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Where to watch ‘Wrapped Up in Love’ from anywhere

Christmas is celebrated worldwide! It is full of joy, love, and enthusiasm. Viewers search for Christmas-related content that brings back happy memories of growing up with friends and family and makes them feel warm and fuzzy in order to appreciate this event more. Brittany Bristow and Olivier Renaud will play the main roles in the new Lifetime movie Wrapped Up in Love. Ben, the “Christmas King,” challenges the “Christmas Queen,” Ashley, because he shares her enthusiasm for the holiday. On December 18, 2022, Lifetime will premiere the romantic comedy Wrapped Up in Love. Read on to find out how and where you can watch Wrapped Up in Love from anywhere in the world.

Quick Steps: Watch Wrapped Up in Love from anywhere

Follow these simple steps to watch

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install ExpressVPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US [Reccommended server : New York]

  4. Login to Lifetime

  5. Enjoy watching your favorite content on Lifetime

What is the release date of Wrapped Up in Love?

On December 18, 2022, Lifetime will air the upcoming original film “Wrapped Up in Love”

Where to watch Wrapped Up in Love online?

The movie will premiere on the streaming platform Lifetime on December 18, 2022.

What is the plot of Wrapped Up in Love Guide?

To say that Ashley Mackenzie is the “Christmas Queen” of her hometown is an understatement. She enjoys the holiday season immensely, to the point where she even hosted the town’s annual ugly Christmas sweater competition until she met Ben Williams. Ben, the new, devilishly attractive boy in town, shares her passion for Christmas, and is slowly but surely beginning to overshadow her. But just when Ashley thinks Ben is robbing her of Christmas, she is reminded of the genuine spirit of the season and teams up with him to make this Christmas even more special. Stars British linguist Brittany Bristow and French actor Olivier Renaud (2022).

Wrapped Up in Love Official Trailer

The trailer of Wrapped Up in Love is not available yet.

What’s the cast of Wrapped Up in Love?

Here is the complete list of Wrapped Up in Love Cast.

  • Brittany Bristow 
  • Olivier Renaud
  • Connie Wang
  • Derick Agyemang
  • Christine Donato
  • Art Hindle
  • Tara Joshi
  • Aniko Kaszas
  • Nancy Palk
  • Arcade Riley
  • Mia SwamiNathan
  • Matt Wells
  •  Jonathan Whittaker are just some of the actors featured in Wrapped Up in Love.

What are some early reactions and comments about Wrapped Up in Love?

Here are the audience’s early comments and reactions about Wrapped Up in Love.


Which genre does this film belong to?

The genres of this film include comedy, romance, and drama.

Which language is the movie available in?

The movie is available in English Language.


Ashley has long had the title of “Christmas Queen.” Up until she meets Ben, the dashing new guy in town who shares her enthusiasm for the holiday season. They band together to add additional meaning to the holiday season. Just how can we sum this up? If you want to know how the love tale ends, you’ll have to see the film. 

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