Ahsoka Strikes No. 2 on Nielsen’s as Suits Maintains Dominance

In the latest streaming rankings by Nielsen, Disney+ made an impressive mark with the new Star Wars spinoff Ahsoka. With the release of its first two episodes on a strategic Tuesday evening slot, the series captured the No. 5 position overall and secured the No. 2 spot among streaming originals.

In just under a week, these episodes accumulated a staggering 829 million viewing minutes, reflecting Disney’s savvy move to rekindle appointment viewing in the streaming era.

HBO’s sports drama Ballers continued its successful streak on Netflix, moving up to No. 7 overall and claiming the No. 5 spot among acquired content. Despite a minor 6% dip in viewership, it garnered 656 million minutes.

According to Deadline, this demonstrates the viability of a cross-streamer distribution approach in today’s competitive streaming landscape.

Maintaining its stronghold for the tenth consecutive week, Suits on USA Network showed its enduring appeal. Despite a slight 6% decrease in viewership from the previous week, it amassed a substantial 2.7 billion viewing minutes across Netflix and Peacock. Notably, Season 1 accounted for 16% of the total viewership, indicating sustained interest in the series.

Over the past five weeks, viewership has progressively spread across all eight seasons available on Netflix. Seasons 2 to 7 now command between 11% to 15% of viewing, with interest in the final seasons steadily rising. With 124 episodes to explore, it’s no surprise that audiences are taking their time to savor the entire series.

Two titles, Who Is Erin Carter? on Netflix and Bluey on Disney+, both crossed the billion-minute mark for the week. Though their viewing numbers are comparable, their demographics vary significantly. A notable 62% of Who Is Erin Carter? viewers are over 50, while Bluey resonates predominantly with the under-5 audience.

Bluey seems poised to challenge Cocomelon for the crown in kids’ content. It has maintained a remarkable streak of over a billion viewing minutes for seven consecutive weeks, securing a spot in Nielsen’s Top 10 for 29 out of 34 reported weeks in 2023, and consistently holding a place in the acquired list.

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