Watch ‘The Matchmakers’ Korean Drama On KBS2 In USA 

Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey into the heart of the Joseon dynasty with the much-anticipated KBS2 drama, The Matchmakers. This captivating Korean series, led by the charismatic Rowoon and the talented Cho Yi-Hyun, promises an intriguing narrative filled with love, laughter, and historical charm. You can watch The Matchmakers on October 30, 2023, on KBS2.

Set against the backdrop of an era where matchmaking was both an art and a necessity, The Matchmakers introduces us to Shim Jung-Woo and Jung Soon-Deok, a dynamic duo tasked with uniting the hearts of those deemed past the average marriageable age. But KBS2 is not available in USA, so to enjoy this series in USA, you will need a VPN.

Quick Steps: How To Watch The Matchmakers In USA

Follow these simple steps to watch The Matchmakers

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the Korea

  4. Login to KBS2

  5. Watch The Matchmakers on KBS2

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch The Matchmakers on KBS2 In USA?

To watch The Matchmakers on KBS2 in the USA, a VPN is essential due to geographical limitations. KBS2 primarily serves audiences in South Korea, making it inaccessible for viewers in the USA and elsewhere. Utilizing a VPN is the key to circumventing these restrictions. It works by encrypting your internet connection and directing it through a South Korean server. This process grants you a South Korean IP address, effectively making it appear as though you’re browsing the web from within South Korea. 

This virtual relocation allows seamless access to the captivating drama, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the romantic adventures of Shim Jung-Woo and Jung Soon-Deok, even if you’re miles away from the Korean peninsula.

Where To Watch The Matchmakers In USA?

The Matchmakers can be exclusively watched on KBS2. To stream KBS2 in USA, use a VPN which provides content in English and other languages to viewers outside of Korea. Check out the plans and pricing and watch The Matchmakers in USA on KBS2.

KBS2USD 1.852,500 won

Best VPNs to Watch The Matchmakers on KBS2 In USA

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The Matchmakers Release Schedule

Mark your calendars! The Matchmakers is scheduled for its grand premiere on Monday, October 30, 2023, at 9:45 p.m. KST, exclusively on KBS. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this enchanting historical journey into the world of matchmaking and romance.

What is The Matchmakers about?

The Matchmakers is a captivating journey into the heart of the Joseon dynasty, centered around two intriguing characters, Shim Jung-Woo (Rowoon) and Jung Soon-Deok (Cho Yi-Hyun). Shim Jung-Woo, despite being known for his grumpy demeanor, is one of the brightest minds in the land, making history by becoming the youngest person ever to pass the civil service examination. He’s also the king’s son-in-law, whose happiness was short-lived as his bride passed away shortly after their wedding.

Jung Soon-Deok, on the other hand, is a widow hailing from a powerful family. She leads a double life as a matchmaker, expertly pairing single men with suitable brides. Fate brings her into contact with Jung-Woo, and the two seemingly mismatched individuals join forces to arrange marriages in the Joseon dynasty. 

Beyond their professional endeavors, the series delves into the blossoming romance between Jung-Woo and Soon-Deok, who, while facilitating the love stories of others, find their path to love. With a stellar cast and a unique historical rom-com premise, The Matchmakers promises an enchanting and hilarious matchmaking battle that transcends time.

The Matchmakers Trailer

The trailer offers a glimpse into the enchanting world of Joseon-era matchmaking. It teases the captivating chemistry between Shim Jung-Woo (Rowoon) and Jung Soon-Deok (Cho Yi-Hyun), promising a delightful blend of historical charm, romance, and humor. Get ready for a heartwarming journey as they unite love in ancient Korea.

The Matchmakers Episode Details

The Matchmakers unfolds over 16 captivating episodes, with a twice-weekly release schedule. This engaging K-drama will continue to enthrall viewers until its conclusion on December 19, ensuring an extended and immersive journey into the world of historical matchmaking and romance.

Cast of The Matchmakers

The Matchmakers boasts a stellar cast, with Rowoon taking on the role of Shim Jung-woo and Choi Yi-hyun portraying Jung Soon-deok. Their dynamic performances breathe life into this historical and comedic drama, promising an unforgettable journey into matchmaking and romance in the Joseon era. The protagonists are:

  • Rowoon as Shim Jung-woo
  • Choi Yi-hyun as Jung Soon-deok


Is The Matchmakers based on a true story or historical events?

While The Matchmakers is a historical drama set in the Joseon dynasty, it is a fictional narrative inspired by the customs and traditions of the time.

What makes The Matchmakers stand out from other historical K-dramas?

The Matchmakers uniquely combines historical elements with a comedic and heartwarming approach to matchmaking and romance.

Are there English subtitles available for international viewers?

Yes, The Matchmakers offers English subtitles for international viewers, ensuring a broader audience can enjoy this captivating historical drama.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, The Matchmaker promises to be a delightful and unique addition to the world of Korean dramas, offering a captivating blend of historical romance and comedy. While its primary broadcast is in South Korea, viewers in USA can enjoy this enchanting journey by using a reliable VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. With a talented cast, a thoughtfully crafted plot, and a touch of historical accuracy, The Matchmakers transports us to the Joseon era, where matchmaking and love come together in a way that is both heartwarming and entertaining. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this charming world of love and laughter.

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