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A love series adapted from the renowned webtoon Play, the narrative of Song Han-ju, an average college student who moonlights as the music YouTuber PLII, and Lee Do-guk, a member of the legendary K-pop boyband SEZ, is recounted. Watch Seceret Playlist Kdrama in UK premiere on TVING via a VPN on 18 November 2023.

When a renowned idol subscribes to Han-ju’s YouTube channel, her life is flipped upside down, and things become even more complicated when her viral copy of one of Do-guk’s songs becomes viral, giving him the label the idol who lost his song to a YouTuber.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Secret Playlist Kdrama In UK

Follow these simple steps to watch Secret Playlist Kdrama

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the South Korean

  4. Login to TVING

  5. Watch Secret Playlist Kdrama on TVING

Where Can I Watch Secret Playlist Kdrama In UK

You can stream Secret Playlist Kdrama in UK on TVING with a subscription of VPN due to geo-restrictions. TVING is not a free OTT streaming platform it requires €2.41/month. You can also stream other kdramas like My Lovely Liar on TVING by getting a VPN & also dont forget to check out more Best K-Dramas to Watch on TVING in UK.

Secret Playlist Kdrama Premiere Date UK

On November 18, 2023, at 12:00 p.m., a new romantic suspense Kdrama Secret Playlist will launch on TVING. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch outstanding shows.

Plot Story Of Secret Playlist Kdrama

Meet Han Joo, a typical 24-year-old college student seeking for job in the harsh real world. However, she has a secret passion of singing and operates an anonymous cover song SNS account named ‘Plii,’ all while concealing her true identity.

On the other hand, there’s Do Gook, a member of the popular idol group S.E.Z. As his contract comes to an end, he decides to work with Plii, whom he really admires, as he prepares to go on a solo career. Surprisingly, it turns out that the two were college friends! Do Gook, who is desperate to find out who Plii is, and Han Joo, who must conceal her actual identity as Plii. Can they decipher one other’s secret identities?

Secret Playlist Kdrama Cast List

Official Name Character Name
Kim Hyang GiSong Han Ju / PLII
Shin Hyun SeungLee Do Guk / Levi
Yeon OhLee Mak Chun
Kang Sung YunHan Ju’s mother
Yang Dong GeunHan Ju’s father

Exciting Secret Playlist Kdrama Trailer

Secret Playlist is a new love drama about an ordinary college student who lives a double life. By day, they are a regular student, but by night, they are PLII, an anonymous music YouTuber. They are also members of the well-known boy band SEZ, where they perform under the stage name Re:VI.

Official Synopsis

“A romance drama that deals with the secret relationship between idols and YouTubers.”


Why Do You Need A VPN To Watch Secret Playlist Kdrama In UK

Using a VPN to watch Secret Playlist Kdrama in the UK can be necessary due to regional restrictions. With a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions by connecting to a South Korean server in UK where the show is available. VPN enhances your online privacy and security while streaming, making it a valuable tool for accessing geo-blocked content.

Best VPN To Watch Secret Playlist Kdrama In UK

To stream Secret Playlist Kdrama in UK you need a premium quality VPN service which gives you high speed without any buffering issue. Our top recommended VPN is listed below.


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PlanPrice in Pounds
1 Month Plan£8.84
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Here Is The Episode Guide of Secret Playlist Kdrama

Secret Playlist Kdrama will consist of 8 episodes. Here is the list.

  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 1 | 18 November 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 2 | 18 November 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 3 | 25 November 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 4 | 25 November 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 5 | 2 December 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 6 | 2 December 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 7 | 9 December 2023
  • Secret Playlist Kdrama Episode 8 | 9 December 2023

Secret Playlist Kdrama On Twitter


Is Secret Playlist Kdrama available on Netflix?

Secret Playlist Kdrama is not aviable on Netflix & you can only watch it on TVINGS.

Can i watch Secret Playlist Kdrama for free?

yes, you can watch Secret Playlist Kdrama for free without subtitles on Dramacool,

Is Secret Playlist Kdrama a movie or series?

Secret Playlist Kdrama is a series

Final Words

Secret Playlist is a K-Drama based on author 2F’s well-known webtoon about HanJu, a university student who covertly transmits music cover videos under the identity “PLII.” Levi, a popular SEZ idol, is intrigued to her ability. The narrative delves into their budding friendship, which is full of envy, inspiration, and potential romance, all while they share a love of music.

It digs into subjects like secret identities, artistic collaboration, and contemporary relationships in the age of the internet. With a combination of romance and inspiring sequences, this drama will appeal to both webtoon fans and K-Drama enthusiasts.

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