Watch ‘Fear The Walking Dead Season 8’ In UK On AMC+

Prepare for a final showdown with the undead! Watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 in UK is scheduled to premiere on October 22, 2023, on AMC+ via a VPN, Amazon Prime video & Disney Plus.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 promises an intense continuation with a confrontation involving legacy characters. Morgan and Madison face a crossroads after an undercover mission at PADRE. The season is split into two parts with six episodes. Lets dive in this article to find more about the Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 cast, plot, how many episodes are there in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 & how you can watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 (Part2) in UK!

Where Can I Watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 In UK

Streaming Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 on AMC+ is a convenient option, as it will be accessible on the same day it premieres on the AMC Channel. However, to overcome streaming obstacles, especially if you’re living in UK, you’ll need to utilize a VPN service. This is because AMC+ is restricted to the United States due to regional limitations and privacy concerns.

AMC+ Plan Monthly PriceAMC+ Plan Yearly Price

You can also buy or rent Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 on different platforms like,

Streaming PlatformsPrices
Apple TV+£14.99
Disney Plus£7.99
Amazon Prime video£11.99
Google Play£16.99

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 UK

To watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 in UK it is best advised to use the VPN because due to restrictions on content licensing and distribution agreements of AMC+, it is not available in UK.

VPN allows you to hide your IP address and connect to a server to USA, tricking AMC+ into thinking you’re accessing the service from the USA. This way you can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy AMC+’s extensive content library from the comfort of your home in UK.

Best VPN To Watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 UK

Through extensive research and careful evaluation, we have identified the most trustworthy VPN services for ensuring a seamless experience to watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 UK on AMC+. Our comprehensive analysis has uncovered standout VPN provider that can be relied upon with confidence:

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a top VPN choice due to its user-friendly apps, privacy features, excellent streaming capabilities, and fast speeds. It offers 3000+ servers across 94 nations, military-grade AES-256 encryption, unlimited bandwidth, five simultaneous connections, and 24/7 customer support.

Express VPN Pricing

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How To Watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 For Free In UK

While Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 may not be available on free streaming sites like Tubi and Pluto TV, there are still ways to watch it for free through AMC+ Free Trial, AMC+ offers a seven day free trial, allowing you to stream season eight. You can use the trial to watch the entire season if you don’t mind waiting until it’s finished and then streaming it on demand.

When Is Fear the Walking Dead Back 2023

The midseason premiere of Fear The Walking Dead’s ultimate season will simultaneously grace both AMC and AMC+ screens on October 22, 2023. If you’re an AMC+ subscriber, you can enjoy the episode as early as 8:00 AM in in United Kingdom

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Plot

In new episode release of Season 8, Madison is resolute in her mission to turn PADRE into the secure sanctuary it was always intended to be, especially after successfully eliminating Shrike and her corrupting influence. However, as news about Madison’s efforts and the abundant resources on PADRE begins to circulate, the island takes on a dual role – becoming both a symbol of hope and a magnet for danger. This newfound attention draws unwelcome threats, prompting doubts about whether our heroes are truly justified in their efforts to preserve and protect it.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episodes

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 consists of a total of 12 episodes. The first part, released weekly starting from May 14, 2023, comprised six episodes that set the stage for the upcoming second part. This second half, premiering on Sunday, October 22, 2023, will bring the story to a thrilling conclusion with an additional six episodes. It’s a bittersweet realization for fans, as it was confirmed in January 2023 that Season 8 will be the final season of Fear The Walking Dead.

  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 | Anton | 22 October 2023: Strand battles to keep his new life safe from being jeopardized by the return of an old buddy.
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8 | 29 October 2023: Madison takes advantage of the chance for an unexpected reunion that arises from the quest for gas.
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 | 5 November 2023
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 | 12 November 2023
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 | 2023
  • Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 | 2023

Madison Clark’s Return

One of the most anticipated aspects of Season 8 is the return of Madison Clark, portrayed by the talented Kim Dickens. Madison’s character has been absent as a series regular since Season 4, leaving fans with countless questions about her fate and her potential role in the future of the show. With her reappearance, we can expect some riveting character development and pivotal moments that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast That Are Returning In This Episode 7

  • Kim Dickens as Madison Clark
  • Frank Dillane as Nick Clark
  • Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa
  • Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar
  • Colman Domingo as Victor Strand
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones
  • Alexa Nisenson as Charlie
  • Austin Amelio as Dwight
  • Karen David as Grace Mukherjee

Official Synopsis

The overall synopsis of the series is,

“A Walking Dead spinoff set in Los Angeles, California. Follows two families who must band together to survive the undead apocalypse.”


Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Official Trailer

The Zombie Apocalypse has returned for its final outing. Be sure to catch a glimpse of what’s in store in the sneak peek for Season 8.

Fear the Walking Dead Ratings

Fear the Walking Dead IMDb ratings are 6.8/10.

The Walking Dead Universe Shift

The Walking Dead universe is undergoing significant changes, with new spin-offs and storylines on the horizon. One of the most eagerly awaited projects is “Dead City,” which will delve into the intriguing dynamics between Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (portrayed by Lauren Cohan). Additionally, a second season focusing on fan-favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is in the works. Not to be overlooked is the untitled spin-off featuring the return of Andrew Lincoln as Rick and Danai Gurira as Michonne. These developments ensure that the world of The Walking Dead will continue to captivate audiences.

Is Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Good To Watch

“Fear the Walking Dead” has been praised by some viewers for its superiority over the original series, but critics have criticized Season 7 as a “disaster.” Despite these criticisms, the show continues to attract viewers and maintain a loyal following, with individual tastes and seasons influencing their opinion.

#Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of Fear the Walking Dead?

The creators of the horror series are Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman.

Will Alicia be in Season 8?

Alicia Debnam-Carey left Fear the Walking Dead during season 7, disappointing fans. However, her departure was softened by the news of Madison’s return.

Who was the woman at the end of Fear the Walking Dead?

The only woman left was Madison Clark.

Is Season 8 The Last Season Of Fear The Walking Dead

The eighth season of Fear The Walking Dead, which premiered on May 14, 2023, is the final installment, concluding the show’s story and leaving no room for other franchise plots.


With the last episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 promising a mix of tension, drama, and apocalyptic action, the series is expected to come to a dramatic conclusion. A exciting series finale is guaranteed as Madison works to turn PADRE into a haven, making the island both a target of danger and a beacon of hope.

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