Bloodlands Season 2 Ending Explained

Bloodlands Season 2 has come to an end, leaving viewers stunned and eager for answers. The dark and intense crime drama has kept us on the edge of our seats since its first season, and this latest installment has been no exception. With its intricate plot, complex characters, and chilling twists, Bloodlands has captured the attention of audiences around the world. 

Bloodlands final episode of season 2 left many questions unanswered, leaving viewers scrambling to understand the shocking conclusion. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Bloodlands final episode and try to make sense of the mysteries that have left us all reeling. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore the shocking conclusion of Bloodlands Season 2.

A Small Recap of Season 2

Bloodlands season 2

Before diving into the ending of season 2 let’s see what happened in Season 2. The focal point of Bloodlands season 2 was the enigmatic widow Olivia Foyle, portrayed by Victoria Smurfit. As DCI Brannick attempts to solve the puzzle left behind by Foyle’s deceased husband, he forms a close relationship with her. While investigating, Brannick discovers corrupt accountants, which leads to a dangerous path that could potentially expose his hidden persona as the killer Goliath.

DS Niamh McGovern, DCS Jackie Twomey, DC ‘Birdy’ Bird, and even Brannick’s daughter Izzy all play a role in the investigation. It forced Brannick to resort to new and drastic measures to conceal his true identity. But what exactly occurred in the Bloodlands final episode? Let’s delve into the details and explore answers to any lingering uncertainties.

Bloodlands Final Episode 

Bloodlands season 2

In the finale of Bloodlands season 2, all parties involved in the investigation conclude that Robert Dardis was responsible for the murder of Colin Foyle. But in reality it was Tom who committed the act. DS Niamh had previously proposed the theory that Dardis and Foyle buried the gold at Dardis’ wife’s grave together, but Dardis turned on Foyle and killed him. 

The detectives believed that Dardis was motivated by the belief that Foyle intended to keep the gold for himself, leading to his decision to murder Foyle. At this point, no one had yet suspected Tom’s involvement in the crime.

During a visit to Foyle’s property, DC Birdy’s body was discovered in a barn, leaving DS Niamh devastated. DCS Jackie Twomey uncovers a clump of Olivia’s hair on Birdy’s body, which must have been planted by Tom to shift the blame onto her. The connection between Tom and Birdy’s death sets the stage for a potential plotline in a future season.

Meanwhile, Ryan Savage kidnaps Izzy, demanding the return of the gold in exchange for her safe release. In an effort to retrieve their daughter, Tom and Olivia comply and give Ryan the gold. Although Izzy is relieved to be reunited with her father, she now knows of his corrupt actions and that he is secretly involved with Olivia. As the gold is handed over and Izzy is safely in her father’s arms, an explosion goes off. It is later revealed that Tom rigged the bags with explosives, causing Ryan to be injured in the blast.

What happened to Ryan and Olivia?

Bloodlands season 2

After realizing that Ryan is still alive, Tom seizes one of the gold bars. He uses it to brutally beat Ryan while Izzy watches in horror. Despite surviving the explosion, Ryan dies from the attack and is left in a pool of blood. Olivia, frightened by Tom’s violent outburst, attempts to grab his phone. Ryan had warned her that it was crucial for her son’s safety. However, the phone is destroyed, and she is unable to make contact with Ryan’s associates. 

Desperate and panicked, Olivia reaches for a gun and points it at Tom, claiming that she no longer needs him. In a shocking turn of events, Izzy takes action and grabs the gun, shooting and killing Olivia on the spot.

Does Niamh know that Tom killed Robert Dardis?

It is not entirely certain if DS Niamh is aware of Tom’s involvement in Robert Dardis’ murder. But she certainly has her doubts about him. When Niamh mentions to Tom that an eyewitness saw Robert Dardis in a vehicle with an unknown driver on the night he was killed, Tom becomes visibly agitated.

He urges the officers in charge of investigating the lead to send him the image immediately. However, the picture ends up being left on Tom’s desk. PC Judith Kenny comes across it and realizes that Tom is the unidentified driver.

PC Judith Kenny discreetly forwards the image to DS Niamh. She has not yet revealed any indication of her awareness that Tom is responsible for Robert Dardis’ murder. Despite her suspicions of Tom’s involvement in the past, Niamh has had no concrete evidence to support her suspicions.

Now armed with a solid lead, Niamh is seen tracking Tom’s phone. She was heading toward his location in the final scenes of the episode. It is unclear if she intends to confront Tom over what she has discovered. Given the dangerous situation, she may be walking into a big danger. Niamh could be at risk of meeting a similar fate to those who have crossed paths with Tom in the past.

Bloodlands Season 2 Finale Reviews

Here are some of the Bloodlands finale reviews:

Taking to Twitter, one person fumed: “Disappointed with the final episode of Bloodlands. I really thought we’d get a good ending this time around. It would’ve been better as a 90-minute finale.”

Echoing their comments, someone else said: “Unsure about the finale of Bloodlands. You’d think I’d learn not to waste my time with predictable endings…”

While a third added: “The Bloodlands finale has me screaming at my TV! What in the world…”

According to Decider, “Season 2 of Bloodlands layers even more intrigue onto what’s generally a straightforward, unfussy detective drama, with James Nesbitt’s raw anger leading the way.”

Bloodlands finale reviews shows fans had ambivalent views about the ending of the season 2.

Will there be a season 3 of Bloodlands?

At the moment, the BBC has not officially announced a renewal for a third season of Bloodlands. However, it is evident that many viewers are eager to see a continuation of the story. It could address some of the lingering questions from the season 2 finale.

If the BBC does greenlight a third season, it is plausible that it could be released in 2023 or 2024. The first season premiered in February 2021 and the second season was commissioned just a month later in March 2021. Fans are hoping for a similar timeline for the potential third season. Everyone eagerly anticipates an official announcement from the BBC soon.


How many episodes of Bloodlands Season 2 are available?

Season 1 of Bloodlands had 4 episodes and season 2 had 6 episodes.

When is Bloodlands on air for season 3?

Season 3 is expected to soon embark on your screens. We will update you about the release date and where to watch season 3.

Where is Bloodlands filmed?

Bloodlands primarily features outdoor scenes filmed in the grassy area surrounding Strangford Lough, located in County Down in Northern Ireland.

Wrap Up!

Bloodlands finale episode left audiences with a bittersweet taste in their mouths. While the mystery surrounding Tom Brannick as a criminal is still unresolved, the loss of characters and the devastating aftermath of their actions still lingered. The season was a haunting exploration of guilt, grief, and the cyclical nature of violence in Northern Ireland. It left viewers with a greater understanding of the complex history and ongoing struggles of the region.

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