All dishes from Next Level Chef Finale: Best to worse

The Next Level Chef finale was a culinary extravaganza of epic proportions. The brightest culinary stars of the country were competing for the coveted title. And the pressure was on to create dishes that would leave the judges and audiences speechless. From savory to sweet, the competitors brought their A-game and presented an array of dishes that left everyone’s taste buds tingling with excitement. 

But as in any competition, there must be a winner and a loser. If you are wondering who won Next Level Chef, keep reading the article. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at all the dishes made by Next Level Chef finalists, ranking them from best to worst. And find out what made each dish stand out. So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds and join me on a journey through the culinary world of the show’s finale.

Pyet’s Rack of Lamb with Fingerling Potatoes and Green Beans

Next Level Chef Finale

Pyet took the biggest risk with the biggest reward by cooking a rack of lamb in just 28 minutes. The judges were full of praise for the dish and admiration for Pyet’s abilities. Chef Ramsay declared the lamb “unctuous and so refined,” and Chef Nyesha said the dish was “singing musical notes on my palate…my soul is very happy.”

Still wondering, who won Next Level Chef? As Chef Ramsay predicted, the lamb was worth a quarter of a million dollars. And Pyet’s impressive empanadas solidified their status as the winner of Next Level Chef. 

Pyet’s Sweet Potato and Pork Empanadas with Avocado Salsa

Next Level Chef Finale

Pyet made history as the first to cook pastry on Next Level Chef, completing a set of perfectly cooked empanadas in just 27 minutes. Chef Nyesha described this as “so impressive, d**n near impossible,” leaving some to question the authenticity of the cooking show.

Although the judges wanted a bit more creaminess from the avocado, they agreed that the dish was stunning. And that it had excellent flavors and good texture. Chef Nyesha noted that Pyet truly transformed the ingredient and created something out of nothing.

Reuel’s Pan-seared Cod with Pea Soubise and Summer Vegetables

Next Level Chef Finale

Reuel chose to make cod during the seafood round, and his choice paid off when Chef Ramsay declared it the “best fish course.” The fish was perfectly cooked and the flavors of the vegetables shone through.

However, Reuel’s rush to complete the dish resulted in the vegetables having a “frozen vegetable section vibe,” as Chef Blais described. And Chef Nyesha reminded Reuel that this wasn’t a competition for who could cook the fastest.

Mariah’s Chicken Lollipops with Aleppo Pepper Glaze

Next Level Chef Finale

Mariah’s decision to make chicken lollipops was a wise choice. It allowed her to concentrate on flavors and the sauce, instead of spending too much time cooking the chicken. Chef Blais praised Mariah for elevating everyday food, calling the sauce “the tastiest thing I tasted today.”

Although there were no negative comments from the judges, Mariah’s dish wasn’t as adventurous or daring as the other competitors’. It was successful in its own right but didn’t make as big of a statement.

Reuel’s Ribcap With Pomme Souffles

Next Level Chef Finale

Reuel put everything on the line with his final dish, using all 42 minutes of his time and getting the first pick of ingredients to make his ideal dish. He chose to showcase his favorite cut of meat, the rib cap, and went all out by making potato souffle, a dish that could inspire others. 

The judges were highly impressed, with Chef Blais calling the presentation “modern art”, and Chef Ramsay complimented Reuel’s bravery and passion, saying the souffle reminded him of Reuel. However, Reuel struggled with the souffle, only managing to make one, causing him to neglect other aspects of his dish. This resulted in the rib cap being cooked unevenly, with some slices being undercooked.

Mariah’s Pan-roasted Snapper With Saffron Broth

Next Level Chef Finale

Mariah shone in the seafood challenge, taking a risk by preparing a broth in just 34 minutes. This gamble paid off, as Gordon Ramsay praised her dish: “The fish is perfectly cooked. I was worried the broth would be lackluster, but it’s delicious and fragrant.”

Overall, the fish was expertly cooked, and the broth was a hit. However, Chef Blais had concerns about the dish’s overall concept. He stated that the fish and garnish would have been better paired with a mustard sauce instead of the broth.

Mariah’s Herb-crusted Filet Mignon With Potato Fondant

Next Level Chef Finale

For her final dish, Mariah decided to prepare a classic, giving her the opportunity to refine her flavors. The dish consisted of a rich dark rum mushroom sauce that received high praise from the judges. It also had an herb-crusted filet that Chef Nyesha raved about, saying “The flavors are fantastic. The herbs are just popping on my palate.”

Despite her culinary success, Maria faced challenges with time management in the Next Level Chef Finale. Having used up a considerable amount of time in the previous two rounds, Mariah only had 28 minutes to complete her final dish which Chef Ramsay deemed as “slightly lackluster.” This was partly due to the dish’s lack of daring compared to the other competitors, and partly due to undercooked potatoes.

Pyet’s Pan-Seared Sea Bass With Sweet Potato Puree

Next Level Chef Finale

Pyet became one of the most popular Next Level Chef Finalists for crafting unique dishes and food combinations that have left the judges astounded. This particular dish was no exception. Chef Blais was skeptical, commenting, “Sweet potatoes and fish don’t usually work,” which caused concern among Pyet and the audience. However, he quickly added, “Usually,” highlighting the exceptional quality of her puree.

Despite her triumph with this dish, Pyet encountered difficulties during the fish round. She accidentally burned the chili oil, and its absence was greatly missed by the judges. Chef Nyesha said that the dish was “very compartmentalized and did not have a sort of theme or vision.” With that Pyet’s sea bass became one of the weakest dishes of the Next Level Chef finale.

Reuel’s Steamed Little Neck Clams With Chorizo And Curry Cream

Next Level Chef Finale

Ruel approached the time constraints of the finale with a sense of urgency, utilizing every moment efficiently and conserving as much time as he could for his final dish. This led to him whipping up a pleasing dish in just 16 minutes, an achievement that earned him the nickname of “Superman in the kitchen.” This remark could be considered one of Gordon Ramsay’s most memorable quotes.

Despite the impressive speed at which he was able to complete the dish, the judges were unimpressed with its lack of boldness. Chef Blais said, “It’s an easy dish to cook,” and labeled it the last place dish of the appetizer. “It was a little too safe,” Chef Nyesha added. 

Wrap Up

The ranking of these dishes made by Next Level Chef finalists provides valuable insight into what makes a dish stand out and serves as a useful guide for aspiring chefs and food lovers alike. With such a high level of talent and creativity on display, the future of the culinary world looks bright and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Next Level Chef’s next season.

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