YOU Season 4 Part 2: What Will Happen Next? 

Buckle up, YOU fans – the wait is almost over. After a suspenseful first half of the season, the highly acclaimed Netflix series is set to return with Part 2 of Season 4. The show is promising even more twists and turns in the saga of Joe Goldberg. With the show’s trademark blend of psychological suspense and dark humor, one thing is certain: it’s going to be a wild ride.

YOU is a psychological thriller series that first aired on Lifetime in 2018. It was moved to Netflix and gained a massive following. It is adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ novel of the same name. The show follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a charming but deeply disturbed man

After the gripping part one of YOU season 4 fans are eagerly anticipating the remaining five episodes of season four. Part 2 will be available on Netflix from March 2022. It means viewers have a lot of time to process the events of part one. In this article, I’ll give you all the information you need, including the YOU Season 4 release date and what to expect from part 2.

After the explosive midseason finale, it’s clear that Joe Goldberg has his work cut out for him. Another killer is on the loose in London. The anti-hero must decide whether to risk his own safety to stop the murders or team up with Rhys for a chance at success. The answer will be revealed when YOU Season 4 returns. There is also a surprise guest from Joe’s past, as shown in the teaser released by Netflix.

Before we delve into the rest of the series, let’s recap what’s happened so far. 

A Short Recap 

YOU Season 4

In an attempt to leave his murderous past behind, Joe moves to London. He assumes the identity of Jonathan Moore, a professor at a prestigious university. He is content with his new life and is committed to not killing anyone else. However, when a bloodthirsty murderer known as the Eat The Rich Killer starts targeting his social circle, Joe is framed for the crimes. The killer knows the true identity of Joe.

In the midseason finale, the identity of the Eat The Rich Killer is revealed as Rhys Montrose, a well-known author. Rhys offers Joe a choice: join forces to bring down the others or have Rhys reveal Joe’s identity and make him the scapegoat for the murders. Joe vows to stop Rhys before he can hurt anyone else and ruin Joe’s life along with his own.

In the episode’s final moments, Joe says to himself, “Whatever your big plans are, I need to stop you before you can hurt another soul and drag mine down with you.”

The series showrunner spoke about this ending in an interview with TV Line. “Now we’re in a different kind of movie, one where we know who the killer is, so it really becomes more about the relationship between Joe and the killer,” she said. “I glibly refer to it as the serial killer buddy movie part of the season.”

“We’ve never seen Joe have a conversation with someone who is — I don’t know if we can say worse, but he’s just as bad,” Gamble added. “And I will say that Rhy’s doesn’t suffer the same level of regret and shame that Joe does. That, to us, is fascinating.” Touche.

The suspense is high for the next part but thankfully we won’t have to wait so long.

YOU Season 4 Part 4 Will Premiere This Spring 

It has been announced that Part Two of Season Four of You will be premiering in the spring. Presumably, Netflix split the season up to increase the excitement. However, viewers will only have to wait a month to see what actions Joe Goldberg will take. YOU season 4 release date has been announced for part two. The final five episodes of this season are set to be released on March 9.

The reason for the division of Season Four into two parts was also explained by Gamble. She mentioned that she and Greg Berlanti had started their careers in network TV. They always considered a season to have a great midseason cliffhanger. 

When Netflix proposed the idea of dividing the season, they saw it as a perfect opportunity. The first half of the season focuses on a whodunit that is exactly five episodes long. The second half tells a completely different story about killers. The season builds up to a big reveal of the killer at the end of Episode Five, making it ideal to divide the season into two parts.

“We were like, ‘Oh, it’s built for this.’ The show is exactly five episodes long, and the second half is a totally different story about killers. We were delivering a giant estate fire and revealing the killer at the end of Episode Five. Why wouldn’t you divide the season into two pieces?”

Joe May Have Finally Meet His Match in YOU Season 4 Part 2

YOU Season 4

Joe’s match may have finally been found in Rhys, who holds the power to take him down at any moment. However, the question remains as to whether Rhys will actually do it. As the only character potentially crazy and dangerous enough to destroy Joe, it’s hard to say whether he will follow through. Although, it’s hard not to feel conflicted about the possibility, considering everything Joe has done up to this point. 

If he is taken down for a string of murders he did not commit, will the victims he actually harm receive the justice they deserve? Or Will their stories be overshadowed by those of the wealthier and more prominent victims of this season?

In my view, Joe is left with two options. He could give in to his murderous instincts and join Rhys on the dark side, or he could stick to his promise and find a way out of this situation. Each choice comes with its own set of consequences, and neither path will be easy. Regardless of the choice he makes, whether to be a hero (if that’s even possible in his case) or a villain, Part Two is sure to be a must-watch

Wrap Up!

As the highly anticipated second part of YOU Season 4 draws closer, fans of the thrilling series are buzzing with excitement. There are multiple speculations about what’s in store for Joe Goldberg and his latest victims. With so many loose ends left to tie up and new characters set to join the mix, the possibilities for the rest of the season are endless. So grab your popcorn and get ready for the rollercoaster ride of YOU Season 4 Part 2.

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