Is Seth MacFarlane Pushing for Family Guy Cancellation?

For years, Seth MacFarlane has waged a complex battle with Fox, oscillating between frustration and gratitude. Since Family Guy’s debut in 1999, MacFarlane’s relationship with the network has been tumultuous, leading to repeated attempts to get the show canceled.

Mid-Season Replacement Shock

In a surprising move, Family Guy will air as a mid-season replacement for the first time. This change aligns with the end of MacFarlane’s contract with Fox in 2025. As a result, Family Guy will likely transition to a new home, most probably as a streaming-only show on Hulu.

With Fox losing the show, the coveted Sunday night slot will be given to newer animated series like Krapopolis and Universal Basic Guys.

Years of Frustration with Fox

Seth MacFarlane’s frustration with Fox isn’t new. Despite his appreciation for their hands-off approach, MacFarlane has long desired to leave Fox for Disney.

In various interviews, he has acknowledged Fox’s support but criticized the network, especially over its backing of controversial figures like Tucker Carlson. In 2020, MacFarlane publicly denounced Fox and signed a developmental deal with NBCUniversal.

Disney Steps In

Since Disney acquired Fox’s assets in 2019, MacFarlane’s relationship with Fox has further deteriorated. Disney’s ownership excludes the Fox broadcast channel, but MacFarlane has produced multiple Family Guy specials for Hulu, hinting at a shift.

Two Hulu Original specials will now broadcast annually, and new episodes stream on Hulu the day after airing on Fox, subtly undermining the network’s control.

Cancellation Equals Freedom

MacFarlane sees cancellation as a path to freedom. If Fox cancels Family Guy, it would end the existing contract, allowing him to sign a new one with Disney. Despite his frustrations, MacFarlane has maintained the show’s quality, delivering standout episodes like “Bend or Blockbuster” and “80s Guy.”

Ideological Differences

MacFarlane’s admiration for Disney contrasts sharply with his relationship with Fox. He frequently praises Disney’s political stances and is a major donor to liberal causes. Much of his earnings from Fox have supported environmental and conservation efforts, showcasing his ideological alignment with Disney.

A Future with Disney

Hollywood’s real drama often unfolds behind the scenes, and MacFarlane’s journey with Family Guy is no exception. He doesn’t foresee the show ending soon but anticipates its exclusive presence on Disney-owned networks post-2025. This transition aligns perfectly with MacFarlane’s vision, marking a new chapter for Family Guy.

Watch Family Guy on Hulu to witness the ongoing saga of this iconic series as it navigates corporate battles and creative triumphs.

M. Osama Asghar

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