Watch ‘Native America Season 2’ on PBS Outside USA

Native America, a PBS docuseries, has returned with its second season, offering a profound look into the contemporary Indigenous world. The series, directed by Native filmmakers, smashes stereotypes by showcasing brilliant engineers, bold politicians, and innovative artists who merge Native traditions with modern innovations to construct a better future. To watch Native America Season 2 On PBS outside USA, using a VPN is the key.

A VPN is an essential tool to access PBS content from outside USA. A VPN can unlock PBS’s content outside USA. It helps you bypass these restrictions and access the content you desire.

Release date: October 24, 2023
TV channel: PBS
Availability: USA
Rating: 7.2/10
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Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Native America Season 2 on PBS Outside USA?

PBS is a US-exclusive platform, making it unavailable in other regions due to geo-restrictions. A VPN is essential to unlock geo-restrictions when you want to watch Native America Season 2 outside the USA on PBS. It is an essential tool for bypassing these geographical restrictions, allowing you to access PBS content from outside USA.

Besides, it ensures a secure and private connection, safeguarding your data while streaming. It will also be available on streaming platforms that offer PBS, such as YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream. 

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Where To Watch Native America Season 2 Outside USA?

To watch Native America Season 2 Outside the USA, primarily tune into PBS.  PBS, being a fantastic channel dedicated to bringing educational and entertaining content to your screens, is the go-to place to watch all the best shows. You can tune in to your local PBS channel, visit the PBS website, or use the PBS app to catch all the action. Be it the best travel shows or the best cooking shows on PBS, PBS makes it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? So get a PBS free trial or buy a subscription, and get going! You can always cancel your PBS subscription, whenever you want!

What is the Best VPN to Watch Native America Season 2 on PBS Outside USA?

To ensure a seamless viewing experience, choose the best VPN service for PBS.


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What is the Release Date of Native America Season 2?

Native America Season 2 will premiere on October 24, 2023, and will air through November 14, 2023, from 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET. With new episodes available every Tuesday on PBS, its website, and PBS App.

What is the Plot of Native America Season 2?

“Native America” Season 2, a PBS docuseries is a journey through the contemporary Indigenous world, revealing the beauty, power, and resilience embedded within these communities. The series, consisting of four episodes, explores various facets of Native American life, from the innovative approaches of engineers, politicians, and artists to the preservation of language and cultural heritage. Each episode delves into a different aspect of the Native community, exploring themes like Indigenous innovation, warrior traditions, the empowerment of Indigenous women, and the critical efforts to preserve and revitalize endangered languages. The series not only highlights the struggles and challenges faced by Native communities but also celebrates their achievements, innovations, and the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage.

Is There an Episode Guide for Native America Season 2?

Native America Season 2 consists of 4 episodes. Below is the detailed episode guide of this PBS series:

Episode 1: New Worlds (October 24):

This episode spotlights Native innovators in diverse fields such as space exploration, architecture, and music. It features individuals like NASA engineer Aaron Yazzie (Navajo) and sustainable builder Henry Red Cloud (Lakota), who are making significant impacts globally and even in outer space by blending deeply held traditions with modern innovations.

Episode 2: Warrior Spirit (October 31):

Focusing on the warrior traditions within Native communities, this episode reveals how these traditions inspire athletes and connect people to combat, games, and glory. It explores the stories of individuals like teen boxer Mariah Bahe (Navajo) and ultrarunner Christian Gering (Katishtya), illustrating how the warrior spirit continues to empower and strengthen Native communities today.

Episode 3: Women Rule (November 7):

This episode explores the diverse ways Native women lead in various sectors, including politics, media, fashion, and activism. It highlights the stories of women like Ruth Buffalo (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation) and Jamie Okuma (Luiseño), showcasing how they are building on deep traditions to improve their communities and the world.

Episode 4: Language Is Life (November 14):

Focusing on the preservation and revitalization of Native languages, this episode highlights innovative approaches, such as dubbing Hollywood blockbusters into Native languages and using modern technology to recover and revitalize linguistic traditions, ensuring they are passed down to future generations.

What happened in Native America Season 1?

Season 1 of “Native America” provided a groundbreaking portrait of contemporary Indigenous communities, exploring the power and beauty embedded within them. The season explored core tenets of Native American heritage, including the power of Indigenous design, the soul-fueling capacity of language and artistry, the diverse leadership styles of Native women, and the resilience of the warrior spirit. It brought these themes to life through dynamic stories, initiating an active dialogue between past and present and revealing how foundational beliefs and traditions are shaping and transforming modern Native life.

Is There a Trailer for Native America Season 2?

An extended trailer for Native America Season 2 is released by PBS, providing a glimpse into the powerful narratives and vibrant visuals of the series.

Who is in the Cast of Native America Season 2?

The series is narrated by Joy Harjo of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, an internationally renowned poet, performer, and writer. The series also features various Indigenous artists, politicians, engineers, and teachers. It also includes Manny Wheeler, who is working to preserve the Navajo language.

The Role of Indigenous Women in Native America Season 2

Indigenous women have been pivotal in shaping their communities, lands, and the world at large. From political arenas to environmental activism. Native women continue to build on deep traditions to foster improvement and development in various sectors. Their stories, struggles, and triumphs are encapsulated in the episode “Women Rule.” It offers viewers a glimpse into their impactful roles and contributions.


How many episodes are in Season 2 of Native America?

There are four episodes in the second season.

Who are the producers of Native America Season 2?

Daniel Golding (Quechan) and Jennifer Johns (Diné), produced the second season. With Charles “Boots” Kennedye (Kiowa) and Paige Bethmann (Mohawk/Oneida) serving as producers and directors.

What are the themes in the episodes?

The episodes explore Indigenous innovation, warrior traditions, the empowerment of Indigenous women, and the preservation and revitalization of Native languages.


Native America Season 2 offers a profound exploration into the contemporary Indigenous world. It highlights the vibrant and resilient nature of Native communities. Whether you’re interested in the innovative approaches to preserving Native languages or exploring the powerful roles of Indigenous women in various sectors, this series provides a rich, insightful viewing experience. Using a VPN allows viewers outside USA to access and enjoy this enlightening series, ensuring that the stories and experiences of Native communities can be shared globally.


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