Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides and Grooms – Meet The New Cast Of MAFS 2024

Step into the enchanting world of love and serendipity as Married at First Sight Australia returns with its much-anticipated 2024 season. This time around, get ready to meet a fascinating array of individuals who are about to embark on an extraordinary journey—Married at First Sight Australia 2024 brides and grooms. As the curtain lifts on Season 11, we dive into the lives of these diverse participants, exploring their dreams, challenges, and the quest for a lifelong connection. Join us in unraveling the captivating tales of romance, vulnerability, and the pursuit of lasting love in this season’s remarkable cast of MAFS 2024.

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides

Andrea, 51, Queensland – The Optimistic Photographer:

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides and Grooms

At the age of 51, Andrea defies societal expectations, proving that age is just a number. A single mother to two adult children, Andrea decided to cut ties with her past after realizing she was being gaslit in her previous relationship. Inspired by the transformative power of “Married at First Sight,” Andrea is earnest, lovable, and trusting, with an optimism that sets the stage for a new chapter in her love life.

Cassandra, 29, Queensland – The Family-Oriented Administrator:


Cassandra, a laughing ray of sunshine, brings an outgoing and bubbly personality to the MAFS 2024 cast. Having experienced the heartbreak of losing her first love, she yearns for a meaningful connection with someone family-oriented and loving. With roots in Tanzania, Cassandra’s open mind and huge heart make her a compelling participant in the experiment.

Eden, 28, Queensland – The Independent Recruitment Manager:

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides and Grooms

Eden, a resilient recruitment manager from the Gold Coast, has built a life she loves. However, her trust issues run deep after her previous relationship ended in betrayal. Fiercely independent and a self-confessed daddy’s girl, Eden is putting her trust in the experts to find a match who is ambitious, generous, and loyal.

Ellie, 32, Queensland – The Resilient Nurse:


One of three sisters, Ellie is ready to start a family of her own after being left heartbroken by her ex-fiancé. Despite her friendly nature, Ellie has faced challenges in love, and now, with a constant need for reassurance, she hopes the experiment will deliver her Mr. Right.

Lauren, 32, Western Australia – The Dynamic PR and Marketing Consultant:


Lauren, with a wickedly dry sense of humor, is set to bring a dynamic energy to the MAFS 2024 cast. With strong opinions and a successful hospitality PR/marketing business, Lauren is looking for someone who can match her level of sarcasm, wit, and banter. Her family, with 40 years of marriage, has set high standards for her ideal relationship.

Lucinda, 43, New South Wales – The Free-Spirited MC and Wedding Celebrant:

Lucinda, the grounded “earth mama,” celebrates life to the fullest. As a modern-day Cupid running a speed-dating company, Lucinda is ready to find a partner to share her life with after dedicating herself to uniting others. At 43, she seeks an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable and explore life’s adventures alongside her.

Natalie, 32, Victoria – The Nerdy Physiotherapist:

Natalie, a bit nerdy and proud of it, brings a caring and devoted nature to the experiment. With a collection of memorabilia dedicated to her Samoyed dog and a penchant for gaming, Natalie is looking for her “Player 2” in the game of life. Open-minded, encouraging, and nurturing, she’s ready to go all in for a lasting love.

Sara, 29, New South Wales – The Independent Nutritionist:

Sara, born and raised in Colombia, is an open communicator with a fiery nature. As an independent Latina woman, she fears her honesty may come off too strong. Disheartened by past failures, Sara hopes the experiment will finally lead her to “the one.”

Tori, 27, Victoria – The Fiercely Independent Business Development Manager:

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 brides and grooms

Tori, a self-proclaimed bulldog, is fiercely independent and seeks an alpha male as her ideal match. Describing herself as high maintenance and a stickler for control, Tori is yearning for someone who can match her intensity and be on the same wavelength in life.

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Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Grooms:

Ben, 39, New South Wales – The Adventurous Tour Guide:

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Grooms

Ben, a former tour guide now navigating the construction industry, craves adventure and excitement. Picky when it comes to a partner, Ben is ready to overcome his fear of settling and find love. Having walked away from relationships in the past, he is seeking stimulation and a connection that goes beyond the ordinary.

Collins, 28, New South Wales – The Quirky Executive Assistant:

Collins, a self-described chatterbox, brings quirkiness and a little bit of awkwardness to the MAFS 2024 cast. With zero dating experience and heartbreak from unrequited love, Collins is ready for the experiment to help him finally break free from the friend zone.

Jack, 34, Queensland – The Charming Personal Trainer:

Jack, a fit and charming personal trainer, identifies as an alpha male seeking a partner who respects his dominance. With high expectations and a structured lifestyle, Jack hopes to find a glamorous, fit, and smiling match who can navigate his affectionate and romantic nature.

Jayden, 26, Queensland – The Disciplined Kickboxer:


Jayden, brother to a previous MAFS participant, is a disciplined professional kickboxer with a busy schedule. Misunderstood as a “bad F boy,” Jayden is ready for someone fit, ambitious, and independent who can break down his emotional walls.

Jonathan, 39, New South Wales – The Adventurous Health Business Owner:


Jonathan, a diverse professional with experiences ranging from infantry soldier to financial adviser, is an adventurer and risk-taker. Having traveled the world for 15 months, he now seeks someone equally motivated and put together to build a life together.

Michael, 34, Victoria – The Handsome and Sassy Salesperson:

Michael, hailing from the United States, is described as handsome, extroverted, and sassy. Struggling with letting his walls down, Michael is sick of the dating scene and ready to settle down with someone tall, dark, and handsome who aligns with his family values.

Richard, 62, New South Wales – The Charismatic Motivational Speaker:

Richard, charismatic and self-assured, has thrived in his professional life. At 62, he faces challenges in the world of love and online dating. Describing himself as young at heart, Richard seeks a woman with a zest for life and undeniable chemistry.

Simon, 39, South Australia – The Honest Marketing Manager:

Simon, who came out as gay after a marriage in his twenties, is ready for a committed relationship. Craving a connection similar to his marriage, Simon, uncomfortable with dating apps, sees MAFS as the perfect fit for finding love.

Tim, 31, Queensland – The Charming Online Business Owner:

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides and Grooms

Tim, a charming surfer with a laid-back demeanor, has enjoyed the dating scene but kept his walls up. The self-proclaimed eternal bachelor is ready to find lasting love and a partner who can match his easygoing lifestyle.

Timothy, 51, Victoria – The Social Business Owner:


Timothy, with the gift of the gab, is social, outgoing, and ready for the next chapter in his life. As a successful business owner, Timothy seeks someone genuinely good, flexible, and fun to join him in his endeavors.

Tristan, 30, New South Wales – The Confident Event Manager:


Tristan, confident, funny, and adventurous, is ready to give romance another chance. As an event manager, he brings excitement and a caring nature to the experiment, hoping to find someone equally loving and adventurous.

Wrapping It All Up!

As the eleventh season of Married at First Sight Australia unfolds, viewers are in for a rollercoaster of emotions, from heartwarming connections to unexpected challenges. The diversity of the cast, spanning ages, professions, and personalities, promises a season filled with surprises and genuine moments of love. The experts have worked their magic once again, and as the brides and grooms say I do to the unknown, Australia waits with bated breath to witness the unfolding love stories of Married at First Sight Australia 2024 brides and grooms.

Intrigued viewers can catch the premiere on Monday, January 29, on Channel 9 and 9Now, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the enthralling journey of Married at First Sight Australia 2024 Brides and Grooms.

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