How To Watch ‘Only Connect Season 19’ On BBC In the USA

With its cerebral difficulties and engaging premise, the highly regarded British quiz show Only Connect Season 19 once again grabbed viewers. The most recent season of this thought-provoking show, which premiered on July 17, 2023, continued to highlight the genius of human connectedness through a plethora of interwoven riddles and questions. Only Connect Season 19 on BBC solidified its position as a fascinating platform for demonstrating the power of human intelligence, promoting cooperation, and inspiring viewers to embrace the joy of lifelong learning with its distinctive combination of trivia, lateral thinking, and pattern identification.

Teams of three from various parts of the UK compete against one another in Only Connect for the coveted trophy. Along with knowledge, the game also calls for patience and creative problem-solving. Discovering hidden connections that might not be immediately obvious requires participants to make connections between what at first glance appear to be unrelated things.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Only Connect Season 19 online in the USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Only Connect Season 19

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC

  5. Watch Only Connect Season 19 on BBC

Where To Watch Only Connect Season 19 on BBC In the USA for FREE?

Only Connect Season 19 is premiering on BBC and after the premiere, the series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer for free by connecting to a UK server. The streaming service BBC is a UK-based OTT channel and it is not available outside the UK due to geo-restrictions and privacy issues. To access the BBC outside the UK you will require a premium VPN service like Express VPN to watch the documentary without any hurdles.

ExpressVPN is the leading VPN service available. With an extensive global network of VPN servers, it offers widespread coverage. Subscribing to ExpressVPN provides users with fast speeds, reliable connections, unrestricted bandwidth, and effective encryption protocols for safeguarding online data.

If you are living outside the UK, BBC iPlayer offers a 7-day free trial to subscribers and after the trial, it charges $4.99/month.

Mark Your Calendar: Only Connect Season 19 Announces Its Release Date

Fans of the show won’t have long to wait, as the 19th series of Only Connect returns to our screens on Monday, 17th July on BBC2 at 8pm.


Official Synopsis

Victoria Coren hosts the fiendishly difficult quiz in which two teams of three contestants have to find the connection between seemingly unrelated clues.


Captivating Details of Only Connect Season 19

Only Connect Season 19 focuses on connecting seemingly disparate clues, challenging participants to think beyond surface-level knowledge and creativity, resembling a lateral thinking puzzle. Victoria Coren Mitchell hosted a show with three rounds: connecting wall, sequences, and missing vowels, testing contestants’ logical progressions and deciphering hidden phrases, entertaining viewers and reminding them of human thought possibilities.


Only Connect Season 19 emphasized teamwork and collaboration among contestants, with teams consisting of three members with unique strengths and expertise. The show’s collaborative spirit rewarded teams for effective communication, sharing ideas, and building upon each other’s insights. The connecting wall round tested teams’ intellectual abilities and fostered camaraderie. The inclusive approach to quizzing encouraged critical thinking, connections, and intellectual discovery, igniting a collective enthusiasm for intellectual pursuits.

Only Connect Season 19 celebrated lifelong learning by highlighting the vast expanse of human knowledge and encouraging curiosity. The show’s diverse topics encouraged lateral thinking and creative problem-solving, challenging viewers to think outside the box. Contestants demonstrated intelligence beyond rote memorization, showcasing the importance of meaningful connections. The host’s witty banter and insightful explanations further enhanced the educational value of the show, making viewers participants in a shared learning experience.

Sneak Peek into the show

The Only Connect Season 19 trailer has not yet been made available by the BBC. Keep checking back for news and announcements about the show’s forthcoming season.

Who is the Host of Only Connect Season 19

Since Only Connect’s beginning in 2008, Victoria Coren Mitchell has overseen it and acted as the renowned presenter throughout its prosperous existence. Season 19 maintains the tradition, with Victoria Coren Mitchell once more occupying the quizmaster’s chair in the proper manner. She will definitely continue to wow spectators with her knowledge, humor, and charm as she leads participants through the challenging riddles and perplexing connections that characterize the program.

Episode Guide of the show

The exact number of episodes for Season 19 of Only Connect has not been disclosed yet. However, viewers can anticipate new episodes airing every Monday throughout the year, providing a consistent dose of the popular quiz show.

Episode 1| Cribbagers vs. Gunners | July 17, 2023

In this tournament-style quiz show, teams go head-to-head in a battle of wits, searching for connections among seemingly unrelated clues.

Episode 2 | Roadies vs. Stitchers | July 24, 2023

Witness another thrilling episode of the tournament-style quiz show, as the Roadies and Stitchers teams face off, using their skills to uncover connections between disparate clues.

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

IMDb Ratings8/10
Rotten Tomatoes RatingN/A

Best VPNs to Watch Only Connect Season 19 On BBC for Free

We have assessed the two leading reliable VPN providers that can be trusted to watch Only Connect Season 19 on BBC for free. Our comprehensive investigation was dedicated to confirming the dependability of these VPNs, particularly for this specific objective.

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Social Media Buzz On Only Connect Season 19


What is the genre of the show?

It’s a game show.

Is Only Connect worth watching?

yes, many people liked this show.

Wo is the director of the show?

Siân G Lloyd is the director of the show.

Wrap Up

Only Connect Season 19 continues the legacy of intellectual stimulation and entertainment, promoting teamwork, lifelong learning, and human connectivity. The show’s thought-provoking puzzles, collaborative format, and lateral thinking encourage curiosity and connections. It encourages viewers to embrace their innate curiosity and discover hidden threads, reaffirming the limitless potential of the human mind and the joy of sharing knowledge.

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