Party Down Cast Members: Ranked

Party Down is an American sitcom in which six Hollywood wannabe actors and writers chase their dreams of stardom. They work for a posh Los Angeles company to afford their life in LA.

The comedy’s second season was abruptly canceled since it was very underrated. Fans were prepared to give up hope after a movie idea didn’t work out, but in 2021, a six-episode order for a revival was granted. According to Adam Scott, the cast of Party Down Season 3 ended filming in March 2022. Fans of the show can anticipate hooking up with their favorite group of disastrous caterers more than ten years.

It’s been a while, and when the original Party Down team returns, it’s unclear how the world will look to them. The Party Down cast was full of funny personalities. However, some had more goofy personalities and some had goofy and erratic personalities. In this article, I have ranked Party Down cast members from worst to best. Read it out to remember small details about your favorite characters. 

Roman DeBeers

Party Down

Roman is one of the grumpiest members of the Party Down team. He wishes to become a writer and is very observant. He often judges his fellow team members and the guests to whom the company caters.

His most unlikeable moments are found during his interactions with the guests. For example, he scolded a woman when she thought fantasy means science fiction. He also criticized Casey’s looks. Besides that, he also gets into heated arguments with his coworkers over weird problems. 

Roman is the worst; he is a disgruntled nerd who acts cynically. It is only appropriate to describe his behavior towards women as “incel-adjacent.” He has a stack of unfinished screenplays and a haughty attitude that frequently blows up in his face. He is the worst cast member in our list of Party Down for a number of additional reasons. Even though he is the worst character but still has a very vital position in the show.


Party Down

Ron was the team leader for the Party Down team but later he leaves and gets a lower-ranked position. He takes his job very seriously and tries to be professional. He also takes his fellow caterers in line during jobs. Ron is a humorous character, yet he exhibits unfavorable traits when things get heated.

Even when his team is performing well, he frequently reprimands them. According to several viewers, the show did a great job of capturing the employment market through his character. He struggles with nervousness and insecurity, which manifests itself in his work and ultimately contributes to his work failure. Ron is unstable and stressed out.

He has a very ambiguous attitude that oscillates between two extremes: “man who makes others profoundly uncomfortable at their own party” and “top-notch customer service.” He is popular for always saying the worst possible things at the worst possible times. Once he almost kicks start a porn career while on the job which shows he has no sense of boundaries. But still, he can be considered the best counterpart to his team. He cares about people around him so much who couldn’t care less about their jobs. 

Lydia Dunfree 

Party Down

Lydia shows up in the Party Down season 2. She is divorced and one of the most cheerful members of the team. Lydia tries to start a career in show business for her daughter. She is also a helpful character which can be seen when she helped Henry with her emotional trauma. 

Similarly, when Kyle was pursuing a woman, she gave him advice and helped him sort out his issues. It shows that she is very kind and rarely shows malice. The audience couldn’t form a strong emotional attachment with Lydia as she didn’t get much time on screen as the other characters. But her performance was hysterical. 

The character can get a little bit boring at times as she is a cliched stage mom but a scene in which she interacted with exhausted Escapade after she was fired as a manager was a treat to watch. 

Kyle Bradway

Party Down

Kyle is an aspiring actor, and model and plays in a band. He isn’t very professional as he crosses boundaries and was seen flirting with the guests on the job multiple times. He isn’t a workaholic at all. But he is everything that his nemesis, Roman is not. 

Kyle is likable, charming, and most importantly great with women. They both think very highly of themselves, and both are intelligent however, they are both a lot less worldly. Their ego is also the same, like Roman Kyle’s ego is also intolerable and gets him into problems. There are also some differences in their characters. Unlike Roman, Kyle doesn’t know any better. 

He has a goofy, Golden Retriever-like quality that makes him lovable more than he should be. He does have his more honorable moments, such as when he chooses to spend time with his coworker Constance over the chance to mingle with a rich jerk. Yet, just as you begin to believe that he has begun to mature, he tosses his head of golden hair and finds himself in difficulty once more. Everyone is excited to see what new adventures he’ll have in Party Down Season 3.

Constance Carmell

Party Down

Constance appears in Season 1 and is a former actress on the Party Down team. She is one of the team’s most positive members, friendly, helpful, and kind. Constance once saved an old man as he fainted during the job. She also assures Henry and comforts him when he is down.

She shares a lot of similarities with Kyle, not just because they have the same haircuts but their personality traits also resemble. Both fully buy into each other’s nonsense. The most prominent scenes in which they were seen goofing around were when they were coaching an audition monologue for the role of a sensitive bad boy and then at another moment when they were preparing cow sounds for a hypothetical live-action “Old MacDonald” film. 

Constance has more to her than first appears, even though she may easily be a one-note character. A Russian mobster who is fascinated by her older, more erotic film work and an elderly producer looking for his next wife, for instance, are just a couple of the men who are fascinated by her in the show. She is also established as something of an unexpected sexual dynamo. Jane Lynch is wonderful as a sassy, brassy broad, but her performance as Constance really brings out her kinder, sillier side.

Casey Klein

Party Down

Casey is a comedian and a member of the Party Down team. She presents several likable qualities, funny, kind, and pleasant. But she was also selfish. Henry was interested in her romantically but she didn’t care about his feelings and interacted with Party Down’s best quest star, Rick Fox.

She is not an oblivious dreamer like Kyle and Constance but she wants to succeed as badly as they do. It breaks her heart every time when she couldn’t grab a big opportunity. Lizzy Caplan has wonderfully drawn the line between sarcastic and vulnerable. She showed only fleeting glimpses of the parts of Casey to the audience that she was afraid to show.

When she was dropped from the movie that was supposed to be her big break, she cried and Henry tried to console her “I know what you’re trying to do. I know you’re trying to help me. Maybe if we were the same kind of crazy, but we’re not. Because if you’re not crazy enough to believe it for you, how are you going to believe it for me?” While Casey is hilarious, annoying, and occasionally gorgeous, she would be little more than a prospective love interest for Henry in a less compelling version of her character.

Henry Pollard

Party Down

On IMDb, Henry is one of Adam Scott’s highest-rated characters. The main character of the show is Henry, a former actor who wants to get back into acting after spending some time with the Party Down team. He felt bad and depressed over his performance failure.

Henry is negative and depressed about his role as a failed performer. He put the dream to pasture, buried it in a shallow, unmarked grave, and doesn’t even bother to pay a visit to its burial site with flowers while the rest of his colleagues struggle mightily to keep their dream alive.

Henry was once a moderately successful actor, but after he appeared in a well-known beer commercial with the tagline “Are we having fun yet?” his career came to an end. Henry is the most emotionally deep and believable of the main characters—aside from Casey—and the most genuine person. Although his cynicism might be annoying, it is also incredibly relatable, especially for anyone who has ever felt their life was going nowhere. 

Wrap Up!

All the characters in the show are widely loved and appreciated. We all waited for the return of the show for a long time. Now with the announcement of the release of Party Down Season 3, we can’t wait to watch our favorite characters back on screen. Let’s wait and watch how much each character has groomed in the past decade. 

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