How To Watch ‘Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks’ On Hulu Outside USA

Have you ever been curious about how forensic evidence is used to unravel intricate cases? Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks a true crime story on Hulu is scheduled to be released on August 17, 2023. Hulu is a streaming platform that has Best Shows to watch right now. Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks serves spinoff of Cold Case Files series, with investigative journalist Bill Kurtis as the narrator. Within this show, Kurtis delves into unresolved cold cases that find resolution through DNA breakthroughs, collaborative efforts from victims’ families, law enforcement, and the community. Every episode presents the story of utilizing forensic findings to resolve murder cases that have defied solutions for extended periods.

Hulu is restricted outside the USA due to privacy issues and streaming restrictions. To access Hulu content you need a quality VPN to watch all the Best Horror Movies without any hurdles.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks Outside USA

Follow these simple steps to watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Hulu

  5. Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks on Hulu

A Highly Anticipated Show: Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks Release Date is Announced

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is set to arrive on Hulu starting 17 August 2023. Hurry up get a subscription to Hulu, and be prepared to be guided by Bill Kurtis as he leads you through Hulu’s top true crime show.

Where To Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks Online?

You can watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks exclusively on Hulu. If you are living outside the USA you will require a quality VPN service like Express VPN to unblock the geo-restrictions and overcome the streaming hurdles.

Hulu also offers a free trial to new subscribers for up to 30 days. If you want to stream documentary for free you need to subscribe to Hulu service.

Hulu has two subscription plans, you can choose according to your interest. By subscribing to Hulu channel you can also watch Best Patriotic Movies in 2023 to uplift the spirit of a nation.

Basic Plan (with – ads)$7.99 per month
Premium Plan (without – ads)$14.99 per month

Why Do We Need A VPN To Stream Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

If you want to watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks online, a VPN is important because Hulu is only accessible in the US and Japan.

A VPN is essential for streaming Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks because it allows us to watch this intriguing show without any location-based restrictions. With a VPN, we can bypass geographic limitations, ensuring that we have access to captivating content from anywhere. It also adds a layer of security to our online activity, protecting our privacy while we immerse ourselves in the suspenseful world of cold case investigations.

Best VPNs to Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks on Hulu Outside USA

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Explore the Unsolve Mystery: About of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

In the first season of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks, unresolved cases are explored, delving into all available evidence, potential hints, gaps in leads, and potential witnesses. These elements gradually lead investigators toward resolving these long-standing mysteries, while Bill Kurtis provides narration for the true-crime episodes.

Through advancements in DNA analysis and collaboration between victims’ families, the public, and law enforcement agencies, these cases ultimately find solutions.

Official Synopsis

“Examines cold cases that are solved through advancements in DNA, along with help from victims’ families, law enforcement and the public.”


Watch the Thriller Trailer of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Investigates previously unsolved cases that are resolved using DNA advancements, aided by the cooperation of victims’ relatives, law enforcement, and the community.

Who is the Narrator of the Documentary?

Bill Kurtis is an American television journalist, producer, narrator, and host. He is known for his work as a news anchor and reporter, as well as for hosting various documentaries such as Cold Case Files and true crime programs. He has a distinctive deep voice and has been involved in various television projects, from news reporting to narrating documentaries and hosting shows that explore crime, history, and nature.

Cast List of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Series NarratorBill Kurtis
ProducerSteve Ascher
ProducerSharon Scott
Series EditorPhillip Lefesi
Production ManagerPeter King

Episode Guide of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Currently, only 1 episode will air on Hulu. However, the new episode’s release date is not available yet, we will keep you updated as soon as the trailer is released.

Nacole Smith’s Cold Case

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks, a ten-part documentary series coming to Hulu, examines horrifying crimes that went unexplained until the advancement of contemporary technology, particularly DNA recognition. One of the horrible crimes examined in the new Hulu series is the murder of Nacole Smith.

After an extensive inquiry, the police were eventually able to put an end to the 26-year-old mystery.

The Hype of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks


Is Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks worth watching?

Yes, because of unsolved murder mysteries.

Where else to watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

The documentary is available to stream on Hulu.

Is Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks based on real events?

Yes, it is based on true story.

Wrap Up

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is a documentary which shows how DNA testing and the assistance of friends and relatives helped solve long-standing cold cases. Hold on because this implies that justice will be done and that all of the fugitive criminals will soon find themselves in jail or prison, where they belong.

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