Fans Angry as ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ Resurrection Draws Harsh Criticism

The return of the beloved BBC iPlayer comedy series Mrs. Brown’s Boys after a decade-long hiatus has received a less-than-warm welcome, with fans and viewers branding the new mini-series as “drivel” and “unfunny.”

The show, known for its raucous humor and memorable characters, made its much-anticipated return with its fourth mini-series last Friday, marking its first season since 2013. Traditionally, Mrs. Brown’s Boys has been a staple of the BBC’s Christmas TV lineup, but the revival has fallen far from the comedic heights it once reached.

Social media platforms were inundated with disappointment as viewers took to platforms like Twitter to express their discontent. One person boldly stated, “The whole nation absolutely does NOT adore Mrs. Brown’s Boys. I consider it drivel and totally unfunny.”

Others echoed this sentiment, calling it “absolute garbage” and lamenting the show’s apparent loss of charm.

Fans Angry as 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' Resurrection Draws Harsh Criticism

However, not all hope is lost for the iconic comedy. Some viewers came to its defense, praising the latest mini-series. One supporter declared, “Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a masterpiece of comedy! Love the new series! Brendan O’Carroll is a genius.”

Others expressed their enjoyment of the first episode and their delight at the show’s return.

The Telegraph writes that Brendan O’Carroll, the creator of the series and the actor behind the beloved Agnes Brown, revealed that the mini-series had faced multiple delays due to the pandemic and studio shortages. Despite the initial setbacks, he expressed his excitement at finally bringing the show back to life.

As the debate rages on about the revival’s success or failure, it’s clear that Mrs. Brown’s Boys has sparked a passionate and divided response from its fanbase. Only time will tell whether the show can recapture its former glory or if its return will remain mired in controversy.

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