Watch Canadian series ‘Little Bird’ On PBS Outside USA

Little Bird has gained widespread acclaim since its release. Little Bird is an award-winning Canadian drama television series that premiered on May 26, 2023, on Crave and APTN lumi. It tells the story of a young Indigenous woman named Nakuset, who is removed from her home in the Sixties Scoop, a dark chapter in Canadian history where Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and placed in non-Indigenous homes. You can now watch Little Bird on PBS exclusively available in UK.

The series was created by Jennifer Podemski and Hannah Moscovitch In this guide, we unravel the details of Little Bird, its release, and how you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world. Also, have a look at the best shows available on PBS!

Where to Watch Little Bird Online?

You can now watch Watch Little Bird on PBS Outside USA with a VPN. Below are the plans and prices of the streaming platform. Moreover, if you wish to watch Watch Little Bird without paying anything, do have a look at PBS’s free trial option. Moreover, you can also cancel PBS’s Subscription whenever you want! Also, here are some of the best PBS shows you can watch!

PBS live streamFREE
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How to Watch Little Bird in the US?

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Little Bird Release Date

The highly anticipated series “Little Bird” made its debut on October 7, 20234, and has since taken the audience by storm. With its fresh narrative approach and intriguing characters, it’s no surprise that viewers are hooked. Dive into a world of family secrets and join Esther on her quest for identity. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey – STREAM NOW!

Little Bird Plot

In the heart of Ravensbrook, journalist Anna Lark returns to her childhood home, only to uncover a series of cryptic letters from an enigmatic Little Bird. As Anna delves deeper, these letters unveil hidden truths about the town and her own past, intertwining love, deception, and redemption in a gripping tale of self-discovery.

Little Bird Trailer

Can’t wait to dive into the series? Get a sneak peek now

Little Bird Cast

Following is the cast of the mini-series Little Bird!

  • Darla Contois as Bezhig Little Bird
  • Lisa Edelstein as Golda Rosemblum
  • Joshua Odjick as Niizh
  • Osawa Muskwa as Moriss Little Bird
  • Braeden Clarke as Leo Little Bird
  • Imajyn Cardinal as Dora Mueller

Little Bird Episode Guide

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 1- Love is All Around

Bezhig Little Bird, along with her siblings, is forcibly separated from their mother by law enforcement and child welfare officials, only to be adopted by Caucasian families. Eighteen years on, Bezhig struggles to find her place in the life she now leads.

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 2- So Put Together

Esther stumbles upon her adoption documents and a newspaper article that triggers hazy recollections of her life prior to being adopted. Fueled by an unyielding desire to uncover her true family and identity, she makes the brave decision to completely upheave her current life, willing to make profound sacrifices in her relentless pursuit.

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 3- The Land That Takes You

Patti Little Bird’s desperation to reunite with her children remains unrelenting, yet she remains unaware of their whereabouts. Now, eighteen years later, Bezhig/Esther, having returned to the prairies, shares the same desperate yearning to locate her long-lost family.

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 4- Burning Down The House

Esther finds members of her family who help her put together the pieces of the past; Esther returns home to Montreal to confront Golda, her adoptive mother, about the revelations she’s uncovered that shine a new light on their life

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 5

Upon her return to the prairies, Esther remains steadfast in her quest to unveil her past. Rebuilding the fractured bonds of her estranged family proves to be a challenging endeavour. However, a tragic turn of events ultimately dawns upon Esther, revealing the profound need she has to reunite with her mother above all else.

Litte Bird Season 1 Episode 6

Through a tapestry woven with love and sorrow, the Little Bird family reunites to collectively grieve a loss and rejoice in the beauty of life. The journey has been laden with hardships for both Esther and Golda, yet it culminates in Esther finally discovering the elusive answers she has long sought after.


Is Little Bird Season 1 on Netflix?

No, Little Bird Season 1 is not on Netflix

Is there Little Bird Season 2?

There is no Little Bird season 2

Can I watch PBS for Free?

You can watch some shows and movies on PBS for free


For international aficionados of quality drama, the regional restrictions of PBS can indeed be a hurdle when trying to access ‘Little Bird’. However, there’s good news! With the aid of a trustworthy VPN, the enthralling world of ‘Little Bird’ becomes accessible. Dive deep into this compelling series, and join a global audience eager to unravel its intricate mysteries. A blend of intense storytelling and unforgettable characters makes it a must-watch drama. Don’t let geography deter you; immerse yourself in this riveting tale today!


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