Where to Watch ‘The Burning Girls’ in UK- A Deep Dive into the Cast, Plot on Paramount +

The Burning Girls”, a Paramount+ original series, is set to enthrall audiences with its chilling narrative, stellar cast, and dark mysteries. Viewers in UK can watch ‘The Burning Girls’ on Paramount+.

Based on the novel by C.J. Tudor and adapted by Hans Rosenfeldt, the series explores the sinister secrets of a small British village, Chapel Croft, through the eyes of its new vicar and her daughter.

Let’s delve deeper into the details of the show, exploring its cast, plot, and where to watch this thrilling series on 19 October 2023.

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Plot of The Burning Girls

Reverend Jack Brooks, a single mother and vicar, and her teenage daughter Flo move to Chapel Croft, seeking a fresh start away from their troubled past. However, the village, with its dark history and sinister secrets, proves to be anything but peaceful. From the burning of Protestant martyrs 500 years ago to the disappearance of teenage girls and a recent suicide, Chapel Croft is a hotbed of mysteries and conspiracies. As Jack and Flo delve deeper, they find themselves entwined in the village’s dark past and present, navigating through its deadly truths and age-old rifts.

Mark Your Calendars for The Release Date The Burning Girls

Mark your calendars for October 19, 2023, as “The Burning Girls” is set to make its debut on Paramount+.

Official Trailer of The Burning Girls Is Here

The official trailer, released by Paramount+, teases an intense and thrilling journey through the dark and mysterious world of Chapel Croft, promising viewers a series filled with suspense, secrets, and supernatural elements.

Meet the Cast The Burning Girls

  • Samantha Morton as Reverend Jack Brooks: An acclaimed actress known for her roles in “Minority Report” and “The Walking Dead”, Samantha portrays a vicar and single mother, haunted by her past and seeking solace in Chapel Croft.
  • Ruby Stokes as Flo: Recognized for her performances in “Bridgerton” and “Lockwood & Co.”, Ruby plays Flo, Jack’s independent and spirited teenage daughter.
  • Conrad Khan: Known for “Peaky Blinders”, Conrad plays Lucas Wrigley, a mysterious teen who befriends Flo.
  • Rupert Graves: A familiar face from “Sherlock”, Rupert is part of the ensemble cast, contributing to the series’ thrilling atmosphere.

Character Dynamics The Burning Girls

  • Reverend Jack Brooks (Samantha Morton): A vicar and single mother, haunted by her past and seeking peace and a fresh start in Chapel Croft. Her character is complex, navigating through her role as a mother and a vicar while being entwined in the dark mysteries of the village.
  • Flo (Ruby Stokes): Jack’s teenage daughter, independent, spirited, and unafraid to march to the beat of her own drum. Flo becomes a pivotal character as she befriends a mysterious local teen and becomes deeply involved in the village’s dark secrets.

The relationship between Jack and Flo, their shared traumas, and their individual and collective experiences in Chapel Croft become central to the unfolding narrative, providing a rich and layered exploration of their characters.

Behind the Camera

  • Director: Charles Martin (known for “Skins” and “Wallander”) and Kieron Hawkes (“Intergalactic”, “Ripper Street”) have directed the series, ensuring a visually stunning and suspenseful adaptation of the novel.
  • Writer: Hans Rosenfeldt, celebrated for his work on “Marcella” and “The Bridge”, has adapted C.J. Tudor’s novel, crafting a screenplay that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • Production: The series is produced by Buccaneer Media, the production company behind the hit UK crime drama series “Marcella”.


What is “The Burning Girls” about?

“The Burning Girls” is a Paramount+ original series based on C.J. Tudor’s novel and adapted by Hans Rosenfeldt. The narrative revolves around the sinister secrets hidden within the small British village of Chapel Croft, explored through the perspectives of the new vicar and her daughter.

When is “The Burning Girls” set to release?

The Burning Girls” is scheduled to premiere on October 19, 2023, on Paramount+.

Who are the key cast members of the series?

The series stars Samantha Morton as Reverend Jack Brooks and Ruby Stokes as her daughter, Flo. The cast also includes Conrad Khan, Rupert Graves, Paul Bradley, Janie Dee, and several other talented actors.


“The Burning Girls” is gearing up to take viewers on a thrilling ride through the mysteries and dark secrets of Chapel Croft. With its stellar cast, compelling narrative, and suspenseful atmosphere, the series is poised to be a hit among thriller enthusiasts. Make sure to catch “The Burning Girls” on Paramount+ starting October 19, 2023.


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