Who Is Performing at CNN’s With Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper?

As the world prepares to welcome 2024, CNN is set to host its spectacular New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 8 pm ET. This star-studded event, returning for its seventh year, promises an unforgettable night with a lineup of celebrity guests, musical performances, and live coverage from various locations.

Buckle up for a dazzling night of celebration as New Year’s Eve Live with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper sets the stage for pure revelry! The atmosphere crackles with contagious energy, fueled by electrifying performances, witty banter, and star power that shines brighter than Times Square fireworks. Imagine a night buzzing with laughter, dancing, and heart-warming moments that tug at your emotions. This isn’t just a countdown to midnight; it’s a front-row seat to unforgettable collaborations, hilarious interviews, and maybe even a surprise announcement that leaves you speechless.

The Dynamic Duo Returns

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, a beloved hosting pair, are returning for their seventh consecutive year to helm CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Their chemistry and rapport have become a hallmark of the event, offering viewers a blend of humor, warmth, and insightful commentary.

  • Anderson Cooper: A respected journalist and anchor, Cooper is known for his sharp wit and thoughtful approach. His statement, “There’s no one I’d rather spend New Year’s Eve with and nowhere I’d rather be at midnight than New York’s Times Square!” reflects his enthusiasm for the event.
  • Andy Cohen: A television producer and talk show host, Cohen brings a lively and engaging energy to the broadcast. His comment, “Spending New Year’s with my dear friend Anderson is my idea of a great time,” highlights the genuine friendship and camaraderie between the two hosts.

Star-Studded Musical Lineup

The event boasts a diverse and exciting lineup of musical artists, each bringing their unique style to the stage:

  • Enrique Iglesias: Known for his romantic ballads and pop anthems, Iglesias is a global superstar who will add a touch of Latin flair to the evening.
  • Maroon 5: This pop-rock band, led by Adam Levine, is famous for its catchy tunes and dynamic performances.
  • Jonas Brothers: The pop trio, known for their harmonious vocals and energetic stage presence, will likely perform some of their hit songs.
  • Flo Rida: Renowned for his party anthems, Flo Rida’s performance is expected to be high-energy and engaging.
  • Miranda Lambert: A celebrated country music artist, Lambert brings a touch of country charm to the lineup.
  • Darius Rucker: Formerly of Hootie & the Blowfish, Rucker’s successful solo country career has won him widespread acclaim.
  • Rod Stewart: A legendary musician known for his distinctive voice and classic hits, Stewart’s performance is sure to be a highlight.

Exclusive Interviews and Special Appearances

The show will feature exclusive interviews and special appearances by a range of celebrities:

  • Patti Labelle: An iconic singer and actress, Labelle’s interview will likely touch on her illustrious career and her thoughts on the New Year.
  • Jeremy Renner: The acclaimed actor, known for his roles in films like “The Avengers,” will bring a Hollywood perspective to the evening.
  • Neil Patrick Harris: A versatile actor and performer, Harris is known for his charismatic personality and engaging storytelling.
  • Bowen Yang & Matt Rogers: As rising stars in comedy, their segment promises to be filled with humor and entertainment.
  • David Blaine: The renowned magician and illusionist, known for his mind-bending tricks, might have some surprises in store for the viewers.

The Hype of New Year’s Eve Live With Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

What will be the Expectation from New Year’s Eve Live With Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper?

  • Energetic and diverse lineup: With artists like Enrique Iglesias, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, Flo Rida, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, and Rod Stewart, viewers can expect a wide range of musical styles and plenty of energy to keep them dancing all night long.
  • Special collaborations: There’s always a chance for surprise collaborations amongst the performers, which could create some unforgettable moments.
  • Classic New Year’s Eve hits: From “Auld Lang Syne” to party anthems, viewers expect performances that capture the festive spirit of the occasion.


CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen” is set to be a dazzling event, perfect for welcoming 2024. With its mix of celebrity hosts, musical performances, and live coverage from across the nation, this event promises to be a night of entertainment and celebration. Tune in to CNN on December 31st to be part of this glamorous New Year’s Eve experience!

So prepare to be swept away by the magic of New Year’s Eve as the show delivers a star-studded spectacle that will stay with you long after the confetti settles. Get ready to raise a toast, sing your heart out, and create memories that will sparkle like champagne bubbles even in the new year!

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