10 Best Black Lifetime Movies Of All Times

Diversity is vital, and if you want to challenge preconceived notions and are interested in seeing films that support underrepresented groups in society, then don’t worry; I’ll give you a list of the top 10 black lifetime movies of all time that will leave you with pride.

Are you ready to binge-watch the 10 best black lifetime movies, then scroll down and have a look at one of the best movies on lifetime.

Betty And Coretta (2013)

black lifetime movies
DirectorYes Simoneau
writerShem Bitterman, Ron Hutchinson
Release DateFebruary 2, 2013
GenreBiography, Drama
CastAngela Bassett, Tyler Hynes, Mary J. Blige, Gloria Reuben, Malik Yoba
Character NamesCoretta Scot King, Mikke Fitzpatrick, Dr, Betty Shahbaz, Martin Luther King, Myrlie Evers
Famous DialoguesYour husband did something important, he showed us that life could be beautiful
IMDb Rating6.3/10
Shooting LocationMontreal, Qubec, Canada

Dr. Betty Shahbaz and Coretta Scott King, the wives of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X, became friends after their deaths and served as role models for millions of people by dedicating all of their strength and energy to the civil rights movement. It helped people and demonstrated the dignity and the will of these women.

Robin Robert Presents: Mahalia (2021)

black lifetime movies
Director Kenny Leon
WriterBettina Gilois, Todd Kreidler
Release dateApril 3, 2021
GenreBiography, Drama, Music
CastDanielle Brooks, Marci T. House
Character NamesMahalia Jackson, Aunt Duke
Famous DialoguesMy God Jackson stepped into the magic circle.
IMDb rating7.3/10
Shooting Location British Columbia

Mahalia Jackson was a significant gospel performer who got her start at a young age. She was one of the best vocalists and appeared at various civil rights movement marches. She raises her voice for people, she used her talent and position fullest to make the world a better place for living.

The Simone Biles Story: Courage to soar (2018)

black lifetime movies
Director Vanessa Parise
WriterKelly Fullerton
Release dateFebruary 3, 2018
GenreBiography, Drama, sport
CastJeante Godlock, Tim Beckmann, Raven Bowens
Character NamesSimone Biles, Mr. Andrews, Adria Biles 
Famous DialoguesHow long has she been taking gymnastics? She hasn’t
IMDb rating6.4/10
Shooting Location Vancouver, Bristish Columbia, Canada

Simon Biles is a hard-working woman who gave up proms, football games, parties, and other activities to achieve her goal of becoming an Olympic gymnast champion. She demonstrated that winning requires losing something.

The Clark sisters: First ladies of gospel (2020)

black lifetime movies
Director Christine Swanson
WriterSylvia L. Jones, Camille Tucker
Release dateApril 11, 2020
CastAunjaune Ellis, Angela Birchett, Raven Goodwin, Christina Bell, Shelea Fraizer, Kierra Sheard.
Character NamesDr. Mattie Moss- Clark, Jacky Clark-Chisholm, Denise Clark-Bradford, Elbernita Clark, Dorinda Clark Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard
Famous DialoguesAll we ever did was what you wanted us to do, did you ever ask what we wanted?
IMDb rating7.3/10
Shooting Location Toronto, Canada

The Clark sisters belong to a humble and grounded family, but with high spirits and passion, and with the support of their mother they started their singing career and became one of the highest-paid Gospel singers in history. Their mother directed the way no one else can do. She was a mentor, leader, and the best guide.

Color of love (2021)

Director Don McBrearty
WriterTamara Bass
Release dateApril 4, 2021
GenreDrama, Family
CastDeborah Joy, Michael Brown, Sarah Abbott, peter
Character NamesMonica, Theo, Rachel, Leo Orgil
Famous DialoguesWe’re not done fighting
IMDb rating7.3/10
Shooting Location Bracebridge, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Monica was a foster parent and a single mother who decided to adopt children. And she didn’t care about color or gender. She believes love is love and that everyone should be respected. However, the world, people didn’t agree because her children were white and she was black, she faced many obstacles. Despite all the challenges, she never gave up and battled them all.

For one night (2006)

black lifetime movies
Director Ernest R. Dickerson
WriterDenitria Harris-Lawerence
Release dateFebruary 6, 2006
GenreDrama, Romance
CastRaven-Symone, Aisha Tyler, Sam Jones 3
Character NamesBrianna McCallister, Desiree Howard, Brandon Williams
Famous DialoguesWhen I am an old lady and I look at my prom pictures I don’t want to see anybody’s face missing from them.
IMDb rating6.3/10
Shooting Location New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Tyler County school used to have separate proms for blacks and whites, but The incident of both wanting the same DJ for their prom caused a haul between races. This incident pushed Brianna and Desiree to raise their voice and present the idea of having only one prom with no segregation against any race.

A day late and one dollar short (2014)

black lifetime movies
Director Stephen Tolkin
WriterShernold Edwards, Terry McMillan
Release dateApril 19, 2014
CastWhoopi Goldberg, Ving Rhames, Kimberly Elise
Character NamesViola, Cecil, Janelle
Famous DialoguesSometimes there is no second chance
IMDb rating6.9/10
Shooting Location USA

After learning that she has limited time left because of her deteriorating health, Viola decides to fix her broken family. She struggles to fulfill her last wish as her family is unaware and headstrong.  

The trip to bountiful (2014)

black lifetime movies
Director Michael Wilson
WriterHorton Foote
Release dateMarch 8, 2014
CastCicely Tyson, Blair Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Keke Palmer
Character NamesMrs. Watts, Jessie Mae Watts, Ludie Watts, Thelma
Famous DialoguesStanding on the porch of my own house is more than enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life. 
IMDb rating7.0/10
Shooting Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Carrie Watts was an old woman who used to live with her son and daughter-in-law. She felt alone and captive as they both were busy and used to neglect her. Mrs. Watt wanted to visit her hometown bountiful and for that, she escaped from her son during her journey and became friends with a woman named Thelma.

Salt-n-pepa (2021)

black lifetime movies
Director Mario Van Peebles
WriterAbdul Williams
Release dateJanuary 23, 2021
GenreDrama, Music
CastMario Van Peebles, Mandela Van Peebles, Jennifer Hui
Character NamesPastor, Sweet tooth, Hurby’s Girlfriend
Famous DialoguesWe got a record deal!
IMDb rating6.1/10
Shooting Location Toronto, Ontario, canada

Nursing students James and Sandra unintentionally entered the world of music and later started pursuing their passion for Hip Hop.  the world was completely unknown to them but, both the girls filled all the boxes and make successful careers.

Steel magnolias (2012)

black lifetime movies
Director Kenny Leon
WriterSally Robinson, Robert Harling
Release dateOctober 7, 2012
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
CastAlfre Woodard, Queen Latifah, Condola Rashad, Phylicia Rashad, Adepero Oduye
Character NamesOuiser, M’Lynn, Shelby, Clairee, Annelle
Famous DialoguesI would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful time than a lifetime of nothing special.
IMDb rating5.4/10
Shooting Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Five women who struggle and face their daily lives find a way to unwind. All five became friends at a salon and made it their habit to visit the salon together and discuss their issues, nails, hair, and everything that makes them feel relaxed and stress-free. This friendship helped them to look at the bigger picture and helped them break through all the tension.

Wrap up!

Congrats! You have made it to the last. These were the 10 best-rated black lifetime movies of all time featuring various artists and a variety of genres that will certainly give you the lessons of life and will lift your mood. Lifetime movies provide great variety without any delay start binge-watching and enjoy your day.

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