Emmy Nominated ‘Coopers Bar’ Season 2 On AMC+ in UK

Cooper’s Bar will keep its doors open for longer for patrons with its second season. Cooper’s Bar was produced as a short-form series for AMC+ and stars Better Call Saul fan Rhea Seehorn, who also co-created the project and serves as director and executive producer. The show premiered last year and was renewed for a second season after earning Seehorn an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2 in UK?

Cooper’s Bar has garnered a substantial digital and streaming fanbase, particularly within the USA. For UK fans, accessing the series might require a VPN to navigate regional restrictions and enjoy Cooper’s hilarious Hollywood journey without geographical limitations. A VPN ensures that fans worldwide can join in the fun and stay updated with every episode of this much-anticipated second season.

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Where to Watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2?

Our leading destination to Watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2 is AMC+, the channel where the show revs into action. AMC+ isn’t just any channel; it’s your ticket to a world of awesome content, from nail-biting thrillers like Lucky Hank, mind-blowing original shows including Clean Sweep to heartwarming dramas.

AMC+ MonthlyGBP7.34
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Best VPN to Watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2 on AMC+ in UK

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Cooper’s Bar Season 2 Date and Time

Cooper’s Bar Season 2 is set to premiere on 11 Oct 2023 on AMC+. The exact premiere time is yet to be announced. Apart from Cooper’s Bar you can also watch the top original shows and best drama TV shows on AMC+.

Cooper’s Bar Season 2 About

Season 2 promises to pick up where Season 1 left off, with Cooper and his gang of misfits navigating the trials of first-time Hollywood professionals in a series of meta-comedic episodes. The freshly signed contract to develop the “authentic” Tiki Bar TV series will surely bring more hilarious scenarios and unexpected challenges for the crew to navigate.

Genre Comedy
Official NetworkAMC+

Season 2 will begin where Season 1 left off, with a newly signed deal to develop the “authentic” Tiki Bar TV series, which will see Cooper and his group of misfits navigating the many challenges of first-time Hollywood professionals in a series of meta-comedic episodes. Seehorn will also reprise her role as a co-star.

Cooper’s Bar Season 2 Trailer

Cooper’s Bar Season 2 Cast

The ensemble cast, including Rhea Seehorn and Louis Mustillo, will return to charm the audience with their impeccable comedic timing and relatable characters. Season 2 will also welcome new faces, including “Better Call Saul” co-star Patrick Fabian and Whitney Cummings, among other guest stars.

How Many episodes are in Cooper’s Bar Season 2?

AMC+ announced the 6 exciting episodes of Cooper’s Bar Season 2. Here is the release date of all upcoming episodes:

  • S02 E01 · The Pitch – 11 Oct 2023 – Washed-up actor Cooper Marino and his fellow wannabe pals try to catch their “big break” when Kris Latimer, the biggest jerk in Hollywood, wanders into Cooper’s backyard tiki bar oasis.
  • S02 E02 · The Big Break – 11 Oct 2023 – Cooper and his pals get one last shot at stardom; they may not be able to handle the heat.
  • S02 E03 – TBA
  • S02 E04 – TBA
  • S02 E05 – TBA
  • S02 E06 – TBA

Who is the Creator of Cooper’s Bar Season 2

“Cooper’s Bar” was originally developed and pitched by Rhea Seehorn and Louis Mustillo. The series, inspired by Mustillo’s actual Tiki Bar in his Los Angeles home, has successfully blended reality and fiction to create a comedic masterpiece that resonates with audiences.

Rhea Seehorn’s Creative Journey Beyond Cooper’s Bar

Rhea Seehorn, while continuing her journey with “Cooper’s Bar,” is also exploring other creative avenues. She will be reuniting with “Better Call Saul” co-creator Vince Gilligan for a new, untitled sci-fi series heading to Apple TV+. Although details remain under wraps, Seehorn’s ventures promise more entertainment in diverse genres for her fans.

Fan Reactions

How long are the episodes for Cooper’s Bar?

Rhea Seehorn Series Cooper’s Bar Gets Full 30-Minute Episodes.

Where can I watch Cooper’s Bar Season 1?

You can watch Cooper’s Bar Season 1 on Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, DIRECTV, Prime Video, Apple TV and Vudu.

Can I Watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2 in UK?

Yes, you can watch Cooper’s Bar Season 2 in UK via VPN.


“Cooper’s Bar” Season 2 is set to bring more laughs, unexpected Hollywood adventures, and a fresh set of challenges for Cooper and his eclectic crew. With an expanded format and new faces joining the cast, the series is poised to build on its initial success and continue entertaining its growing fanbase. Stay tuned for more updates on the premiere date and time, and get ready to raise a glass to the new season of “Cooper’s Bar”!


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