engaging content.


Watch The Lost Women of Highway 20 in UK as the documentary promises to be a riveting and emotionally charged true crime series that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. As we delve into the mysteries of these unsolved disappearances, we hope to shed light on the tragic events that have haunted Oregon’s Highway 20. Whether you’re a true crime enthusiast or simply seeking a compelling story, this series is sure to captivate your attention and spark discussions about these unsettling cases.

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