Watch ‘Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers’ In UK For Free On ABC iview

A special premiere of much hyped quiz show is coming to your screen. Watch Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers in UK is set to bring a unique mix of quiz show excitement and influencer charm to ABC iview on December 20, 2023. This comedic quiz show, an offshoot of Hard Chat from The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, offers a perfect blend of wit, challenging trivia, and the engaging personalities of social media influencers. With Tom Gleeson at the helm, this Australian show is an entertaining pick for both trivia buffs and those who love a good laugh.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers In UK for FREE

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Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers In UK?

To access Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers in the UK, a VPN may be required due to regional broadcasting limits. VPNs can bypass these restrictions by changing your virtual location to where the show is available.

Where to Watch Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers In UK?

The show is available on ABC iview. For US viewers, accessing ABC iview with a VPN set to an Australian server is the key to streaming all 30 episodes of this engaging show.

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Release Date of Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers

The show is set to premiere on December 20, 2023, on ABC iview.

About Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers

Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers, an Australian show, combines comedy with quiz elements, emerging as a spin-off from the Hard Chat segment on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. Hosted in ABC Melbourne’s studio, this show features an entertaining mix of challenging trivia and the engaging presence of social media influencers. Its enjoyable format, which seamlessly melds entertainment with intellectual stimulation, makes it an ideal choice for trivia buffs and comedy fans alike. Originating from a popular segment, this show is set to captivate viewers who love both knowledge and humor.

IMDb Rating8.2/10
Genre Game Show, Comedy
No. of Seasons8

Watch Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers Trailer

The official YouTube trailer is not available but we will keep you updated as soon it is available. Tom Gleeson shared a glimpse of a teaser on his official page of Twitter.

Episode Guide of Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers

Season 8 of Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers, with 30 episodes available on ABC iView, continues the show’s tradition of offering a mix of tough trivia, humorous exchanges, and the distinct charisma of host Tom Gleeson. This season features a varied lineup of influencers, maintaining the series’ engaging and entertaining format.

Who is the Host of Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers?

Tom Gleeson, a comedian, hosts a quiz show where he quizzes and playfully teases four contestants, each with their chosen expertise. The ultimate prize? Possessing Tom’s highly sought-after Big Brass Mug.

Meet the Influencers of Hard Quiz

  • Bridget Chant (TikTok’s @chantyb97): Known for her entertaining videos featuring her pet parrot, Hamlet, Bridget will face questions about the TV show “Friends.” Her online charm is sure to add a fun dynamic to the quiz.
  • Nalopia (@nalopia): A gamer and book reader, Nalopia is set to tackle questions about “Game of Thrones.” Her experience in engaging audiences online will be an asset in the quiz environment.
  • Ian Zaro (@ianz95): Famous on TikTok for his facial expressions and comedy sketches, Ian will take on questions related to Beyoncé. His energetic presence is expected to bring laughter and excitement to the show.
  • Mully (@Mully): With a massive following for his virtual reality gaming videos, Mully will face questions about “The Fast and the Furious.” His quick thinking in gaming might give him an edge in the quiz.

The Anticipation for Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers

The special episode is highly anticipated, as it promises to be more than just a quiz show. It’s a cultural event that showcases the evolving landscape of fame and influence. The episode is expected to draw not only fans of “Hard Quiz” but also followers of these influential digital personalities.

Social Media Presence


How can I apply to be on Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers?

Applications can usually be made through the ABC website when casting is open.

Has Hard Quiz won any awards?

As of my last update, Hard Quiz has been a popular and critically acclaimed show, but specific award information should be checked on relevant entertainment news platforms.

What makes this episode different from regular Hard Quiz episodes?

This episode exclusively features social media influencers as contestants.


Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers is set to be a landmark episode in the Australian TV landscape. It’s a must-watch for those interested in the dynamics of traditional and online fame, as well as for viewers who enjoy a blend of knowledge, humor, and contemporary culture. Tune in to ABC at 8 pm on Wednesday, December 20, for an episode that promises entertainment and intriguing insights into the world of influencers.

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