Unveiling Romance: The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

As many fans of the Bachelor Season 28 were waiting to watch The Bachelor Season 8, we have some great news for them they can now watch this season 28 on Hulu. As, we are introduced to Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old teaching tennis pro, poised to embark on a journey to find true love. With a heartbreak from Season 20 of “The Bachelorette” still lingering, Joey is seeking a partner who aligns with his family values and shares his zest for an adventurous life. As the curtain rises on this season, a record-breaking 32 women have converged at the mansion, each vying for the chance to capture Joey’s heart on night one. Here in this guide we have the list of The Bachelor Season 28 cast, so lets dive into article!

Meet The List Of The Bachelor Season 28 Cast Members Here

Embark on a journey of romance and excitement with the vibrant The Bachelor Season 28 cast. Each woman brings her unique flair and personality to the show, promising a season filled with unforgettable moments:

1) Allison Hollinger

Hailing from Dover, Delaware, Allison, aged 26, steps into the limelight as a dynamic realtor. With her professional acumen and personal charisma, Allison is set to make a lasting impression on Joey and the viewers alike.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

2) Autumn Waggoner

At 26 years old, Autumn, from De Soto, Missouri, embodies the spirit of a determined account executive. Her small-town roots, combined with a vibrant personality, make her a standout competitor in the quest for Joey’s heart.

3) Chandler Dewgard

A 24-year-old graphic designer from the bustling city of New York, Chandler brings a creative and modern edge to the show. Her experiences in navigating complex relationships in the city’s fast-paced environment add an intriguing depth to her character on the show.

4) Chrissa Perez

A 26-year-old from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, Chrissa is among the diverse contestants vying for love in Season 28. Known for her charisma, Chrissa adds an international flavor to the competition

5) Daisy Kent

Daisy, 24, hails from San Diego, CA, and works as an Account Executive. With a promising presence, Daisy is set to bring her unique charm to the Bachelor mansion.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

6) Edwina Dorbor

Edwina, 25, resides in Atlanta, GA, bringing Southern charm to the Bachelor mansion. With a captivating personality, Edwina is sure to captivate Bachelor Joey and viewers alike.

7) Erika Cardenas

Aged 25 and hailing from North Bergen, New Jersey, Erika steps onto the scene as a leasing agent. Her profession in real estate hints at a personality accustomed to negotiation and charm, qualities that might give her an edge in the quest for love.

8) Evalin Clark

Evalin, 28, comes from San Antonio, Texas, bringing a mix of Southern charm and sophistication. Her age and life experiences may provide her with a mature perspective on love and relationships, making her a compelling contestant.

Synopsis Of The Bachelor Show

A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love


9) Jenn Tran

At 26, Jenn from Hillsdale, New Jersey, joins the cast with a background that sets her apart. Her profession as a physician suggests intelligence, empathy, and a caring nature, traits that are sure to resonate with both the Bachelor and the audience.

10) Kelsey Toussant

Kelsey Toussant, 31, comes from Los Angeles, CA. Her experience and maturity, being one of the older contestants, could provide a unique perspective in the house. The Los Angeles lifestyle might reflect in her approach, potentially offering a mix of glamour and groundedness in her pursuit of love.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

11) Jessica Edwards

A 24-year-old executive assistant from San Diego, California, Jessica is known for her confidence and assertiveness. Her profession suggests she’s accustomed to handling high-pressure situations with grace, a trait that could be advantageous in the competitive environment of The Bachelor

12) Katelyn DeBacker

Katelyn Briana DeBacker graces the show with her presence, offering a mix of beauty and mystery. Details about her background and occupation are not extensively publicized, but her participation in the season is eagerly anticipated by fans eager to discover more about her

13) Kayla Rodgers

With limited information available about Kayla, she remains an enigma, adding an element of surprise to this season. Her journey on The Bachelor is awaited with curiosity, as viewers look forward to uncovering her story and personality.

14) Kelsey Anderson

A 25-year-old junior project manager from New Orleans, Louisiana, Kelsey Anderson brings a blend of Southern charm and professional acumen to the show. Growing up in New Orleans, she likely carries a vibrant and resilient spirit, a trait that will add depth to her journey on the show.

15) Lauren Hollinger

Lauren Nicole Hollinger brings a unique charm to the show. As one of the two sisters on this season, her participation adds a fascinating dynamic. Her journey through the season is sure to captivate viewers, as she navigates the complexities of competing alongside a family member.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

16) Kyra Brusch

At 25, Kyra Brusch is a paralegal hailing from Miami, FL. Her career choice suggests she possesses a sharp mind and attention to detail, qualities that could play an interesting role in her interactions and strategies in the competition. Her Miami roots may add a flair of vibrancy and cultural diversity to the season.

17) Lanie Latsios

Known as Eleni “Lanie” Latsios, she steps into the season with a compelling presence. Lanie is not just a face in the crowd but a contestant whose journey and story are anticipated with keen interest

18) Lea Cayanan

Lea Cayanan, vying for Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s heart, is known for her first meeting with him during ‘After the Final Rose’. Her presence in the season is a blend of romance and excitement, as viewers eagerly anticipate how her initial connection with Joey will evolve.

