Watch ‘Raid the Cage Season 1’ On CBS Outside USA

Raid the Cage is an exhilarating game show that has garnered attention even before its release. With its roots in an Israeli game show format, the CBS adaptation promises strategy, teamwork, and nerve-wracking moments as contestants race against time to grab as many prizes as possible from “The Cage”. The show is set to premiere on Friday, October 13, on CBS at 9 pm ET/PT, offering viewers a blend of thrill and entertainment. You can watch ’Raid the Cage Season 1′ on CBS outside USA, using a VPN.

A VPN is an essential tool to access CBS content from outside USA. A VPN can unlock CBS’s content. It helps you bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the Raid the Cage Season 1 from anywhere in the world.

Release date: Friday, October 13, 2023
TV channel: CBS
Availability: US only
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Where To Watch Raid the Cage Season 1 Outside USA

CBS is the official broadcaster of “Raid the Cage”. To watch it outside the USA, you would need a VPN to access the CBS website and watch the best CBS shows in 2023 outside USA. Paramount Plus subscribers can also enjoy the show the day after its CBS premiere. Additionally, live TV streaming service that carries CBS, FuboTV offers access to the show.

CBS streaming service known as CBS All Access, has been rebranded as Paramount+. Consider checking CBS subscription plans to upgrade for access to more great shows.

Subscription CostParamount+ EssentialParamount+ with SHOWTIME
Monthly CostUS$ 5.99/monthUS$ 11.99/month
Annual CostUS$ 59.99/yrUS$ 119.99/yr

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Raid the Cage Season 1 On CBS Outside USA

Geo-restrictions can often dampen the spirits of international fans wanting to watch shows. To watch Raid the Cage Season 1 outside the USA on CBS you need a VPN. Geo-restrictions imposed by CBS due to licensing agreements and broadcasting rights limit content access to the US region only. However, a reliable VPN can help you bypass these restrictions by masking your real IP. A VPN to access will be essential to indulge in the excitement of this vibrant game show.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Raid the Cage Season 1 On CBS Outside USA?

To ensure a seamless viewing experience, choosing a reliable VPN service on CBS is recommended, here are two top options to consider as the best VPNs for CBS.


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What is the Release Date of Raid the Cage Season 1

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 13, as “Raid the Cage” is set to premiere on CBS at 9 pm ET/PT, promising an action-packed experience for game show enthusiasts.

What is the Plot of Raid the Cage Season 1

The show pits two teams of two against each other, competing to grab prizes from “The Cage” before time runs out. Answering trivia questions can extend their time, and after three rounds, the team with the highest total dollar value in prizes emerges victorious, moving to the final round for even bigger rewards.

How Is Each Episode of Raid the Cage Structured

Each episode consists of three intense rounds of grab-and-go excitement, where strategy and quick thinking are paramount. The victorious team not only keeps what they grabbed but also advances to the final round, “Beat the Cage”, which features the night’s biggest prizes.

Is there a Trailer for Raid the Cage Season 1

As of now, there is no trailer for “Raid the Cage”. Stay tuned for updates and potential sneak peeks as the premiere date approaches.

Who is in the Cast of Raid the Cage Season 1

Damon Wayans Jr. will be hosting “Raid the Cage”, bringing his comedic flair to the stage. He will be accompanied by co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins, a Daytime Emmy winner known for her vibrant personality and hosting prowess.

The new co-hosts did a promo for the show that you can check out right here:

What Else To Stream On CBS From Anywhere

To stream CBS outside USA you’ll need VPN access. Moreover, you can enjoy other top shows on CBS, including:


Who are the hosts of “Raid the Cage”?

Damon Wayans Jr. and Jeannie Mai Jenkins will be hosting “Raid the Cage”.

What is the format of “Raid the Cage”?

Teams compete to grab prizes from “the Cage”, answering trivia questions to gain more time. The team with the highest dollar value in prizes after three rounds wins and progresses to the final round.

Is “Raid the Cage” an original concept by CBS?

No, “Raid the Cage” is based on an Israeli game show format and has been adapted for US audiences by CBS.


“Raid the Cage” is gearing up to be a thrilling addition to CBS’s lineup, offering viewers a mix of strategy, knowledge, and rapid decision-making. If you’re outside the USA use a reliable VPN to ensure you’re staying within the legal and ethical boundaries of content streaming. Stay tuned for a season filled with excitement, competition, and high-stakes gameplay!


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