10 Best Reality TV Shows on NBC to Indulge in 2023

As we delve further into the new year, it’s time to take a break from the usual mundane routine and immerse ourselves in some of the best reality TV shows that NBC has to offer. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the genre or just looking for some mindless entertainment, NBC has a wide range of reality shows to satisfy your cravings. 

From singing competitions to cooking shows and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be entertained by the 10 best reality TV shows on NBC to watch in 2023.

She’s the Boss (2021) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateFebruary 25, 2021
CastNicole Walters, Krissy Walters, Eddie Bernardez Josh Walters, and Ally Walters.
Episodes 6
IMDb Rating8.0/10

Experience the heartwarming journey of Nicole Walters and her husband as they embark on a mission to transform the lives of three sisters in need. This gripping reality series follows the couple as they navigate the challenges of balancing a marketing empire with the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

Join Nicole, the savvy entrepreneur, as she fearlessly takes on the world of business, all while managing the daily chaos of a bustling household with the help of her devoted husband Josh. Together, they form a modern-day family that is complete with their three adopted daughters and Eddie, Nicole’s trusted executive assistant, and best friend. 

The Voice: Season 23 (2023) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateMarch 6, 2023
CastKelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton.
Episodes 7-10
IMDb Rating6.5/10

Get ready to experience the ultimate showdown of America’s most talented undiscovered singers on The Voice, the highly acclaimed reality show that has captured the hearts of millions. Joining forces with four of the biggest names in the music industry, these aspiring singers will compete in teams as they strive to become the next superstar Voice.

Led by musical icons Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Chance the Rapper, and the beloved Blake Shelton’s final season, the coaches will playfully battle against each other while providing expert mentorship and guidance to their teams of talented singers.

Top Chef (2006) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateMarch 8, 2006
CastTom Colicchio (Head Judge), Padma Lakshmi (Host), and Gail Simmons (Judge).
Episodes 12
IMDb Rating7.7/10

Enter the high-stakes world of culinary artistry on Top Chef, the thrilling reality competition show that pits the best chefs in the country against each other in intense culinary challenges. With each episode, the heat is turned up as one or more contestants are eliminated by a panel of renowned food and wine experts.

Watch the most talented and promising chefs in the industry battle it out to create the most exquisite and innovative dishes. Their ultimate goal? To earn the coveted title of “Top Chef America” and secure their place in the culinary world’s hall of fame.

Game Face (2017) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateAugust 22, 2017
CastRoisin Conaty, Damien Molony, Caroline Ginty, and Karl Theobald.
Episodes 12
IMDb Rating7.7/10

It is the spinoff of Syfy’s beloved makeup artists competition series, “Face Off.” The show features former “Face Off” all-stars pitting their skills against each other in head-to-head battles. The contestants compete in multiple challenges with several reveals and eliminations leading up to a grand prize winner.

During each episode, four artists must race against the clock to complete three unique challenges. At the end of each challenge, one competitor is sent packing. After three rounds, the artist left standing is crowned the winner and takes home a $10,000 prize.

Below Deck (2013)

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateJuly 1, 2013
CastKate Chastain, Eddie Lucas, Ben Robinson, and Rachel Hargrove.
Episodes 10
IMDb Rating7.5/10

This reality series follows a group of young yachties who work aboard privately owned yachts that are longer than 100 feet. The luxurious vessels serve as their homes while they cater to the ever-changing demands of their high-maintenance clients. The yachties share a passion for their job, which takes them to some of the most breathtaking locations around the globe.

Each episode showcases a different group of passengers, ranging from millionaires to party-loving friends, as they embark on a marine adventure. The yachties live by the “work hard, play harder” mentality, granting them exclusive access to exotic perks that few people ever get to experience.

That’s My Jam (2021) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateNovember 29, 2021
CastJimmy Fallon (Host). Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, and John Legend (Guests).
Episodes 7
IMDb Rating7.3/10

Jimmy Fallon is the host of this reality show featuring well-known celebrities. The show focuses on music and dance-themed games where the stars compete in a five-round contest that is full of unforgettable and humorous moments.

Celebrity guests are presented with a variety of challenges every week, such as Air Guitar, Perfect Mash-Up, Slay It, Don’t Spray It, and more. The aim is to win cash prizes for their chosen charities. The challenges are diverse and provide a platform for celebrities to showcase their talents and skills, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the show.

Team Ninja Warrior (2016) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateJanuary 19, 2016
CastMatt Iseman (host), Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (co-host), and Alex Curry (sideline reporter).
Episodes 8
IMDb Rating7.0/10

Ninja, previously known as Team Ninja Warrior, is a spin-off of the popular American Ninja Warrior series and an American reality TV show that centers around obstacle racing team competition. The show features alumni from ANW competing in teams of three against each other, with the victorious team earning a cash prize. 

The contestants must navigate through insane obstacles, running, jumping, crawling, climbing, hanging, and swinging, all to become the next Team Ninja champion.

Botched (2014) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateJune 24, 2014
CastTerry Dubrow and Paul Nassif (Plastic Surgeons).
Episodes 8
IMDb Rating6.8/10

This reality TV show features patients who have had cosmetic surgery procedures that didn’t go according to plan. In the event of a botched surgery, patients turn to renowned plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for assistance. The surgeons work to reverse the damages caused by the original procedure, and each episode follows a patient’s journey through the process of correcting the failed operation.

From complex procedures to the intensive recovery process, viewers get an inside look at what it takes to correct a botched surgery. The hour-long episodes culminate in the reveal of the patient’s successful transformation, showcasing the skills and expertise of these highly skilled surgeons. Viewers get a glimpse into the high-stakes world of cosmetic surgery and the impact it has on patients.

Summer House (2017) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateJanuary 9, 2017
CastKyle Cooke, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, and Ciara Miller 
Episodes 10
IMDb Rating6.0/10

This reality TV series follows a group of nine affluent friends from New York City who escape to the beach town of Montauk on the easternmost point of Long Island. During America’s unofficial summer season, between Memorial Day and Labour Day, the group shares a house on weekends to get away from the stresses of their city lives.

The show offers a glimpse into the exclusive, high-end lifestyle of young professionals as they indulge in boozy brunches, attend charity galas, and host bonfires. Drama-filled romances and personal challenges also play out against the backdrop of their summer playground.

The Radkes (2019) 

Best reality TV Shows on NBC
Release DateJune 4, 2019
CastMelissa Radke, David Radke, Rocco Radke, Remi Radke.
Episodes 6
IMDb Rating6.0/10

This reality TV series follows the life of Melissa Radke, a social media sensation known for her vibrant personality. Melissa is an author, public speaker, vlogger, podcaster, and singer who resides in Lufkin, a small town in East Texas, with her husband, David, and their two children, Remi and Rocco.

Viewers get an inside look into Melissa’s world as she balances her busy career and family life in a small-town setting. Her humorous and relatable approach to everyday challenges, combined with her Southern charm and wit, make for an entertaining and heartwarming viewing experience. 

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, NBC has an incredible lineup of reality TV shows to keep viewers entertained in 2023. Whether you are looking for heartwarming stories, fierce competition, or a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous, there is something for everyone. Each show offers a unique and captivating viewing experience. So grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and tune in to these 10 best reality TV shows on NBC to watch in 2023. With so many incredible shows to choose from, you won’t want to miss a moment of excitement!

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