19) Lexi Young

Alexandra Colette “Lexi” Young joins the 28th season of The Bachelor as a contestant who stands out for her sweet personality. Her journey on the show is watched with anticipation as viewers are eager to see how her character unfolds in the pursuit of love. Her elimination status remains to be seen, adding an element of suspense to her participation in the season.

20) Marlena Haddad

Marlena Alexia Haddad, a dynamic contestant on The Bachelor Season 28, hails from Waterbury, Connecticut. Her participation in the show has garnered attention, with viewers eagerly following her journey. Her status in the competition remains a topic of intrigue as her elimination week has not been disclosed yet.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

21) Madina Alam

Madina Alam, known for her engaging presence on social media, particularly Instagram, steps into the Bachelor arena. As a licensed mental health counselor, her expertise in anxiety therapy and public speaking suggests she brings a unique blend of emotional intelligence and communication skills to the show, potentially influencing her interactions with other contestants and the Bachelor himself

22) Maria Georgas

Maria Georgas adds a touch of fame to this season, having been born on August 27, 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and known for her acting roles, including in “The Pacifier” (2005). Her presence on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor is intriguing, as viewers are curious about how her acting background and personality will play into her journey on the show and how far she will progress.

23) Natalie Crepeau

Natalie “Nat” Crepeau, another compelling contestant, joins the show from Sudbury, Ontario. Although specific details about her journey on The Bachelor are scarce, her presence has certainly added to the diverse tapestry of personalities this season. Her progress in the competition and interactions with the Bachelor, Joey Graziadei, are keenly observed by fans.

24) Rachel Nance

Rachel Marie Nance, competing from Honolulu, Hawaii, brings her unique charm to Season 28. Her journey on the show is shrouded in anticipation as fans await to see how far she progresses. Details about her elimination week are yet to be revealed, adding to the suspense surrounding her participation.

25) Samantha Hale

Samantha, often referred to as “Sam,” brings a vibrant and refreshing personality to the show. Known for her charismatic presence, she promises to be a standout participant in this season’s journey of love and romance

26) Samantha

Hailing from the sunny beaches of Miami, FL, 25-year-old Samantha Washington is set to charm both the Bachelor and the audience with her warmth and spirited demeanor. Her background and story are eagerly anticipated by fans of the show.

The Bachelor Season 28 Cast

27) Sandra Rabadi

A 26-year-old cybersecurity consultant from Nashville, TN, Sandra Rabadi steps into this season with a unique blend of intelligence and elegance. Her Instagram profile @sandrarabadi hints at a personality that’s both intriguing and grounded, adding a layer of depth to the season.

28) Starr Skyler

Starr Skyler, aged 25 from Delray Beach, Florida, stands out in Season 28 of The Bachelor. As a Mental Health Counselor, she brings a unique perspective and depth to the show. Her profession suggests a deep understanding of emotional intelligence and empathy, qualities that are sure to shine in her interactions on the show.

29) Sydney Gordon

Sydney Gordon, a 28-year-old contestant from Newport, Rhode Island, brings her entrepreneurial spirit as a Vintage Store Owner. Her background may indicate a flair for creativity and a love for things with a story. Sydney’s unique career choice could add a fascinating dynamic to her journey in the quest for love

30) Talyah Jackson

Talyah Jackson, the youngest among the three at 23 years old, joins from Huntington Beach, California. While specific details about her profession or background aren’t highlighted, her youthful energy and West Coast vibe are expected to add a vibrant element to the show.

31) Taylor Wiens

At 23 years old, Taylor hails from the bustling city of Chicago, IL. Her youthful spirit and vibrant personality are set to add a dynamic energy to the show. Taylor’s journey on The Bachelor is eagerly awaited by fans who are curious to see how her story unfolds in the pursuit of love

32) Zoe Antona

Another 23-year-old, Zoe Antona, comes from Roswell, GA, bringing with her a mix of southern charm and authenticity. Zoe’s participation in this season is anticipated to bring a unique and genuine perspective to the show, captivating both the Bachelor and the audience with her sincerity and depth.

The Quest for Love Continues

In a first for the show, a pair of sisters, Allison and Lauren, enter the competition, marking a twist that promises an “unprecedented shocking first. Having both dated the same man at different times, the sisters now find themselves in the unique position of dating the same guy simultaneously. The intrigue surrounding their dynamic adds an extra layer of anticipation to this already riveting season.

Joey’s potential life partners bring a diverse range of experiences and aspirations to the table. From a radiochemist who reigns as a “cribbage queen” to a paralegal who enjoys both nights out and nights in playing Sims, the cast promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

As the season unfolds, the enchanting landscapes and romantic escapades promise to captivate audiences. Joey’s journey to find love, intertwined with the intriguing dynamics of the contestants, ensures a season filled with surprises, drama, and, above all, the quest for true love.


In conclusion, “The Bachelor” Season 28 promises unparalleled drama, diverse personalities, and a quest for true love that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. As you have seen the The Bachelor Season 28 Cast above we can except are remarkable show this season 28. Will Joey Graziadei find his perfect match among the 32 remarkable women? Only time will unveil the twists and turns of this extraordinary journey. Stay tuned for a season filled with love, laughter, and, undoubtedly, a few unexpected surprises.

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