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10 Times Max Mayfield Stole The Show In Stranger Things

In a world where supernatural creatures and parallel dimensions exist, one character in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things never fails to steal the spotlight – Max Mayfield. From her introduction in Season 2 as the new kid in Hawkins, Indiana, to her pivotal role in the latest season, Max’s fierce personality and unwavering loyalty have won over the hearts of fans worldwide. 

In this article, I’ll take a deep dive into 10 times Max Mayfield stole the show in Stranger Things, showcasing her bravery, intelligence, and unwavering spirit. Get ready to join me on a journey through the Upside Down and beyond, as I celebrate one of the most captivating characters in the Stranger Things universe.

First appearance in Season 2

Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield quickly became an incredible character, stealing scenes even before her first appearance on screen. In Stranger Things‘ second season start, both Lucas and Dustin were frustrated by an unknown player named MADMAX who kept breaking their high scores record at the arcade. But once they discovered that MADMAX was a girl their age, they were impressed. 

While all the members of the group were eager to get to know Max and welcome her into their circle, there was a character, Mike who was hesitant. He felt like the boys were trying to give her the place of Eleven. Nonetheless, Max’s presence proved to be a game-changer for the gang, bringing a new level of courage and determination to their battles against the Upside Down.

The Driving Scene

Max Mayfield

Max became one of the significant members of the group especially after she drove the car. After Steve and Billy’s fight, Steve was left unable to drive. Max also stepped up. Despite Steve’s initial panic upon waking up to find Max behind the wheel, Max remained focused on the task at hand. She was only twelve years old.

Though not the most skilled driver, Max managed to get the team out of that difficult situation more or less in one piece. Steve kept on screaming during the ride. This memorable scene showcased Max’s bravery and quick thinking, solidifying her role as an essential member of the Stranger Things crew.

Dance with Lucas

Max Mayfield

In season two, both Dustin and Lucas found themselves drawn to Max. It lead to some playful teasing from her about their prominent obsession with her. Though she first called Lucas a stalker, Max eventually developed a close bond with him, culminating in a heartwarming moment at the SnowBall. As they swayed to the music alongside Mike and Eleven, and Nancy and Dustin, the group forgot the hardships of the season, losing themselves in the joy of the moment. 

In a surprising twist, it was Max who initiated a kiss with Lucas. She also revealed that her feelings for him went beyond mere friendship. This touching scene showcased the depth of Max’s character, highlighting her ability to bring joy and love to those around her.

Max Mayfield stood up against Billy

Max Mayfield

At the end of season two, Max demonstrated that she was a true force to be reckoned with. When her abusive stepbrother, Billy, picked a fight with her new friends, Max refused to stand idly by. After Billy beat Steve within an inch of his life, Max intervened, injecting Billy with a sedative and threatening him with Steve’s nail-enhanced baseball bat. In a powerful display of strength and courage, Max stood up to her stepbrother, proving that she was more than capable of protecting those she cared about. 

Surprisingly, Billy was impressed by his little sister’s bravery, agreeing to back off and leave her friends alone. This unforgettable moment solidified Max’s status as a true badass, showcasing her unwavering loyalty and fearlessness in the face of danger.

She helped Eleven

Max Mayfield

Despite a rocky start, Max and Eleven’s relationship flourished in season three. When Mike began lying to Eleven, Max stepped in to show her a good time without the boys. Taking her to the mall, the two girls danced to Madonna’s Material Girl, tried on clothes, took photos, ate ice cream, and even played pranks on some mean girls. 

Through their adventures, Max provided Eleven with a rare opportunity to experience the joys of being a typical teenage girl, allowing her to let loose and have fun. This heartwarming moment showcased the power of female friendship and the importance of having positive role models in our lives.

She supported Eleven

Max Mayfield

From the beginning, Max and Mike had a bit of a rivalry, which continued into season three. As Max tried to help Eleven become her own person and build a life outside of Mike’s control, tensions between the two only grew. When Eleven wanted to use her powers to track down the Mindflayer, Mike insisted that it was too dangerous.

However, Max encouraged Eleven to explore her limits and gain control over her powers on her own terms. Though both Max and Mike had their flaws in this situation, seeing Max stand up for the only other girl in the young teen’s group was a refreshing change of pace. This moment highlighted Max’s unwavering support for her friends and her commitment to empowering those around her.

Billy’s death in Max Mayfield’s arms

Max Mayfield

There’s no denying that Billy Hargrove was a terrible person. He was violent, abusive towards Max, and displayed racist behavior towards Lucas. However, as Billy dies in Max’s arms, viewers couldn’t help but feel immense sympathy for her.

Sadie Sink’s brilliant performance made it clear that Max was grieving the loss of a family member, despite Billy’s previous actions. In that moment, every audience member could empathize with Max’s pain and imagined themselves in her shoes. This powerful scene showcased Sink’s incredible acting skills and the emotional depth she brought to the character of Max, making her a beloved and relatable figure in the series.

Her escape from Vecna

Max Mayfield

In a highly-anticipated scene from season four, Max manages to achieve what Fred and Chrissy couldn’t: escape from Vecna’s clutches. With the gang playing her favorite song, Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, Max is reminded of all the good things she has to live for.

As she envisions her happy moments with Lucas and the rest of the gang, Max summons the strength to overpower Vecna and make a run for the light. Fans were left on the edge of their seats as Max sprinted through the blood-soaked hellscape, desperately trying to make it back to reality. This powerful scene showcases Max’s resilience and determination, as well as the unwavering bond between her and the rest of the gang.

Max Mayfield pouring her heart out in front of Lucas

Max Mayfield

Amidst the chaos and danger, Max found solace in Lucas’s unwavering support during her darkest times. Despite her initial reluctance to let him in, Lucas never gave up on their friendship and made it clear he was there for her no matter what.

In the season finale, as they faced the looming threat of Vecna, Max and Lucas shared a heartfelt moment that rekindled their bond. Max expressed her gratitude for Lucas’s unwavering loyalty and even agreed to go on a date with him once the dust had settled. Fans of the show couldn’t help but root for this beloved duo and hope that they would finally get their chance at a romantic relationship.

She presented herself as a bait

Max Mayfield

Max demonstrates immense bravery and selflessness in Stranger Things when she offers herself as bait to Vecna. She sets aside her fear and lures the powerful enemy, allowing her friends to gain an advantage in their fight. 

However, the plan doesn’t go smoothly, and Max falls victim to Vecna’s deadly grasp. In a heartbreaking and terrifying scene, the audience watches Max endure excruciating pain, knowing that she is about to die. Despite this, Eleven manages to bring her back, and Max’s bravery and sacrifice prove crucial in defeating the ultimate evil.

Wrap Up!

As we’ve seen, Max Mayfield is not just another character in Stranger Things. She’s a fierce and independent young girl who has grown into a valued member of the gang. From her fearless and selfless actions to her relatable teenage struggles, Max Mayfield has captured our hearts and proved time and time again why she’s a standout character. As we eagerly anticipate the release of the upcoming season, one thing is for sure: we can’t wait to see what other epic moments and surprises Max Mayfield has in store for us.

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