Return To Amish Season 6 Finale Recap

Return to Amish is a reality TV show on TLC that has gained popularity due to its unique portrayal of the Amish community and their way of life. The show follows a group of Amish people as they navigate their way through the modern world after leaving their strict Amish communities. The season 6 finale of the show, which aired recently, has left viewers on the edge of their seats with its dramatic twists and turns. In this article, we will provide a recap of the finale and all the major events that took place.

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Maureen and Rosanna had to make a decision about whether or not to remain in the Amish community. Maureen wanted to leave because of her feelings for Daniel, and he offered to return to being Amish if she found the English world unappealing after a year. The girls were worried about losing their relationship with their parents and being shunned. Eventually, they chose to leave the Amish, and while Rosanna’s family was open to visiting, Maureen’s parents were not accepting of her decision. However, she found support from Ada and Danny, who considered themselves her family. Jethro and Sabrina are also working on their relationship, but their friends are still wary of Jethro after he left during their trip to Florida.


Following their departure from the Amish community, Rosanna and Maureen decide to undergo English makeovers. Rosanna seeks advice from her friend Claudia, who introduces her to friends who offer to assist with hair, makeup, and clothing. Meanwhile, Maureen turns to her Grandma Ada for help, despite Ada feeling like she is betraying Maureen’s mother.

Maureen feels uncomfortable while shopping for dresses as she has been wearing the same long dress and bonnet for the past nineteen years. Additionally, her weight insecurities stem from being teased in school. Despite trying on a few dresses that are too short, she manages to find a dress that she and Ada can agree on, although it is very expensive. They then head to the salon for hair and makeup, where Maureen feels beautiful for the first time. Rosanna is also having a great time getting her hair curled and letting it down, although she struggles with walking in heels. A dinner is planned to show off their new looks.

What about Everyone Else?

Jethro and Sabrina take their children to the zoo where Jethro suggests that they get married at a similar place. Their relationship is improving, and Jethro is discussing the possibility of marriage, but it will take some time to overcome the pain they have experienced. At the moment, they are grateful for the good moments they are experiencing.

As for Carmela and Jeremiah, he feels complete after discovering his biological family, which has led to discussions about them starting a family of their own. Although they both have children, totaling seven, they have not had any children together, despite previous attempts.

During dinner, Rosanna stuns everyone with her new and impressive appearance, followed by Maureen, who had been anxious to see Danny’s reaction to her transformation. He drops to one knee and proposes to her, fulfilling her desires.

Next Season Soon


Overall, the season 6 finale of Return to Amish was filled with drama, heartbreak, and new beginnings. The cast members faced some of the toughest challenges yet and their strength and resilience in the face of adversity was truly inspiring. The show has once again given us a glimpse into the complexities of the Amish community and their struggles with the modern world. We can only hope that there will be more seasons of Return to Amish in the future, so we can continue to follow the cast members on their journeys.

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