How to Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

Unlocking a vast library of exciting movies and gripping TV shows is one of the many wonders Netflix has brought into our lives. However, we can imagine the disappointment when you stumble upon the dreaded Netflix Error Code NSES-404, denying you access to the content you crave.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through some simple steps to fix the Netflix Error Code NSES-404 and regain access to a treasure of movies, series, and documentaries that await your eyes. Let’s get started!

What is Netflix Error Code NSES-404?

The Netflix Error Code NSES-404 appears when your search criteria fail to produce the desired results. It’s Netflix’s way of saying that the content you seek is unavailable within your current location. In other words, the code rears its head when the title you yearn to watch is unavailable in your country’s Netflix library.

When this error occurs, a message pops up on your screen, stating:

“Lost your Way? Sorry, we can’t find that page. You’ll find lots to explore on the home page.”

Netflix Error Code NSES-404

This mostly happens when users attempt to access Netflix through desktops or laptops while using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to stream video content from another country. So, if your VPN connection falters or is not properly linked to the streaming giant, the Netflix Error Code NSES-404 page becomes an unwelcome companion.

To overcome this hurdle, Netflix advises clicking on the home page button located in the center of the error page. This action will redirect you to your country’s login page, where you can attempt to log in using your credentials to see if the issue stems from the specific content library you were trying to access.

Fortunately, there is a solution that unlocks the gates to a seamless Netflix streaming experience: utilizing a reliable VPN. Opting for the best VPNs can become your ultimate remedy for combating the NSES-404 error.

Fixing Netflix Error Code NSES-404 with VPN

Free VPN services, unfortunately, fall short when it comes to accessing Netflix content. But you can safely pass over this hurdle when you install a robust VPN, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Once you’ve installed a VPN on your Windows or Mac, a world of possibilities awaits. But before diving headfirst into the virtual world, verifying the availability of your desired Netflix content is essential.

VPN Netflix Error Code NSES-404

In simpler terms, you’ll need to ascertain the country where the movie, web series, or documentary you wish to watch is accessible. With this information, connect your VPN to a server in that country, and then reload the Netflix page. Voila! This time, you’ll encounter no obstacles or restrictions.

A top-notch VPN can cloak your current IP address and furnish you with a virtual IP address, granting you access to unblock all Netflix content, including gems like Titanic, from anywhere in the world.

Changing Server Location to Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404

Suppose you’re living in the US but want to access content on Netflix UK or NZ, how can a VPN help you with that? You can change your server location through the VPN to the UK. If your VPN does a good job of hiding your location, Netflix won’t be able to figure out you’ve changed it.

However, with low-quality VPNs, that’s often not the case. Firstly, they only allow you to change your location to a handful of countries. So, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to switch your IP address to a country with your desired content.

Secondly, their lack of compatibility with Netflix is an issue. These VPNs may not have the necessary infrastructure or technology to bypass Netflix’s restrictions and effectively unblock content. As a result, even if you connect to a VPN server in the desired country, you may still encounter Netflix Error Code NSES-404 and be unable to access the content you desire.

Lastly, subpar VPNs may experience frequent connection drops, slow speeds, or unreliable server connections. This can lead to frustrating interruptions, buffering issues, and a compromised streaming experience overall. This may also hint to Netflix regarding your changed server location.

Thus, the best way to fix Netflix Error Code NSES-404 is to invest in a strong VPN! Whether you want to indulge in love or war series, true crimes, spooky content, or car shows, nothing can stop you from enjoying all your beloved content from anywhere in the world.


Why do I keep getting an error code on Netflix?

If you keep receiving an error code on Netflix, there’s a high possibility some connectivity issues are hindering your device from reaching Netflix.

How do I bypass Netflix’s VPN error?

Upgrade your VPN service to resolve a Netflix VPN error. Ensure you clear cookies and caches, and switch VPN servers frequently to avoid detection. You may also consider blocking IPv6 on your PC for a smoother streaming experience.

How to Bypass Netflix VPN detection?

You can easily bypass Netflix’s VPN detection by choosing a high-quality VPN that can protect your information well.


With that, we bring our guide to fixing the Netflix Error Code NSES-404 to a close. Armed with the understanding of this perplexing error and the strategies to overcome it, you’re now equipped to unlock a world of seamless streaming on Netflix.

By opting for a premium VPN service, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you can transcend the limitations of geolocation and access the content you crave, regardless of your physical location. This top-tier VPN provides the necessary infrastructure and compatibility to dodge the complexities of Netflix’s restrictions. Thus, opening up an abundance of hidden gems and exclusive shows.

Remember, checking the availability of your desired content is a crucial step in your streaming journey. All you have to do is connect to the appropriate VPN server and plunge into a smooth and uninterrupted experience, free from the clutches of the NSES-404 error code.

Happy Error-Less Streaming!

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