How Many Episodes Does Goosebumps Have?

Halloween is around the corner, and what a great way to enjoy it than by getting some scare and excitement from Goosebumps. The new 2023 version of Goosebumps has already launched its first five episodes all at once, but there are more episodes on the way. Goosebumps comes from books by R.L. Stine and has been made into movies and TV shows. The original ’90s TV show had different stories in each episode, while the new one from Disney tells a continuous story.

The new show will follow five high school students as they don their detective hats and delve into a teenager’s death three decades earlier, in contrast to the original series, which focused on fresh people in each episode.

The new Goosebumps will captivate viewers in a world full of mysteries and suspense, according to Disney+. It revolves around five high school students who go on a dark and complicated quest to uncover the truth about the tragic death of a teenager named Harold Biddle three decades ago. Along the way, they also uncover hidden secrets from their parents’ past.

Overview of Goosebumps Series

Release Date13 October 2023
TV ChannelDisney+, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Adventure
DirectorRob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller

What is the Premiere Date of Goosebumps?

The series is scheduled to debut on Disney+ and Hulu on Friday, October 13, 2023 at 3 a.m. Moreover, the first two episodes of the show will be shown on Freeform as part of their 31 Nights of Halloween lineup on the same date.

The initial five episodes of the series will be available on 13 October 2023, and the remaining five will be released on a weekly basis.

Who is in the Cast of Goosebumps?

Official NameCharacter Name
Zack MorrisIsaiah Howard
Isa BrionesMargot Stokes
Miles McKennaJames
Rachael HarrisNora Parker
Justin LongNathan Bratt
Rob HuebelColin
Rhinnan PayneAllison
Ana Yi PuigIsabella Chen Lopez
Will PriceLucas Parker

How Many Episodes Does Goosebumps Have?

The adventure comedy series consists of 10 episodes.

Episode 1 | Say Cheese and Die! | 13 October 2023

Isaiah is the star quarterback and the popular kid at school, and everything is going well for him. However, when he helps host a Halloween party at the Biddle House, he finds an ancient camera in the basement, and when he starts using it, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 2 | The Haunted Mask | 13 October 2023

At the Halloween party, Isabella finds a mask in the basement. When she puts it on, it gives her a newfound confidence, but things take a turn. Isabella doesn’t have many friends and spends most of her time trolling.

Episode 3 | The Cuckoo Clock of Doom | 13 October 2023

At the Halloween party, James finds himself trapped in a time loop where he is reliving the same night, but he eventually breaks free hand-in-hand with his crush; this fairytale swiftly turns into a nightmare. James badly wants people to like him.

Episode 4 | Go Eat Worms | 13 October 2023

Like his father before him, Lucas aspires to be a daredevil, but his careless antics make people uneasy. At the Halloween party, he finds some worms at the Biddle House and brings them home, but he quickly discovers that they aren’t just typical worms.

Episode 5 | Reader Beware | 13 October 2023

When Margot flips through the pages of an antique scrapbook Mr. Bratt gives her, she is taken on an unexpected trip to 1993. As Margot digs deeper into the book, she discovers secrets that have terrifying consequences.

Episode 6 | Night of the Living Dummy | 20 October 2023

The students move closer to learning the truth about what is haunting Port Lawrence and who might be to blame when Mr. Bratt informs them about Harold Biddle and the history of the house.

Episode 7 | Give Yourself Goosebumps | 27 October 2023

The gang works together to figure out how to leave their new reality, and while doing so, they learn new things about Harold Biddle. Nora decides to take matters into her own hands and travel to her distant cabin.

Episode 8 | You Can’t Scare Me | 3 November 2023

The youngsters race to Nora’s cabin in the real world, where they embark on a perilous trek in an effort to defend Nora from an old friend.

Episode 9 | Night of the Living Dummy: Part 2 | 10 November 2023

The youngsters travel to Seattle to reside with Margot’s mother while Mr. Bratt is close to publishing his narrative, a fictitious account of the true events that took place in Port Lawrence, but he must first find the ideal resolution.

Episode 10 | Welcome to Horrorland | 17 November 2023

As soon as the teenagers return from their journey to Seattle, they understand that Port Lawrence as a whole, as well as their loved ones, are in grave danger. A new evil has taken over the town, and they must work together to defend it.

Watch Goosebumps Trailer

Goosebumps, based on R.L. Stine’s globally popular book series, tells the story of five high school students who go on a mysterious and unsettling adventure to uncover the truth about the tragic death of a teenager named Harold Biddle that happened thirty years ago. Along the way, they also discover hidden secrets from their parents’ history.

Where is Goosebumps 2023 filmed?

The town of Port Lawrence serves as the setting for everything in Goosebumps, yet this is a fictional place. Instead, to bring this story to life, filmmakers used the stunning structures and landscapes seen throughout British Columbia.

Who is Biddle in Goosebumps?

The central character, Harold Biddle, is on a quest to find Slappy the Dummy, an evil doll, with the intention of returning him to his original state. As the story unfolds, Slappy exerts control over Harold’s actions and manipulates him, leading to a series of decisions made by both Slappy and Harold that ultimately result in Harold’s demise in the series.

What Else To Watch On Disney+?

Wrap Up

The new episode of the fantasy comedy series Goosebumps is coming to your screen on Friday 20 October 2023. Don’t forget to miss the opportunity.

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