Reasons Why The New Boston Strangler Is Way Better

The infamous Boston Strangler case of the 1960s is well-known for its brutal murders and the killer’s ability to evade authorities for years. However, a new wave of discussion has emerged, claiming that a modern-day Boston Strangler is even better than the original. The reasons for this claim are varied and controversial, but they have sparked a heated debate among true-crime enthusiasts and researchers alike. In this essay, we will explore the reasons why some people believe the new Boston Strangler on Hulu is way better than the original.

Loretta, Journalist, Tracked by New Boston Strangler

The updated version of the movie, 2023 Boston Strangler, improves upon the 1968 version by focusing on Loretta as the main character. Loretta McLaughlin, a journalist for Boston Record American, is dissatisfied with writing for the lifestyle desk in Boston Strangler. In contrast, Bottomly, the protagonist of the original, is not explored much beyond being an investigator, which makes it difficult for the audience to form an emotional attachment to him. As a result, the 1968 version emphasizes the crime aspect of the film and has a fragmented, dark, and unsettling tone similar to Italian Giallo horror movies.

 However, the 2023 Boston Strangler portrays Loretta as a multifaceted character, enhancing the film’s narrative. She stumbles upon a series of murders of elderly women, who are strangled with a bow across their throats. Due to her gender, Loretta is deemed unsuitable for the homicide investigation. However, with the assistance of Jean Cole, a seasoned reporter, Loretta gains access to the investigation. She soon realizes the danger this puts her in.

Multiple Killers Exposed by New Boston Strangler

The utilization of DNA evidence in the Alber DeSalvo case proved to be instrumental in linking him to one of the murders. Nonetheless, the other twelve remained unsolved. Despite the lack of conclusive proof, there were suspicions among those investigating the crimes that several individuals may have committed the murders. With the advantage of time and technological advancements, the theory of the existence of multiple Boston Stranglers is explored in the 2023 Boston Strangler, which brings to light the disturbing truth that many men used the infamous Boston Strangler as a guise to commit heinous crimes against women.

The conclusion of the Boston Strangler speaks to the feminist themes that persist today, as it showcases the collective effort of men to enable and conceal violence against women. Although the evidence is inconclusive, the implications of the Boston Strangler’s crimes go beyond Albert DeSalvo’s culpability. By unearthing that there were multiple culprits using the Boston Strangler as a cover, the story depicts the dangerous consequences of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Overall, the Boston Strangler’s story offers a realistic portrayal of the atrocities committed by the individual(s) responsible for the crimes.

2023 Boston Strangler Shifts Focus from Crime Depiction

In 1968, the movie adaptation of The Boston Strangler depicted the crimes in a way that many anticipated would be repeated in the 2023 adaptation. However, with so much true crime content out there, the feminist approach taken by the 2023 version is a refreshing change. The vast time difference between these two films becomes very evident upon watching both. The Boston Strangler from 1968 uses controversial and outdated terminology that can be distressing and potentially triggering for female viewers. The film even features scenes of sexual assault, including one showing a woman’s bare breast. Although the true nature of the Boston Strangler’s crimes was gruesome, the 2023 adaptation chooses not to dwell too much on the killing spree that terrorized Boston in the 60s.

Unlike the 1968 crime drama, the narrative focus of the 2023 Boston Strangler is not solely on depicting scenes of women being brutally murdered. Instead, there is a conscious decision to shift the emphasis on exploring the character of Albert DeSalvo, portrayed by Tony Curtis. This fresh approach offers a more nuanced interpretation of the events and delves deeper into the psychology of the individual committing these gruesome acts. Overall, it’s a positive development that the 2023 adaptation has opted for a more feminist take on the Boston Strangler case, while providing a gripping and thought-provoking storyline.

New Boston Strangler Condemns 1960s Sexism

In the movie Boston Strangler, the female characters face vulnerable situations while trying to perform their jobs. One example is when Loretta visits a suspect’s home, and she is led deep into his dimly lit house before deciding to escape. This situation makes Loretta realize the danger she put herself and her family in, serving as a wake-up call. The film also sheds light on the sexism present in 60s culture, from the male-dominated world of journalism to the hazardous environment for women. This theme creates a cohesive viewing experience and contrasts the fragmented feel of the predecessor. As it highlights the inequality in women’s status in the 1960s, Boston Strangler resonates with present-day audiences as these issues still exist.

2023 Boston Strangler Addresses 1968’s Problematic Discourse

The Boston Strangler released in 1968, illustrates how Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler, ultimately confesses to his crimes after realizing the existence of his suppressed self. The film portrays him as two different individuals, one being a loving family man, and the other being a cold-blooded murder. However, due to the movie’s release shortly after his real-life confession, it’s safe to assume the notion of mental illness was not well understood at the time. Thus, the depiction of DeSalvo’s character in the movie lacked accuracy, and the audience was left with an unrealistic portrayal.


In conclusion, the notion that the new Boston Strangler is way better than the original is a provocative and controversial topic. While some people argue that the modern-day killer’s methods are more efficient and sophisticated than those of the original Strangler, others point out that the technological advancements of today make it easier for law enforcement to catch such criminals. Ultimately, whether the new Boston Strangler is truly “better” than the original is a matter of perspective and personal opinion. However, it is clear that the legacy of the Boston Strangler case continues to captivate and fascinate true-crime enthusiasts around the world.

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