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British streaming lover are you looking for a good Reality TV show on TLC? Then your search ends here. Watch Sister Wives Season 18 in UK premiered on 20 August 2023 on TLC. You can easily stream the reality series with a subscription of a VPN because of geo-restrictions and privacy issues TLC is restricted outside the USA.

Sister Wives will explore the intricate dynamics within the Brown family. Christine Brown’s new relationship marks a significant moment in her life, introducing a new chapter. Additionally, the show will highlight the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s divorce, revealing the impacts of their major decision.

Where To Watch Sister Wives Season 18 UK

You can tune into TLC to stream Sister Wives Season 18 UK via VPN . You need a VPN to stream in UK. TLC subscription depends on several options for viewers to access their content, and the subscription cost can vary depending on the service you choose:

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You can cancel TLC subscription at any time.

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Where To Watch All Sister Wives Season 18 UK

Sister Wives Season 18 UK Release Date

The eagerness is palpable among fans of the hit reality TV show Sister Wives as the curtain readies to rise on Season 18 on 20 August 2023 at 3:00 a.m.

Trailer Alert: Watch Sister Wives Season 18

Within the teaser for Sister Wives Season 18, a mesmerizing peek is granted into the impending maelstrom of unrest and allure that awaits the audience. Pledging enthralling engagements, separations, and unforeseen twists, the trailer lays the groundwork for a season of emotional hunger, promising to ensnare fans in rapturous suspense.

Official Synopsis

“With four wives and 18 children, the Brown household has more than their fair share of family drama. Kody Brown and his wives share an intimate glimpse into both the challenges and the joys at the heart of this unconventional family structure.”


What is the About of Sister Wives Season 18?

“Sister Wives” invites you to delve into the intricate lives of the Brown family, offering a deep immersion into the complex world of polygamy. Led by Kody Brown, and comprising his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn—the family’s journey unfolds, encompassing a total of 18 children. As the series begins, you’ll witness their relocation from Utah to Las Vegas and later to Flagstaff, Arizona, a strategic move to free themselves from Utah’s anti-polygamy laws. With each passing season, the show reveals their personal growth, challenges, and trials, presenting an authentic depiction of human connections in their purest, unfiltered form.

The Stellar Cast of Sister Wives Season 18

Sister Wives is a captivating reality TV show featuring a unique and intricate nexus of connections, allowing viewers to explore challenges, happiness, and nuances within polygamous family dynamics.

  • Kody Brown – Husband
  • Janelle Brown – Wife
  • Meri Brown – Wife
  • Christine Brown – Wife
  • Robyn Brown – Wife

Sister Wives Season 17 Recap

The big moment in the 17th season of Sister Wives revolved around Christine Brown’s decision to leave the Brown family, and much of the subsequent events can be traced back to this departure. One of the key factors leading to Christine’s exit was Kody’s absence as he traveled from their Flagstaff, Arizona home to officiate a friend’s wedding.

What is the IMDb Rating of Sister Wives Season 18?

The Ratings Of Sister Wives Season 18 on IMDb are 4.4/10.

Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 Post Episode Discussion

According to Reddit Community,

In simple terms, the discussion is about how some people believe that Kody and Robyn may be trying to get money from Meri, even though their relationship seems strained. They think Kody is asking Meri to help pay for property and that Robyn wants Meri to pay off her rental house in Flagstaff. Some also talk about how Kody and Robyn may have too much stuff and need more storage space.

How Many Episodes of Sister Wives Season 18 Are There?

There are 8 episodes released till now and here is the Sister Wives season 18 episode guide.

  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 1 – No Such Thing as a Free Lunch – August 20, 2023: Christine’s divorce affects Janelle, Meri, and Robyn’s holidays, causing family fracture. Tensions between Kody and Christine strained when they sit down together for the first time since Christine’s departure.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 2 – Thanks for Nothing – August 27, 2023: Kody and Christine maintain goodwill amid Thanksgiving family split, Paedon updates Christine on kids and Robyn issues, and Aurora experiences piercing while Kody shares his backstory.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 3 – Throwing Stones in Glass Houses – September 3, 2023: Kody shares resentment over divorce with friends, causing family tensions to escalate. Janelle’s sons and Kody’s disagreements lead to another Thanksgiving break, culminating in a heated Christmas argument.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 4 – A Deal with the Devil – September 10, 2023: Kody contemplates ending multiple marriages with a polygamist partner, while Janelle recovers from a significant altercation, and the family celebrates Christmas separately.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 5 – When the Going Gets Tough – September 17, 2023: The Browns discuss their Christmas experience, with Christine uncertain about her marriage’s survival. Robyn and Meri analyze past issues, finding Kody’s unfair use of time.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 6 – The Understatement of the Year – September 24, 2023: Christine works with a matchmaker, Meri moves her company, and Janelle asks Kody if he still desires multiple marriages after their confrontation.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 7 -Throwing in the Towel – October 1, 2023: Janelle tells Christine she doesn’t want to be married. Meri informs Robyn that she is relocating her company to Parowan, Utah and plans to spend less time in Flagstaff because she thinks Kody is over her.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -The Writing Is on the Wall – October 8, 2023: For Janelle’s birthday, Kody takes her out, and they discuss about wanting to start anew. Kody’s response when Meri tells him she’s moving her clothes company to Utah while remaining committed to their relationship is harsher than she had anticipated.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -TBA – October 15, 2023
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -TBA – October 22, 2023
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -TBA – October 29, 2023
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -TBA – November 5, 2023

Fan’s Comment On Sister Wives Season 18

What Else You Can Stream On TLC In UK

Here is the list of interesting shows you can watch on TLC in UK via a VPN.

Frequently Asked Question

Where else to watch sister wives season 18?

You can watch new sister wives UK only on TLC.

Where is Janelle from sister wives lives?

Janella lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

What season is Sister Wives on?

Currently, season 18 of sister wives is streaming.

Is Christine of Sister Wives engaged?

Christine Brown, 50, is engaged to David Woolley, a former Kody Brown, and is excited about the new chapter in her life.

Final Thoughts!

In summary, we highly recommend that you stream this series featuring the Brown family, as it offers an intimate look into their lives, challenges, and serves up plenty of engaging drama. Be sure to catch it on TLC as new episode is coming soon with new twist and turns.

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