Behind the Scenes of Midsomer Murders: The All-Star Cast of The Maid in Splendour Episode

Step into the quiet yet mysterious villages of Midsomer, where things are not as peaceful as they seem. Midsomer Murders is a popular Acorn TV crime show that reveals dark secrets and suspenseful mysteries in these seemingly serene places. Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, played by John Nettles, is the main detective dealing with these puzzling crimes. One intriguing episode is The Maid in Splendour, from the seventh series, first shown on January 25, 2004. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the show and highlight the talented Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast who make these captivating mysteries come to life. Join us as we explore the actors behind DCI Barnaby’s crime-solving adventures in this beloved British whodunit.

What is Midsomer Murders series all about?

Midsomer Murders is a detective series that follows Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby as he tackles a series of murders in the fictional English county of Midsomer. Currently led by Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby, the younger cousin of former lead Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, the show features various Sergeants who work alongside the Barnabys, including Sergeant Gavin Troy, Sergeant Dan Scott, Detective Sergeant Ben Jones, Detective Sergeant Charlie Nelson, and Sergeant Jamie Winter.

Where can you watch Midsomer Murders latest season?

Midsomer Murders, adapted from Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby series, has been a longstanding British mystery series. Originally aired on local PBS stations in the early 2000s, it later became available on Netflix, BritBox, and Acorn TV. The show’s 24th season, featuring Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, is ready to debut on Acorn TV on December 4, 2023, with new episodes releasing every Monday through December 25, 2023. Moreover, to access the show, you can watch Acorn TV from anywhere in the world, by following some very simple guidelines.

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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What is the story of Midsomer Murders: The Maid in Splendour?

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Dan Scott are on the case in Midsomer Worthy, investigating the murder of Jamie Cruikshank, a barman at the Maid in Splendour pub. The pub is causing quite a stir as it’s now owned by Stephen Bannerman. Stephen is a local property developer with plans that not everyone agrees with. Stephen’s father, Michael, the original owner, is against turning the pub into a fancy restaurant and disapproves of Stephen’s affair with Bella Monday, the daughter of lifelong friend Audrey. Things take a darker turn when Stephen is also killed, and Barnaby begins to suspect that Cruikshank’s murder might be a case of mistaken identity. Moreover, if you are a fan of crime genre, don’t forget to watch some of the best crime dramas available on Hulu.

Who is in Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast?

The cast of Midsomer Murders: The Maid in Splendour brings the village of Midsomer Worthy to life with their compelling performances. Let’s delve into the talented individuals who play key roles in this intriguing tale of love, deception, and murder.

John NettlesDCI Tom Barnaby
John HopkinsSergeant Dan Scott
Jane WymarkJoyce Barnaby
Laura HowardCully Barnaby
Barry JacksonDr. George Bullard
William GauntMichael Bannerman
Frances TomeltyAudrey Monday
Alan CoxStephen Bannerman
Freddie JonesBenbow
Raymond CoulthardLawrence Haggard
Sophie HunterBella Monday
Dave HillClive Cruickshank
Peter-Hugo DalyWesley
Rachel PowerLorna Bannerman
Leon OckendenJamie Cruickshank
Stephen BeresfordMarcus Poole
Elaine DonnellyMaureen Cruickshank
John SackvilleArchitect

Let’s have a detailed look at the main cast members of this intriguing episode:

1. John Nettles (DCI Tom Barnaby)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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John Nettles is a renowned British actor, celebrated for his leading role in the television series Bergerac from 1981 to 1991. His career spans various TV shows and stage productions, highlighting his versatile acting skills. In Midsomer Murders, Nettles portrayed DCI Tom Barnaby, the methodical and thoughtful detective solving crimes in the English county of Midsomer. His character famous for uncovering dark secrets in idyllic settings. Moreover, he was a central figure in the series from its inception in 1997 until 2011.

2. John Hopkins (Sergeant Dan Scott)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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John Hopkins, often credited as “Hoppy,” is an English actor with roles in Love in a Cold Climate and Family Affairs. He has also appeared in series like Spooks and Casualty. In Midsomer Murders, Hopkins played Sergeant Dan Scott, a city boy who initially struggles with his rural posting. His character, serving as DCI Barnaby’s sergeant, gradually adapts to life in Midsomer, offering a contrasting perspective to the rural mysteries.

3. Jane Wymark (Joyce Barnaby)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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Jane Wymark is an English actress with a rich background in theatre and television. Her roles can be seen in Poldark and The Bass Player and the Blonde. Her stage work includes performances with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In Midsomer Murders, Wymark portrayed Joyce Barnaby, the supportive and patient wife of DCI Tom Barnaby. Her character often finds herself inadvertently entangled in Midsomer’s mysteries, providing a grounding presence for her husband.

4. Laura Howard (Cully Barnaby)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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Laura Howard is famous for her role in Midsomer Murders, alongside appearances in Soldier Soldier and Doctors. She has also been active in theatre, including a performance in The Norman Conquests at the Liverpool Playhouse. Howard played Cully Barnaby in Midsomer Murders, the daughter of Tom and Joyce Barnaby. Her character, an aspiring actress, occasionally becomes involved in her father’s investigations, adding a younger perspective to the series.

5. Barry Jackson (Dr. George Bullard)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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Barry Jackson was a versatile English actor with a career spanning several decades, appearing in series like Doctor Who, Blakes 7, and A Touch of Frost, and films such as Barry Lyndon and Aces High. In Midsomer Murders, he played Dr. George Bullard, Midsomer’s pathologist. His character, a mainstay on the show, provided crucial forensic insights, helping DCI Barnaby solve various cases with his steady and calm demeanor.

6. William Gaunt (Michael Bannerman)

Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast
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William Gaunt is an accomplished British actor popular for his roles in the 1960s series The Champions and the sitcom Next of Kin. He has also appeared in Casualty and The New Avengers. Moreover, he has an extensive stage career, including performances with the National Theatre. In Midsomer Murders, Gaunt appeared as Michael Bannerman in the episode “The Maid in Splendour.” His character, integral to the episode’s plot, adds complexity to the murder mystery unfolding in a local pub.

In conclusion!

With a talented Midsomer Murder Maid in Splendour cast, the show promises a riveting blend of mystery and drama. The intricate plot, coupled with stellar performances, creates an engaging narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As you delve into the world of secret business deals & passionate affairs, each character adds depth to the unfolding story. Now that you’re acquainted with the cast, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating episode. Additionally, gear up for the upcoming season, promising more suspense, twists, and the brilliant detective work of DCI John Barnaby. Your journey into the intricate mysteries of Midsomer is just beginning, and there’s much more to unravel.

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