‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2 Ending Explained

The latest episode of Power Book II: Ghost’s second season was broadcasted on Sunday, February 6th, with an intense conclusion. The ninth episode had revealed some significant revelations, such as Mecca being an infamous drug cartel informant. Monet Tejada asked Mecca to deliver the fatal blow, her husband, Lorenzo Tejada. Meanwhile, Effie seemed to have eliminated Tariq’s other girlfriend, Lauren, in order to have him all to herself.

The season finale preview prompted many questions about the final episode: did Brayden betray Tariq on the stand, is Lauren dead, and who was Dru Tejada aiming his gun at? These questions have been answered, but if you haven’t seen the Ghost season two finale, avoid reading further.

Tariq’s Trial Went Fine?

In the season finale of Power Book II: Ghost, viewers finally got some answers to their burning questions. Brayden Weston took the stand in place of his sick brother Trace Weston during Tariq’s murder trial but did not betray Tariq, instead confessing to selling drugs on campus and revealing their drug empire Course Correct. Consequently, Tariq’s case was dismissed and the murder of Professor Reynolds became a cold case.

Lauren’s death

Later in the episode, it was revealed that Tariq’s girlfriend Lauren Baldwin had died in what was described as a car accident. Her body was found with a bag full of cash, which was likely staged by Effie, who was given Lauren by Brayden after Tariq had asked him to keep her safe and out of town. 

Cane Tejada, who ordered the hit on Lauren, asked Brayden if everything had been handled, and the Weston student confirmed that it had. With Effie now in control, Tariq will undoubtedly discover that Brayden and Effie were behind Lauren’s setup.

Who Killed Mecca?

The finale of Ghost season two did not disappoint. In episode nine, Monet requested Mecca to kill her husband Lorenzo, but in the final episode, Mecca decided that Cane should be the one to do the deed to prove his loyalty after finding out Cane had robbed his stash.

Things got complicated when Monet asked Tariq to act as a decoy to help Cane kill his father while she killed Mecca. Lorenzo found out about the plan and decided to be the one to take the shot at Mecca. Dru and Diana were also involved in the plan, carrying decoy and real bags, respectively, to trap Mecca’s henchmen into a violent shootout.

Dru was held at gunpoint by BSK gunmen who worked for Mecca after meeting his boyfriend Everette. Cane jumped in and saved Dru after a brawl, and Dru aimed his gun at the last remaining BSK member when Cane stopped him and put the assailant in the trunk, telling Dru not to do it there.

As the tension reached its climax in the Ghost season 2 finale, viewers were left gripping the edge of their seats. The scene was set, Mecca was in his penthouse, making a final call and telling his associates that his cover was blown. Monet, his only trusted ally, was aware of this and called Tariq to the penthouse with the real bag.

As Tariq arrived, he had a gun in his hand, while Mecca loaded his gun, waiting to shoot him. It was a standoff between the two. In a split second, Monet aimed her gun and shot Mecca in the head, saving Tariq from certain death. Tariq and Monet quickly wiped the cameras and left the building.

An Accident

Meanwhile, Lorenzo was also on a warpath, determined to find and kill Mecca. He believed that he saw Mecca exiting his Porsche and boarding his private jet. Lorenzo fired four rounds at ‘Mecca’, only to discover that he had shot Zeke, who was driving the car gifted to him by Mecca. It was a tragic twist of fate.

As Monet returned home with Mecca’s bag, presumed to contain bank accounts loaded with cash for Monet, Zeke, Cane, Dru, and Diana, she received a devastating phone call. The NYPD called her with the heartbreaking news that Zeke had passed away. It was a bittersweet ending to the season, with the main characters’ lives forever changed.

Final Words!

The season finale of Power Book II: Ghost season two was a rollercoaster ride of action, suspense, and shocking twists. As tensions reached their boiling point, it seemed like everyone was out for blood and no one was safe.

 In a tragic turn of events, Lorenzo mistakenly shot Zeke, who was driving Mecca’s Porsche. The shock of losing Zeke left Monet reeling, and fans can only imagine what kind of revenge she’ll seek in the upcoming season.

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