Rom-Com Series: Permanent Roommates Season 3

The highly anticipated series Permanent Roommates Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video is set to premiere soon, leaving fans curious about its streaming date. The series revolves around the romantic journey of Tanya and Mikesh, who were previously in a long-distance relationship. Mikesh’s unexpected visit to India, along with a surprise marriage proposal, triggers a chain of events that ultimately have unexpected ramifications for their relationship.

Release Date18 October 2023
TV ChannelAmazon Prime, ZEE5
GenreRomance, Drama
IMDb Ratings8.6/10
No. of Seasons2
NominationsITA Award for Best Actor (Female) Popular, ITA Award for Best Actor – Male, ITA Award for Best TV Show

Love Is In the Air: Permanent Roommates Season 3 About

In the Permanent Roommates Season 3, Mukesh and Tanya encounter a fresh source of tension as Tanya expresses her desire to relocate abroad to chase her aspirations, while Mukesh is inclined to remain where they are.

Mikesh is content with life, but Tanya feels stuck, mainly due to her career. She suggests moving abroad as a solution, but Mikesh isn’t sure. This decision causes some ups and downs in their relationship. However, they eventually realize that their love and support for each other are more important than anything else.

Get Ready for Laughs and Love: Watch the Permanent Roommates Season 3 Trailer

A pair who maintained a long-distance relationship for a duration of three years are now confronted with the possibility of tying the knot.

Star-Studded Cast of Permanent Roommates Season 3

Official NameCharacter Name
Nidhi SinghTanya
Sumeet VyasMikesh Chaudhary
Shishir SharmaBrijmohan
Sheeba ChaddhaLata
Darshan JariwalaMohanlal Chaudhary
Govardhan AsraniSubhash Chaudhary
Akanksha ThakurRashmi
Maanvi GagrooShivani
Jitendra KumarPathik (Gittu)
Manu Rishi ChadhaDr. Mudit

Ultimate Episode Guide of Permanent Roommates Season 3

The new season of Permanent Roommates season 3 consists of 5 episodes.

Episode 1 | Never Say No | 18 October 2023

Tanya chooses to make a job change that will change her life after all of Mikesh’s pranks on their anniversary fail to cheer her up. Mikesh picks up “The Man” skills in his customary manner.

Episode 2 | Paperwork | 18 October 2023

Mikesh will now do whatever to divert Tanya’s attention from the prospect of their moving overseas after approving her proposal.

Episode 3 | All Is Bad That Ends Bad | 18 October 2023

Tanya takes matters into her own hands after realizing Mikesh won’t be helpful in their preparations to relocate abroad and leaves Mikesh with very little to do.

Episode 4 | Catharsis | 18 October 2023

Lata is interested in learning the real reason behind Mikesh’s list of excuses for staying put in India.

Episode 5 | Goodbyes | 18 October 2023

Lata departs, advising Mikesh and Tanya to address their issues. Mikesh makes amends for all of his wrongdoings up until the very last one.

Reasons To Watch Permanent Roommates Season 3

Following are the best reasons to watch the different rom-com series.

Heartwarming Series

Permanent Roommates, starring Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh, is renowned for its situational humor and sentimental romance. The most recent season of the program aims to continue to entertain audiences with comedy and adventure. Every episode seems like a rollercoaster of emotions because to the enjoyable comedy, witty conversation, and lighthearted moments.

Struggles In Relationship

Permanent Roommates isn’t just about its engaging plot and characters; it also offers valuable lessons on how to navigate life’s hurdles. In Season 3, it subtly portrays the obstacles that Mikesh and Tanya encounter while offering valuable insights and perspectives that can strike a chord with viewers at different points in their own lives.

Captivating Plot

The plot of Season 3 is unique and unpredictable, keeping the audience interested in Mikesh and Tanya’s adventure. The show achieves the perfect harmony between drama and comedy, making for a lovely experience that touches on serious topics while providing plenty of good laughs. The program mirrors how modern couples feel and think about relationships and love.

Fan Comment On Permanent Roommates Season 3

The Ending of Permanent Roommates Season 3

In Season 3, Mikesh attempts to surprise Tanya on their anniversary, but she’s become too familiar with his usual surprises, leading to a sense of monotony in their relationship. Tanya, inspired by a colleague’s opportunity to move to Germany, decides it’s time for a fresh start abroad. However, Mikesh is initially hesitant and seemingly uninterested in the idea.

After a conversation with Brijmohan, Mikesh reluctantly agrees to Tanya’s plan, hoping to confuse her, but this inadvertently excites her even more. His subsequent attempts to deter her by emphasizing the challenges she’ll face also backfire. Meanwhile, Lata arrives to stay with them following Mikesh’s father’s passing.

Amidst his indirect efforts to prevent Tanya from leaving, Mikesh forgets to file the permanent residency application correctly, resulting in rejection. Frustration grows, and Tanya finally urges Mikesh to share his true feelings about moving to Canada. However, Mikesh’s reluctance remains unexplained, leading to a growing emotional distance between them.

Final Verdict

In this captivating romantic tale, we delve into the love story of Tanya and Mikesh. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when Mikesh proposes during a surprise visit to India. Initially hesitant, Tanya eventually succumbs to Mikesh’s unwavering determination. Instead of rushing into marriage, they choose to take the path of cohabitation before making a lifelong commitment to each other.

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