Reason Why American Horror Story Should Have Ended With Season 4

In the world of horror television, few series have ascended to the heights of American Horror Story of FXX. American Horror Story is always appreciated for its innovative narratives, multifaceted characters, and haunting aesthetics, the show emerged as a cultural phenomenon. We will discover why some fans believe that American Horror Story should have ended with season 4.

Its initial seasons, particularly the fourth, Freak Show, were met with both critical acclaim and fan adoration. However, as all great epics sometimes face, the series experienced ebbs and flows in its reception in the subsequent seasons. This article delves into the complexities of the show’s evolution, unraveling the magic that once was and investigating the challenges the later seasons encountered. From character arcs to narrative decisions, we explore the journey of American Horror Story, aiming to understand the shift from its early brilliance.

The Departure From Brilliance: Unraveling American Horror Story’s Subsequent Seasons

American Horror Story, a series that broke the conventions of modern television horror, thrived on its unpredictable plot twists, diverse settings, and rich character development during its first four seasons. The show’s creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, didn’t just present horror; they blended it with profound human emotions, relationships, and societal issues.

This alchemy of themes produced a concoction that was both spine-chilling and deeply resonant with its viewers. Yet, after ‘Freak Show,’ many fans and critics alike felt the series lost its essence, with narratives that seemed forced and characters that lacked the depth and complexity showcased in the earlier seasons.

American Horror Story Should Have Ended With Season 4- Revisiting AHS Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show wasn’t just another season; it was a masterclass in storytelling, capturing the essence of societal outcasts and their internal and external battles. The town of Jupiter, Florida, with its picturesque surroundings juxtaposed with the macabre events within the freak show, offered a poignant reflection on the human condition.

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

Elsa Mars, as portrayed by the stellar Jessica Lange, wasn’t just a character; she embodied the desires, dreams, and desperations of many. Her intricate character, alongside the chilling terror induced by Twisty the clown, made this season unforgettable. While John Carroll Lynch’s Twisty brought forth raw horror, it was the undertones of societal rejection and the desperate need for acceptance that made him a character viewers could not easily forget.

The Fifth Season Of American Horror Story: The Lady Gaga Conundrum

The fifth season, ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ was marked by the star power of Lady Gaga. While her inclusion in the cast brought a fresh dynamism and her portrayal of Elizabeth “the Countess” Johnson was widely acclaimed, the season faced a storytelling crisis.

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

The intricate web of stories, which began focusing on the chilling hotel and the mysterious investigation led by Detective John Lowe, gradually became too Gaga-centric. This shift to Gaga’s character’s multifaceted history, while intriguing, often overshadowed the core narrative, making the overall experience less cohesive for audiences.

Aesthetic Over Substance: The Shift In Narrative Focus In American Horror Story

Season six, “Roanoke,” delved deep into the unsolved mystery surrounding the enigmatic disappearance of the Roanoke Colony during the late 16th century. With the promise of performances from Hollywood bigwigs and the sensational return of Lady Gaga, audiences had set high expectations for this installment. The creators took a bold step by incorporating a meta-narrative style that married reality-TV tropes with the quintessential eerie atmospherics of the series.

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

This innovative fusion, involving mockumentary formats coupled with dramatic reenactments, was undeniably a novel approach. However, this complex narrative stratagem, while visually arresting, occasionally muddled the plotlines. The season sometimes seemed to champion aesthetic appeal at the expense of cohesive storytelling.

The Powerhouse Quartet And The American Horror Story Legacy

The dynamic ensemble of Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe is often heralded as the lustrous heart of American Horror Story during its most acclaimed seasons. The quartet’s unparalleled prowess and seamless on-screen camaraderie transformed even the most avant-garde scenarios into heart-tugging narratives.

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

Their performances, brimming with emotional depth and technical finesse, became the gold standard for thespians worldwide. It wasn’t just their individual talents but their combined force that metamorphosed regular episodes into theatrical masterpieces.

Murphy’s Expanding Horizon And Its Implications In American Horror Story

Following the meteoric rise and unparalleled acclaim of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy ventured beyond the horizons of horror. He showcased his storytelling versatility with the creation of gripping dramas like “American Crime Story” and the poignant “Pose.”

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

These series, while shows to Murphy’s narrative genius, might have inadvertently shifted focus from his horror magnum opus. Engrossed in these new ventures, there’s a possibility that the raw, unbridled essence that marked the earlier seasons of American Horror Story got somewhat diluted in its subsequent iterations.

Is This American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 Can Be The End Of The AHS Series

The anticipation surrounding American Horror Story Delicate Season 12 is visible. Given the title’s contemplative tone, “Delicate,” one cannot help but wonder if this season signifies the curtain call for the long-standing horror anthology. The evolution of American Horror Story from its inception has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, storytelling prowess, and unforgettable characters. The earlier assertion that the show should have concluded after its fourth installment, “Freak Show,” made a case for preserving its originality and brilliance.

American Horror Story' Should Have Ended With Season 4

However, with the advent of “Delicate,” speculations are rife. Will this be the season that bids adieu to the myriad tales of horror, or is it merely another chapter leading to a new dawn for the series? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain; the twelfth season promises to be an emotional, thrilling, and possibly, a fitting tribute to the legacy of American Horror Story.

Final Thoughts!

In the grand tapestry of television narratives, American Horror Story carved a niche for itself with its unique blend of macabre storytelling and compelling character arcs, peaking magnificently in its fourth season, Freak Show. The unprecedented success and artistic brilliance of the early seasons set a high watermark that later installments struggled to reach. As we have discussed in the article that why American Horror Story should have ended with Season 4, you have gotten the clear idea.

While the series continued to explore new themes and push boundaries, it couldn’t quite recapture the magic and cohesiveness of its initial chapters. ‘Freak Show’ not only provided closure to key characters but also encapsulated the thematic essence of the series, making it a fitting and poetic conclusion to a show that redefined horror on television. In retrospect, allowing ‘American Horror Story’ to bow out on such a high note would have solidified its legacy, leaving audiences with the lingering taste of its unparalleled storytelling zenith.

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