How to watch ‘Spring Baking Championship  Season 9’ online on HGTV

Get ready to indulge in some scrumptious treats as the 9th season of Spring Baking Championship is just around the corner. The popular baking competition is all set to showcase some of the most talented bakers as they compete against each other to create some mouthwatering desserts. Spring Baking Championship Season 9 is set to release on March 6, 2023, on HGTV.

However, if you’re living outside the US, you might face some geo-restrictions while streaming the show online. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can use a reliable VPN to watch this show from anywhere in the world. In this article, we’ll show you how to watch Spring Baking Championship Season 9 online from anywhere, so you won’t miss a single moment of the excitement. 

Quick Steps: How to Watch Spring Baking Championship  Season 9 online on HGTV

Follow these simple steps to watch Spring Baking Championship  Season 9

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to HGTV

  5. Watch Spring Baking Championship  Season 9 on HGTV

What is the release date of Spring Baking Championship Season 9?

The countdown has officially begun for dessert lovers everywhere. The highly anticipated Season 9 of the show is set to debut on March 06, 2023. Get ready to enjoy the creativity and skill of the talented bakers as they compete against each other to whip up some show-stopping desserts.

Where to watch Spring Baking Championship Season 9 online?

HGTV is the place to be to watch Season 9 online, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of the action. It will also be released on Discovery+ and Food Network.

What is Spring Baking Championship Season 9 about?

Spring Baking Championship  Season 9

Spring Baking Championship is a cooking competition that is broadcasted on the Food Network. Initially hosted by chef Bobby Deen, it features judges who are also well-known Food Network chefs: Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, and Lorraine Pascale. These four chefs have also appeared in the same roles on the Holiday Baking Championship. 

The competition awards the winner with a grand prize of $50,000, which is similar to the prize for the Holiday Baking Championship. The show has previously run for eight seasons, and fans can now look forward to the upcoming release of its ninth season.

What is the plot of Spring Baking Championship Season 9?

In Season 9 of the Spring Baking Championship, a dozen talented bakers will vie for the prestigious title. The competition will span over 10 episodes, during which the bakers will be challenged with tasks that reflect the spirit of springtime. From garden parties to weddings, and a variety of floral themes, the contestants will create stunning baked goods. However, the judges will be looking for more than just visual appeal. 

The bakers must also exhibit exceptional flavor and innovative techniques in their creations to impress the judges. The contestant who can seamlessly blend creativity, taste, and presentation will likely emerge victorious and claim the crown.

Spring Baking Championship Season 9 official trailer

The trailer isn’t available. I’ll update as soon as it is released.

What’s the Spring Baking Championship cast?

Spring Baking Championship  Season 9

The Spring Baking Championship cast includes:


  • Kardea Brown
  • Nancy Fuller
  • Duff Goldman 

Spring Baking Championship Host

  • Jesse Palmer

Spring baking Championship season 9 contestants 

  • Molly Robertson
  • Keem Jackson
  • April Franqueza
  • Jessica Quiet
  • Christian Velez
  • Jai Xiong
  • Luke Deardruff
  • Manja Blackwood
  • Josh Cain
  • Victoria Casinelli
  • Clement Le Deore 
  • Michelle Henry 

What are the reviews of Season 9?

Throughout the season Molly delivers some of the biggest twists in “Spring Baking” history, with double eliminations and a baker returning to the competition to shake things up.


Lorraine’s kindness stands in contrast to Gordon Ramsay and other celebrity chefs from the UK, such as Paul Hollywood. Both reserve their positive comments until someone truly earns them, and they will sometimes demonstrate more than a stiff upper lip when a dish displeases them.


What is the Spring Baking Championship Season 9‘s IMDB rating?

The IMDb rating of the show is 7.0/10.

What are some early reactions and comments about this season?

Episodes of Spring Baking Championship Season 9

Episode 1: Who Do You Love?

Release Date: Mar 6, 2023

Host Jesse Palmer greets 12 passionate bakers who showcase their love for baking by creating unique desserts. The contestants are given the task to revisit the desserts that first sparked their passion for baking.

Episode 2: Spring Passion

Release Date: Mar 13, 2023

Jesse Palmer challenges the bakers to create bento box cakes infused with aphrodisiac ingredients. In this episode, the contestants will use passionfruit and chiles to create desserts that perfectly balance passion and heat. 

Episode 3: Ill-Fated Romances

Release Date: Mar 20, 2023

Host Jesse Palmer will challenge the contestants to create flaky Spring Fling Napoleons and pair up for their first team challenge in which they will create break-up cakes, all inspired by ill-fated romances.

Episode 4: Fool for Love

Release Date: Mar 27, 2023

In the kitchen on April Fool’s Day, Jesse Palmer assigns the remaining bakers the challenge of making “fool for love” tarts and getting into the spirit of the prank-filled holiday by presenting judges Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown, and Nancy Fuller with cakes that resemble pies.

What else can I watch on HGTV?


What is the prize for Spring Baking Championship winners?

12 bakers compete to win the $25,000 prize and the title of Spring Baking Champion.

Who was the spring baking championship host in season 7?

Ali khan was the host for the 7th and a few more Spring Baking Championship seasons.

Who won spring baking championship 2022?

At the end of Spring Baking Championship season 8, the judges picked Jaleesa Mason as the Spring Baking Championship Season 8 winner.

How did Jalessa win the Spring Baking Championship Season 8?

Jaleesa’s win was secured with her creation of a spring wedding cake.

Best VPNs to watch Spring Baking Championship Season 9 online on HGTV


You should now be able to watch Spring Baking Championship Season 9 from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned baking enthusiast or simply enjoy watching talented bakers compete for the title of champion, this season promises to deliver plenty of excitement and inspiration. So grab your favorite baked goods, settle in, and get ready to witness the magic of the Spring Baking Championship unfold before your very eyes. Happy watching!

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