Where to watch ‘Burning Patience’ from anywhere

A well-known novel inspired the Chilean movie Burning Patience, also known as Ardiente Paciencia. It is the first Chilean movie produced on Netflix. It will recount the tale of a young postman who enlists Pablo Neruda’s literary talents to help him win over his sweetheart. You can watch Burning Patience on December 7, 2022, on Netflix. Boris Quercia is the director of the film.

What is the release date of Burning Patience?

The movie Burning Patience is set to release on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

Where to watch Burning Patience online?

The Chilean movie Burning Patience will premiere on Netflix on December 7, 2022.

What is the plot of Burning Patience?

Mario, a young fisherman with poetry aspirations, is the main character in this love story. As a result, when he takes on the role of Pablo Neruda’s mailman, he plunges into a world of metaphors and poetry to win over Beatriz, the woman of his dreams, in addition to realising his dream of becoming a writer.

Burning Patience’s official trailer

The official trailer is available to watch on Netflix.

What’s the cast of Burning Patience?

The cast of Burning Patience includes:

  • Andrew Bargsted (Mario)
  • Katy Cabezas (Elena)
  • Vivianne Dietz (Beatriz)
  • Claudio Arredondo (Neruda)
  • Pablo Macaya (Jorge)

Previous Adaptations of Burning Patience

The Netflix adaptation must fill some giant shoes. Michael Radford’s adaptation of the story in 1996 received five Academy Award nominations, including best picture, actor, director, and best-adapted screenplay. Luis Bacalov won the Oscar for best music.

What else to watch on Netflix?


Where to watch Burning Patience?

Burning Patience will premiere on Netflix on December 7, 2022.

What is the runtime of Burning Patience?

Burning Patience has a runtime of 1h 30m.

Who is the director of Burning Patience?

Boris Quercia is the director of Burning Patience.

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