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Must Watch Hulu New Releases for March 2023

Entertainment seekers, get ready and brace yourselves as we all are ready to enter a new month full of entertainment. Hulu has announced the release dates of the most anticipated movies. From side-splitting comedies to bloodcurdling horrors, there will be an ample variety of shows on Hulu.

We’re thrilled and excited to take you on a journey where you will get an exclusive sneak peek of all the Hulu New Releases for March 2023. Screen near you has created a list of upcoming shows which will entertain you to the fullest. If you are subscribed to Hulu that’s great, but if not, don’t worry. We got you! Start screaming most popular movies and shows on Hulu by a click on Hulu.

Boston Strangler

Release Date: March 17, 2023

The crime drama features the murder mystery of Boston. Loretta McLaughlin, a crime reporter was the first one to identify that all three murders committed by stranglers are interlinked. Loretta and her reporting partner began investigating and challenging sexism, corruption, and the evil in society by putting their lives in danger to save the women of Boston from the deadliest serial killer. The hidden truths will turn the tables and will shake all to the core. This is for sure going to be one of the Best Movies on Hulu.

In Her Shoes

Rose and Maggie, two sisters with unbreakable bonds will part ways when Maggie secretly gets involved with Rose’s boyfriend. The clash between the two breaks their bond and forces Rose to kick out Maggie. Things got worse when Ella, the grandmother of the girls arrives. Both the sisters were unaware of the fact that their grandmother exists. This entry will reveal many past mysteries and will lead both to reconcile.


Gulmohar follows the Batra family. The whole country and community were planning to celebrate Holi while Batra’s were packing to move out from their thirty-year-old house. Amid the chaos of moving out, the story focuses on each member’s personal life and trauma of the past. The time will test their faith and unity. Let’s see if will they pass or get something terrible will happen.

What Can You watch On:

March 1, 2023

30 Days of Night
Another Earth
As Good As it Gets
At Any Price
Baby’s Day Out
Broken Arrow
Casa De Mi Padre
Dangerous Beauty
Firehouse Dog
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Ice Age: Continental Drift
In Her Shoes
In the Cut
Just Go With It
Kicking & screaming
L.A. Confidential
Love And Basketball
Rambo: Last Blood
Sixteen Candles
That Thing You Do!
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Departed
The Expendables
The Expendables 2
The Expendables 3
The Eyes of My Mother
The Ides of March
The Shack
The Shape of Water
The Town
The Wife
Third person
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
When A Man Loves A Woman
Wreck: Complete Season 1

March 2:

Bobby Flay
Dragons: The Nine Realms: Season 5
National Geographic Investigates: Guantanamo
Next Exit
Zombie House Flipping: Season 2

March 3:

Triangle of Sadness

March 6:

History of the World: Part 2
Mob Psycho

March 7:

Rabbit Academy

March 8:

Among the Shadows

March 9:

Cities of the Underworld: Season 13
The farmer wants a wife
National Geographic Investigates: NArco States Aftermath
The Inhabitant
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

March 10:

FX’s New York Times Presents: Sin Eater

March 12:

upcoming on Hulu
Countdown to Oscars 95

March 13:

On The Red Carpet After Dark
On The Red CArper After the Awards
The Oscars (ABC)

March 12:

Bad Therapy
Bayou Caviar
Flux Gourmet
In The Fade
Kids Diana Show Ultimate Mishmash
LankyBox Ultimate Mishmash
Love, Diana: season 1
My Family
Ryan’s World Specials
You Laugh But It’s True

March 16:

Beyond Oak Island
Intervention: Season 3
I Think We’re alone
National Geographic Investigates: Colombian Guerilla Gold
Official Competition
The Killing: Season 1
The Private Voice Of Hitler
There There

March 17:

Boston Strangler
Good Trouble: Season 5
Summit Fever

March 20:


March 22:

Rurangi: Season 2

March 23:

Call Jane
Digging The Truth: Season 1
The Lesson is Murder

March 24:

The Estate
Up Here: Season 1

March 26:

FX’s Great Expectations

March 28:

Attack On Titan: Final Season

March 29:

Abominable and The Invisible City
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer: Season 1

March 30:

RapCaviar Presents: Season 1
The Croods: Family Tree
The Curse of Oak Island
The Curse Of Oak Island: Behind the Dig

March 31:

upcoming on Hulu
Killing Gunther
Rye Lane


March 2023 is going to be an exciting month for Hulu Subscribers. You can be lucky too, either by subscribing to Hulu or by signing up for a reliable VPN. This is the right time, to take a decision and stream the most anticipated seasons of hit shows like Attack on Titan and upcoming movies like Boston Strangler. A great variety most popular movies and shows on Hulu which has something for everyone and you won’t regret paying petty cash for such amazing content. So without further ado, dive into the ocean of Hulu New Releases for March 2023.

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