Best Action Series on Peacock in 2022

Peacock has some really great action movie selections that will appeal to your inner adrenaline junkie if you’re in the mood for them. Peacock may not be the industry’s oldest streaming service, but it has a sizable library of content, including a ton of films, TV shows, and other media. That’s a far cry from its debut when The Office was the most notable thing about it and it replaced Netflix as the show’s home. Here are the top 10 action series available to stream right now on Peacock. Before it’s too late, keep an eye on them all.

The Blacklist

Even the toughest outlaws on earth find it terrifying to see their name listed on the FBI website as a top-wanted fugitive. The “10 Most Wanted List” in the United States is headed by Red Reddington. He appears to be a strange man, though, who can turn anyone around at any time. After the sweaty search, the criminal voluntarily turns himself into the FBI. He promises to release a list of the most wanted drug smugglers and their activities in an effort to avoid prosecution. Elizabeth Keen, a new FBI agent, however, is picky about who she works with. One of the top shows on Peacock is The Blacklist.

  • Creator: Jon Bokenkamp, Taylor Martin, Kelli Johnson
  • IMDb Rating:  8.0/10
  • Director: Michael W. Watkins, Andrew McCarthy
  • Stars: Diego Klattenhoff, Megan Boone, James Spader

Law & Order: Organized Crime

Meloni has started planning a crime as a result of the tragic loss. But in order to triumph, he will need to adjust to the modern criminal justice system, which has changed while he was away. Fans will enjoy Elliot’s new life and support his new task force throughout the entire series. Following the March 31, 2020 release of the 13th episode, the show has become a huge success.

  • Creator: Ilene Chaiken, Matt Olmstead, Dick Wolf
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
  • Director: Fred Berner
  • Stars:  Tamara Taylor, Danielle Moné Truitt, Christopher Meloni

Dr Death

This work of fiction is based on the eerie true account of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, an infamous neurosurgeon in the Texas medical community who provided the idea for a well-liked podcast. After starting a successful neurosurgery practice, everything abruptly changes when Dr. Duntsch starts dismembering his patients, killing two of them, and leaving others with permanent disabilities while they undergo complicated but routine spinal surgeries. As his victims multiplied, Michelle Shughart, a Dallas prosecutor, and two additional doctors set out now to stop him. His surgical colleagues, however, are adamant that he refrain from practising malpractice. They are adamant about getting his medical licence suspended.

  • Creator: Patrick Macmanus
  • IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  • Director: So Yong Kim
  • Stars: Grace Gummer, Joshua Jackson, Christian Slater

The Purge

In the first season’s dystopian America of 2027, all citizens are given the opportunity to “purge” during a 12-hour period when all crimes, including murder and rape, are made legal and all disaster response services are shut down. This method of controlling crime is used to keep the country free of crime. This series should be watched first. In a city in a reimagined America, a group of people who seem unrelated come into contact. As time runs out, some people will fight, others will hide, and still others will accept and embrace what something means to purge, whether it’s done for retaliation, gain for themselves, safety, or pure glee. The characters soon learn how far they’ll go on the “Purge Night” as they are each forced to reflect on their pasts and devise plans to improve their futures.

  • Creator: James DeMonaco
  • IMDb Rating: 6.5
  • Director: Gerard McMurray
  • Stars: William Baldwin, Fiona Durif

Knight Rider

On Peacock TV, you can watch the vintage American TV show Knight Rider. IMDB gave this series a 6.9 rating, which is adequate. A sci-fi television show, this is also action-packed and adventurous. You won’t ever get bored because there are 4 seasons and 91 episodes. Michael Knight is indeed a man with a mission, as evidenced by this Peacock TV series. Wilton Knight, a self-made billionaire, hires Michael to serve as the head field agent for his Knight Foundation’s public justice organization, which includes creating KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a supercharged, smart, Trans-Am-based vehicle. Michael is assisted in his fight against injustice by KITT, a talking, bulletproof, and fireproof vehicle that can travel at 300 miles per hour.

