Where Was True Detective: Night Country Filmed?

In the much-anticipated fourth installment, True Detective: Night Country, starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, the series ventures into uncharted territory both in terms of storyline and setting. Where Was True Detective: Night Country Filmed? The answer lies in the icy landscapes of Alaska, a stark departure from the previous locations that defined the series. With a new visionary at the helm, showrunner Issa López, acclaimed for her work on Tigers Are Not Afraid, chose Alaska to infuse the season with a unique ambiance. López’s vision for “cold, dark, and female” undertones takes center stage against the breathtaking backdrop of Alaska. Despite the challenges, the production, backed by an HBO budget, skillfully recreated the snowy atmosphere in an alternative, equally frigid locale, reaffirming the series’ commitment to delivering a visually compelling and narratively gripping experience.

True Detective Season 4 Filmed in Iceland

When HBO entrusted Issa López with the helm of True Detective Season 4, succeeding Nic Pizzolatto, López, a devoted fan, delved back into the series’ inaugural season. Season 1, featuring Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, and Michelle Monaghan, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, had achieved both pop culture acclaim and critical success. However, the subsequent seasons failed to generate the same enthusiasm. Reflecting on the essence that made the first season resonate so profoundly, López identified “atmosphere,” particularly the influence of its setting. The Louisiana backdrop seamlessly blended crime, noir, horror, and Southern Gothic genres. Seeking to recapture that menacing atmosphere, López pondered, “What place could embody the spirit of an American corner forgotten by God, where dark things thrive?”

Choosing Alaska for its bitter cold and perpetual nights, López recognized the perfect setting for exploring philosophy, nihilism, and cosmic horror. The harsh Arctic Circle conditions, however, rendered on-location shooting impossible due to brutal tundra and lack of infrastructure. With temperatures reaching -36 degrees Celsius, surpassing human endurance and disrupting equipment functionality, López opted for Iceland as the substitute location for True Detective: Night Country. Renowned for its scenic versatility, Iceland has hosted major productions like Game of Thrones, Heart of Stone, Batman Begins, The Fate of the Furious, and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Designating Reykjavík, Akureyri, and Dalvík as primary locations, the production meticulously crafted the fictional Ennis, Alaska, replicating details down to traffic signs and adjusting snow levels as needed. Jodie Foster commended the Icelandic crew for their exceptional skills, calm demeanor, and enjoyable collaboration during the filming process.

Filming ‘True Detective’ in Iceland Was Cold, but Worth It

Filming in extreme weather brings its unique challenges. When True Detective: Night Country required more snow in December, Iceland, with its freezing temperatures and prolonged darkness in January, proved to be an abundant source. While Iceland may not reach the same cold extremes as Alaska, adjusting to the conditions can be harsh for those unaccustomed. Issa López, in an interview with the AV Club, emphasized that no amount of preparation truly readies you for the reality of shooting under such conditions. The production endured 49 consecutive nights and a total of 120 days, with López noting how the challenging environment beautifully influenced the storytelling and heightened the emotional experience of the series. Filming in perpetual darkness posed additional difficulties, impacting the lighting department’s approach to illuminating the sets.

For Jodie Foster, facing the formidable combination of oppressive cold and continuous night was a demanding aspect of the job. As she explained to Icelandair, she and the crew equipped themselves with warm coats, gloves, and boots to endure the conditions. Despite the challenges, Foster acknowledged that the weather could have been more severe. Unfavorable arctic storms can significantly disrupt schedules and jeopardize the meticulous work of set designers. Fortunately, the decision to use Iceland as a stand-in for Alaska proved fortuitous for True Detective Season 4, offering some benefits that outweighed the challenges. Foster shared that moments like the sudden appearance of the northern lights provided unexpected delights during filming, prompting the entire crew to pause and marvel at the natural spectacle.

Iceland Was the Right Fit for True Detective Season 4

Iceland served as the ideal psychological backdrop for True Detective: Night Country, aligning with the themes intricately woven into Season 4 by Issa López. The forebodingly harsh conditions mirrored the storyline, where Jodie Foster’s Detective Liz Danvers and Kali Reis’s Agent Evangeline Navarro investigate the mysterious disappearance of eight research station workers. López, drawing inspiration from the desolate isolation depicted in John Carpenter’s The Thing and the psychological unraveling showcased in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, deemed Iceland “the perfect setting for noir [and] for cosmic horror tinges.” Additionally, she drew from unexplained historical mysteries such as the Mary Celeste ship and the Dyatlov Pass tragedy.

Considering the Alaskan setting and the central mystery involving a missing Indigenous woman in True Detective: Night Country, Issa López made a significant change by transforming Detective Evangeline Navarro’s heritage from Latina to Iñupiaq. López, as she explained to the AV Club, emphasized the importance of having at least one detective from the culture when dealing with the sensitive topic of murdered and missing Indigenous women. This decision aimed to avoid perpetuating cultural appropriation and misrepresentation, with López and her team actively consulting Iñupiat producers to ensure an authentic and respectful portrayal.

The Cast and Crew of True Detective Season 4 Had a Great Experience

Jodie Foster resonated with Issa López’s perspective, emphasizing that Iceland not only possessed visual appeal and logistical convenience but also seamlessly aligned with the profound psychological themes of True Detective: Night Country. Describing the series as deeply rooted in themes of grief, the presence of the deceased among the living, and the environmental consequences of human actions, Foster highlighted the underlying anxiety that fuels the horror genre.

For Foster, this venture into True Detective: Night Country represents her inaugural lead role in television and only her second portrayal of a female detective since her Academy Award-winning performance in The Silence of the Lambs. Forming close bonds during the filming of Season 4, Foster expressed admiration for Reykjavik’s food, culture, and the familial atmosphere on set. Reflecting on her current happiness, she noted, “I’ve never had the experience of making a TV show where it felt so much like a family, with all of us in Reykjavík in the snow, in this brand new city hanging out with each other.” Debuting shortly after her role in the biopic film Nyad, Foster conveyed her newfound joy in acting to Icelandair, asserting that she is currently happier than ever. As Night Country premieres, audiences can anticipate the captivating combination of Foster, Kali Reis, Issa López, and the new True Detective to be a must-watch TV experience.

Summing It Up!

In conclusion, the much-anticipated True Detective Season 4, titled True Detective: Night Country, not only delivers a compelling narrative but also ventures into uncharted territory with its breathtaking backdrop in Alaska. Where Was True Detective: Night Country Filmed? The answer takes us to the stunning landscapes of Iceland, where the cast and crew faced the challenges of extreme weather, adding a layer of authenticity to the noir and cosmic horror themes. Showrunner Issa López, along with the stellar performances of Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, successfully navigates psychological depths, drawing inspiration from cinematic classics and historical mysteries. Despite logistical hurdles, the production team’s dedication is evident in capturing the essence of the series. As Jodie Foster shared, the collaborative and familial atmosphere on set promises to translate into a captivating TV experience. True Detective Season 4 is set to enthrall audiences with its fresh narrative and the mesmerizing landscapes of Iceland. Where Was True Detective: Night Country Filmed? The answer unfolds in every frame, blending storytelling and visual splendor for a memorable television journey.

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