How To Watch ‘Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch’ Online for FREE

Get Ready to experience the real Africa beauty! Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch as the series explores the vibrant and determined spirit of African creatives who are reshaping the realms of music, fashion, and film. Africa, with its youthful and culturally rich population, provides the backdrop for this exciting documentary series. Afua Hirsch takes viewers on a journey through Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa, introducing them to renowned personalities and talented local artisans who contribute to the fascinating narrative of African reinvention. The documentary premieres on 13 June 2023 on BBC 2 for free and will also stream on BBC iPlayer after the premiere broadcast end.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch for Free

Follow these simple steps to watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC 2

  5. Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch on BBC 2

Where To Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch Online for FREE?

Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch is premiering on BBC 2 and after the premiere, the series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer for free by connecting to UK server. The streaming service BBC 2 is a UK based OTT channel and it is not available outside the UK due to geo-restrictions and privacy issues. To access the BBC 2 outside the UK you will require a premium VPN service like Express VPN to watch the documentary without any hurdles.

ExpressVPN is the leading VPN service available. With an extensive global network of VPN servers, it offers widespread coverage. Subscribing to ExpressVPN provides users with fast speeds, reliable connections, unrestricted bandwidth, and effective encryption protocols for safeguarding online data.

If you are living outside the UK, BBC iPlayer offers a 7 day free trial to subscribers and after the trial, it charges $4.99/month.

Mark Your Calender: Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch Announces Its Release Date

You can watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. The show will air on BBC Two at 9 pm local time, and shortly after the initial broadcast concludes, it will be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, exclusively accessible within the UK for free.

Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

Official Synopsis

“Africa on its own terms and in full voice – across Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa. Uncovering the energy and ambition of creatives reinventing African music, fashion and film.”


Captivating Details of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

The captivating documentary series Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch offers a compelling exploration of Africa’s thriving arts and culture scene. Guided by journalist Afua Hirsch, the series showcases the dynamic contributions of young creatives who are spearheading an artistic revolution across the continent. From the globally acclaimed photographer Hassan Hajjaj to the rap artist Sigou Marouane and the Gnawa master Rabii Harnoune, each episode highlights the diverse talents reshaping African traditions in bold and innovative ways. Through compelling storytelling, the series unveils Africa’s vibrant art, music, weaving, and photography, with a particular focus on the influential role of women in driving this transformative movement.

Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch serves as a celebration of Africa’s cultural resurgence and a testament to the limitless creativity of the continent’s rising generation. In essence, the documentary portrays how young Africans are redefining their heritage, modernizing traditional practices, and fearlessly pushing boundaries to create vivid and audacious new forms of art, music, weaving, and photography.

Promo of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

The trailer of the Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch is not available yet. We will keep you updated as soon as the trailer is released. Below is a sneak peek of the documentary.

Meet the Cast of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

The documentary has the following cast.

Afua Hirsch
Hassan Hajjaj
Sigou Marouane
Rabii Harnoune
Amal Ahamri
Majida Khattari
Zainab Fasiki
Yasmine Hatimi
Adeju Thompson
Obehi Ekhomu-El Herfi
Mádé Kuti
Yinka Shonibare
Falz the Bahd Guy. 

Episode Guide of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

The series consists of a total of three episodes. The episodes will be broadcasted on television on a weekly basis, while all three episodes will be made available on iPlayer starting from the day of the series premiere.

Episode 1 | Morocco | 13 June 2023

Afua Hirsch explores how Morocco is transforming through the creativity of its young artists, who are revitalizing traditions and connecting Moroccan culture to the wider African context. She engages with renowned photographer Hassan Hajjaj, joins Tbourida rider Amal Amhari, and explores Amazigh rug weaving with artist Sarah Allaoui. Additionally, she delves into the dynamic between heritage, tradition, and the desire for change through conversations with pioneering women artists Majida Khattari and Zainab Fasiki, as well as Moroccan singer-songwriter Rym Fikri.

Episode 2 | Nigeria | 13 June 2023

Afua Hirsch explores Nigeria’s vibrant creative scene, where music, fashion, and film thrive. She delves into the impact of challenges, competition, and education on contemporary artists like Made Kuti, Falz the Bad Guy, Yinka Shonibare, and Jemima Osunde.

Episode 3 | South Africa | 13 June 2023

Afua Hirsch immerses herself in South Africa’s townships, uncovering a wave of creativity expressed through new art, music, and theater. She delves into the emerging cultural phenomena of dancing, hair braiding, and black surf culture.

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What is the runtime of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch?

Each episode has a runtime of 1 hour.

Where else to watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch?

You can only watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch on BBC 2 and stream on BBC iPlayer.

How To watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch for free?

BBC 2 is a free channel and can watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch for free.

Wrap Up

Watch Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch to explore a fun, colourful and entertaining side of Africa with Afua. Subscribe to VPN for hassle-free streaming.

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