  • Creator: Glen A. Larson
  • IMDb Rating: 6.9
  • Director: Glen A. Larson
  • Stars: David Hasselhoff, Patricia McPherson

Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D., a spin-off of Chicago Fire, centres on the fictitious 21st District, which is home to patrol officers. The show initially focuses on both the patrol and intelligence officers in the first three seasons and the first half of season four, but after both Officer Kevin Atwater and Officer Kim Burgess had also advanced to the intelligence unit, the focus of the show shifts to the intelligence unit. Anyone can relate to their feelings and highlight the transcendent view of society. According to this Peacock TV, District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is composed of uniformed police officers who patrol the beat and deal with street crimes are made up of two distinct groups, while the intelligence unit is made up of a team that handles the city’s most serious crimes, including organised crime, narcotics trafficking, and high-profile murders. Sgt. Hank is in charge of the intelligence unit. Voight is a man who is not opposed to breaking the law in the name of justice.

  • Creator: Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead
  • IMDb Rating: 8
  • Director: Eriq La Salle
  • Stars: Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee, marina

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

A popular animated adventure show called Jojo’s Bizarre is currently airing on Peacock TV. Action, adventure, and humor are properly balanced. There is a family in Jojo’s bizarre adventure who must battle supernatural adversaries. In this television show, supernatural machinery is involved. Additionally, this television program will transport you to the anime universe, where you will experience a complete culture shock. The action in animated movies is more entertaining than that in regular movies because it is pure love. This animated television program is entertaining. 

  • Creator: Hirohiko Araki
  • IMDb Rating: 5.8
  • Director: Naokatsu Tsuda
  • Stars: Kenjura Tsuda

The Legend of Wyatt Earp

The astoundingly top Peacock TV show is Wyatt Earp: The Life and Legend. There are 6 seasons and 229 episodes in this show. It has a 7.6 out of 10 IMDB rating. The old Sheriff Whitney reportedly urged Wyatt Earp to accept his position as the sheriff of Ellsworth, Kansas, even though he had gone buffalo hunting and intended to settle down on a cattle ranch. Young Bat Masterson is bailed out by Earp, who also gets back the money he lost in a dubious poker game and chases the bad guys out of town, but he declines to take over as sheriff. When Bill Thompson, an alcoholic, kills the deputy in cold blood, Earp steps in to take over, but a dishonest court throws him and Bat in jail. They are forced to resign when the editor of the local daily threatens to tell the governor about the judge and the dishonest sheriff’s actions. After being forced to shoot three of the Thompson men, Earp makes the decision to become sheriff after all.

  • Creator: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan John Dunkel Daniel B. Ullman
  • IMDb Rating: 7.6
  • Director: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan John Dunkel Daniel B. Ullman 
  • Stars: Hugh O’Brian Mason Alan Dinehart Douglas Fowley

La Brea

A family is split between two worlds when a huge sinkhole appears in the middle of Los Angeles. Together with a group of strangers seeking answers about their location and how to return home, the mother and son accidentally fall into an unexplainable prehistoric land. The father is the person left above, who is an unlikely candidate to help solve the mystery and bring the family back together due to his troubled past and hallucinations. The daughter is the person who barely survives the disaster. However, time will be the only obstacle when he realizes that his visions might just hold the key to helping them locate their loved ones.

  • Creator:  David Appelbaum
  • IMDb Rating: 5.7
  • Stars: Natalie Zea · Eoin Macken · Chiké Okonkwo; Karina Logue; Zyra Gorecki; Jack Martin; Veronica St. Clair; Rohan Mirchandaney; Lily Santiago 

Wild West Chronicles

This brand-new docudrama series, which chronicles the wild stories, and obscure tales, including front headlines of the Wild West, features fearless vigilantes and ruthless outlaws once more on the move. With first-person accounts of the most infamous Western incidents from the characters who experienced them, Wild West Chronicles clears up any misconceptions. The experience of surviving and thriving in the American West is shown to viewers.

  • IMDb Rating: 8.8
  • Stars: Abel, Joey Heyworth; Ellie, Jessica Lynn Parsons; Deputy Joe Mason, Matthew Arnett; Frank McLaury, Matthew Arnett.

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