How to Watch Shoresy Season 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Shoresy, the critically acclaimed Canadian comedy series, is back with its second season. A spin-off of the popular show “Letterkenny”. Viewers outside the USA can watch Shoresy Season 2 on Hulu via VPN.

Shoresy has garnered significant attention for its unique humor and authentic portrayal of hockey culture. Season 2 will make its grand debut on 27 October 2023 on Hulu. Here’s a detailed guide on how to watch Shoresy Season 2.

Where to Watch Shoresy Season 2 Online

  • Canada: Shoresy Season 2 premiered on Crave on September 29, 2023.
  • USA: For American viewers, the series will be available on Hulu starting October 27, 2023.
  • United Kingdom: While Hulu is exclusive to the US, UK viewers can still watch Shoresy Season 2 on Hulu using a reliable VPN service.

Shoresy Season 2 About the Show

Created by and starring Jared Keeso, Shoresy dives deep into the world of the foul-mouthed, chirp-serving character, Shoresy, and his team, the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs. The second season promises more laughs and intense hockey action. The season kicks off with the Bulldogs aiming for a league record in the episode titled “Get ‘Em Focused.” The subsequent episode, “Skill vs Will,” sees the team gearing up to face a new American team.

Shoresy Season 2 Release Dates

  • Shoresy Season 1: The inaugural season premiered on Crave Canada in May 2022. It quickly gained traction due to its unique humor and connection to the beloved “Letterkenny” series.
  • Shoresy Season 2: The first two episodes were released on Crave Canada on September 29, 2023. The entire season will be available for US viewers on Hulu starting October 27, 2023.

Shoresy Season 2 Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast: Jared Keeso (Shoresy), Tasya Teles (Nat), Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat (Sanguinet), Blair Lamora (Ziigwan), Keilani Rose (Miigwan), Jonathan-Ismael Diaby (Dolo), and Terry Ryan (Hitch).
  • Guest Stars: The season also boasts a stellar lineup of guest stars including Scott Thompson, Jonathan Torrens, Jacob Tierney, and many more.
  • Director: Jacob Tierney.

Shoresy Season 2Previous Season Recap

In the first season, viewers were introduced to the world of Shoresy and the Sudbury Bulldogs. The season comprised six episodes, concluding with the Bulldogs facing a defeat. However, despite the setback, the season ended on a positive note, setting the stage for the events of Season 2.

Official Trailer For Shoresy Season 2

The official trailer for Shoresy Season 2 was released on August 27, 2023. It begins with a scene where Nat (played by Tasya Teles) checks in on Shoresy after their last season’s defeat. In classic Shoresy style, he humorously mentions he’s still drunk. The trailer then showcases snippets of the series’ signature comedy, hinting at the challenges the team will face, especially their upcoming match against the Cyclones in the playoffs. The trailer effectively sets the tone for the new season, promising more laughs, drama, and intense hockey action.

Creator and Inspiration Shoresy Season 2

Jared Keeso, known for his role in “Letterkenny,” is the mastermind behind “Shoresy.” His passion for the project is evident, as he not only created but also stars in the series. Keeso’s personal history with hockey plays a significant role in the show’s authenticity. Many elements, such as the reverence for the team’s logo in the dressing room, are drawn from real-life hockey traditions.

Critical Acclaim

Shoresy has been praised for its linguistic virtuosity and was labeled as “an exhibition of linguistic virtuosity” by The Hollywood Reporter. The show’s authenticity is attributed to Keeso’s personal history with hockey, ensuring that it remains true to the spirit of the sport.

Shoresy Season 2 Episode List

Shoresy Season 2 consists of six episodes:

  1. Get ‘Em Focused – September 29, 2023
  2. Skill vs Will – September 29, 2023
  3. TBA – October 6, 2023
  4. TBA – October 13, 2023
  5. TBA – October 20, 2023
  6. TBA – October 27, 2023


Who plays Mark Michaels Shoresy?

It is played by Ryan McDonell.

Is Shoresy season 2 not on Hulu?

In USA it is available to stream on Hulu and in Canada it is available to stream on Crave TV.

How many episodes are in Season 2?

Season 2 consists of six episodes.


Shoresy Season 2 promises to be a treat for fans of comedy and hockey alike. Whether you’re in Canada, the US, or the UK, there are ways to catch this exciting series. So, gear up for some fast-paced comedy and intense hockey action with Shoresy and the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs!


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